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November 7, 2014 By Michelle Leave a Comment I participated in an Influencer Activation Program on behalf of Influence-Central for Virgin Mobile. The wee one are getting older, and at 9 and 11,  I know their first cell phones are only a matter of time. I’ve been testing out and playing with the Virgin Mobile Custom plan service for a little while now.
Virgin Mobile Custom also offers special plans to fit specific needs that you can purchase on a one off or monthly basis. For example, if you’re traveling and want to use maps and navigation to get around an unfamiliar area, you can purchase maps and navigation for either one day for $1 or a week for $3 and not be charged for data usage for that specific purpose. If you’re using this plan for a social media junkie (waving), there are other unlimited plans where you can use Facebook, Pinterest, Twitter, or Instagram withou data charges for $5 per month for each service or $15 for all of them. There are also International calling plans where you can purchase minutes to call Canada, the Dominican Republic, India, Mexico, or anywhere in the world (from a select list but it includes 50 different countries, though verify first as I was surprised to see countries like France and Brazil not on there but Venezuela, Martinique, and Iran are).
The biggest win for me is the parental controls available on the Virgin Mobile Custom plans. In addition to being able to assign minutes, texts, and data to each phone, you can also control what they are able to do with their phones and when. Restrictions can happen on school days, school nights, weekend nights, all weekend, all day weekdays, all day every day, or at custom times set by you. You can also restrict calling so that no one is calling or texting your child after curfew or after bedtime. When you receive the phone and set it up, under manage devices, there is account control for each phone.
I have a similar protection for my children’s Kindles, but I have to enter the password at every new screen, which drives me batty.
While I was able to control my Virgin Mobile device from my own Android, I did have a minor issue. Now bus drivers cannot drop off or pick students where the kids will have to cross traffic lanes.
They look more like bikers – especially Ardezzone, with his shaved head and cell-phone case shaped like brass knuckles. The new Sprint plans are available starting Friday and reward families that need a lot of data. A revised edition of the best-selling kids' guide to etiquette features advice updated for the 21st century and includes coverage of topics ranging from polite cell phone usage and developing a positive online presence to table manners and managing a respectful dating relationship. Outlines economical options for family camping vacations, sharing irreverent, anecdotal and practical guidelines for families with very young children while explaining how to select gear and address needs with a minimum of stress. Selecting a cell phone service for your child is a bit more complicated than choosing one for yourself. In my continued search to find the best deals and websites to save you time and money, another winner for your wallet today. You can also control who your child contacts and who pays for each call, as well as which sites your child visits. Firefly's glowPhone is a simple cellphone for kids just looking to connect with their parents.
Kytephone is a free app that turns any Android device into a kid-friendly phone with customizable parental controls. The LG Migo, available only with Verizon mobile plans, may be funny-looking (it's dubbed the "Shrek phone"), but it's extremely simple to use -- plus, it's the perfect size for small hands and chubby fingers. The Migo holds four parent-programmable phone numbers, but it doesn't have voicemail and cannot receive or send texts.
Just5's plans are also cheap and contract-free: $10 per month for 100 minutes, which roll over if not used. The Samsung Factor is another basic phone that offers simple functions, including calls, texts and a camera. Suitable for older kids, this phone has built-in Microsoft Office integration for easy access to homework. As autumn creeps in and classes begin again, some parents are starting to think about their child's first cellphone.
We rounded up the seven best cellphones for kids who need basic communication with their loved ones.
A cell phone becomes more and more of a status symbol the older your kids get, and chances are, they'll have an extensive wish list of features.
Giving your child a phone of their own opens up the doors to cyber-bullying and misuse, so some of the most important cell phone features for kids may be the parental controls.
For children ages 5 to 9, the Verizon Migo has a simple interface with four programmable buttons and one bright red button for one-touch emergency dialing.
For children over the age of 6, the TicTalk by Enforma looks like a small walkie-talkie with two buttons on the side for scrolling through pre-programmed numbers. For tweens and teens ages 11 to 15, the Disney Mobile LG flip phone has the "cool factor" that other kid-friendly phones lack. Andrew was overwhelmed with excitement when his first phone arrived from the UPS driver yesterday. The Walmart Family Mobile powered by T-Mobile is an unbeatable value for our growing family. The parents who give those kids cell phones generally say they do so for safety reasons; they want to be able to reach the child any time.
This mom tells the story of her rocky transition from NYC to the NJ ‘burbs and how she finally made peace with it all.
Help your child learn responsibility (and help around the house) with a list of age-appropriate chores — from 2 to 16. Sign up to get the best NJ events, festivals, concerts and activities for families delivered to your inbox.
I’m trying to hold off as long as I can so they are as mature as possible before providing them with a tool that has so many potential uses (and abuses). It runs on the Sprint network, which is beautifully reliable around us in Chicago and has recently been upgraded here and in many other cities. And since the phone could stay at home theoretically, we wouldn’t need any data, since it stays connected to our in home wifi which is no additional charge.
Realize you’re almost out of minutes (and Virgin Mobile will text you when you’re running low)? It has a red bar where you would normally select so you know what isn’t available to you. The creativity behind this is brilliant since it’s cheaper than a broader plan for those who use data for specific purposes.

You can use Google Maps, Telenav Scout, and Waze for one day up to 50MB on a single device for the one day plan or 135MB for the one week plan. Once you realize how much data you’re using on those services, it can be a real savings since the 2GB data plan is $28. I am in an area that is well covered by Sprint, as is much of the country, but if you are traveling somewhere you know you will want service off the Sprint network, you can also purchase voice or data extended coverage for $5 for 50 minutes of talk time or $5 for 15 MB of domestic data coverage. Our school is giving every 6th grade child iPads currently, and I’m hearing stories about how they are being inappropriately used, not to mention the news stories of what kids are doing.
You can manage all the settings within the Virgin Mobile Custom app, whether on the Virgin Mobile device or any other Android or Apple running the app and connected to your account. Because you know there are emergencies, you can set it so that no one can call your child (which I personally wouldn’t recommend) or that everyone in your contacts list can contact your child (again not what I would personally recommend), or you can set specific exceptions for people who can contact your child during the restricted period like relatives, close family friends, etc. You can keep them off all networks, allow data only on mobile networks, or allow data only on wifi networks – again for specific timeframes that you define. Once a phone is not allowed to make changes, any time you access a screen that would require these permissions, you have to enter your account password. They are partially charged so you can start setting them up without having to wait to charge the phone. As long as you have money in your account and pay your bill, you continue to have access to the network and your plan features. Somehow, her family never seems to notice that the laundry gets done, the house is picked up, dinner mysteriously appears on the table, and then cleans up after itself. Giv Mobile, an MVNO that operates on T-Mobile's network, can provide a home for any T-Mobile-compatible or unlocked GSM phone. But the company is also keeping an unlimited-data plan that's beneficial for individuals — and competes with a similar T-Mobile offering. Cost is still important, of course, and both prepaid plans and adding a second line can work out to be a cost effective way of keeping your kids in touch. As NBC 6's Dan Jovic explains in today's Consumer News, the wireless carrier is dialing up a cell phone plan for kids.
With its mobile plans, you set time limits via online account to manage when your child's phone receives calls and texts. The no-fuss phone has up to 210 hours of standby battery life, a built-in flashlight and dedicated keys to dial for mom and dad.
The app, which is password-protected, lets you manage your child's phone from other devices, as well. Unsurprisingly, it has more than 200 hours of standby battery life and talk time up to three hours. The J510 also comes with a built-in flashlight and a talking keypad that confirms the number your child dials.
The phone also has a speech-to-text feature with which your childly can quickly text with ease. Choose from a pre-paid or a pay-as-you-go plan -- both are suitable for new users just starting out. Additionally, it's compatible with XBox Companion, a free app that syncs to XBox Live from the phone. For safety and basic communication, first phones represent an important decision — they need to be safe, easy-to-use and reliable. In addition to major carriers, companies like Virgin Mobile and Boost Mobile specialize in prepaid, no-contract plans, which are ideal (and cheap) options if you're just looking to stay in touch. Powered by its own proprietary technology, Mashable is the go-to source for tech, digital culture and entertainment content for its dedicated and influential audience around the globe. Young children who only need the phone for emergencies can safely be added to your existing family plan, as they're unlikely to eat away a great deal of minutes. Some phones allow you to input a restricted list of numbers that your child can call or receive calls from. For an extra charge, the ChildZone feature lets parents receive alerts whenever their child leaves a pre-determined area. The keypad consists of a male and female icon, allowing your child to easily dial mom or dad, with room for 20 additional numbers in a phone book.
The pay-as-you-go phone comes loaded with LeapFrog educational games and a timer to limit your child's talk time. The phone looks like a regular cell phone and comes with all the major extras, like a camera, caller ID, voice dialing and downloadable games. When I was in grade school, Junior High was not until seventh grade, but I guess times have changed. Although I would love to give my kids a $500 phone for their first phone, it is just not practical. I want to be sure that my son will be able to get a hold of us if there is an emergency no matter where he is.
A Pew study found half of 12- to 17-year-olds send at least 50 text messages a day and text their friends more than they talk to them on the phone or in person.
But low temps, high speeds and uncertain terrain can sometimes result in nasty (and preventable!) trips to the ER.
When I purchased a tablet for them, I did a lot of research first and found the one where I could set parental controls to help them make good choices.
If we wanted to add more minutes or texts, it’s incredible easy to do either from that phone, online, or from any other connected Android or Apple phone using the Virgin Mobile Custom app. Texting is just as simple with 500 texts costing $4.50 up to 1000 for $8 or unlimited at $10 per line.
The cost ranges from $2 for 30 minutes to Mexico, Canada, or India to $10 for the 100 world minutes.
As with the international calling rates, the purchases are valid for 30 days from when you purchase them.
If I don’t want my child able to access games or YouTube or the internet at school, I can set that for the hours school is in session by locking down access to the apps and selecting the exceptions I choose, which would be things like memos and calendar and other school related apps.
I really like this idea not so much for an initial setup but for kids who have shown that they have made mistakes with their usage in the past to have that as a fallback to ensure they don’t do it again or as a punishment for a given period of time for failing to adhere to the rules. This is helpful in case you need to make changes from your child’s phone but still provides protection. Once the phone falls asleep, however, you will see the screen that requests your log in to continue. There is an outlet USB charger provided, but you have to purchase your own car charger if you want one and a case for your phone (critical!). I could set restrictions and curfews, but when I wanted to exempt certain apps from the curfew, my phone needed to sync with the Virgin Mobile phone to determine what apps were installed so it knew what I could and couldn’t exempt from restrictions.

If your phone is 4G LTE capable, it can access the faster network speeds, but most of the phones that are part of the Virgin Mobile Custom plan are not.
There is no need to cancel or be locked into a contract, which is something I value with children who may or may not behave appropriately with their phones. For me, I can see this being an ideal phone for my children where living where we live, it will be really hard for me to hand them anything but a smart phone.
Instead of being her children's idol and her husband's lover, she's become a funny little footnote in her own life. To use it, open the app near a console and Xbox will port whatever you're browsing on the phone onto the screen. Kids can choose from ten ring tones, and parents can restrict incoming calls to the numbers programed in the phone. In addition to restricting incoming and outgoing calls and setting times for phone use, parents can set a monthly allowance for calling, texting and downloads. My kids first started asking to get a cellphone when their peers were getting them as early as second grade. When I think about the risks of them losing it, or having it stolen or broken, that is just too much of a financial risk for our family. It was important to find a plan that has unlimited text so that we won’t be surprised with a giant bill. The T-Mobile plan that we purchased through the Walmart Family Mobile plan has a coverage plan that reaches 280 million people. The Walmart employees were so helpful in educating me on what was the best plan for my son, and helping to show him how to use his new phone.
Likewise, the actual phone itself doesn't need built-in features like a web browser or video messaging. If it’s important, the caller will leave a message and she can decide how to respond. It's best to find a central location, like the kitchen counter, or a table by the door. Make sure he doesn’t publicize his number on the Internet or social sites like Facebook. Set a calendar alarm to go off each month on the day before you cycle so you can adjust your plan to best fit that month’s usage.
This would have been very handy for my family when traveling through the American West to the Grand Canyon where we knew we were roaming off network frequently. If you set this to allowed, your child could potentially take off all the controls you put on.
It also includes a prepaid envelope for you to return your old cell phone for recycling which I like. Though I tried this a few times, I never got past the message that it was currently synching with my Virgin Mobile device, no matter what I tried. At the same time, I am not willing to hand them that much freedom and temptation at such a young age knowing my children – who they are and how they react.
That is until she takes her children on vacation to Disneyworld in sunny Florida, where she just happens to end up in a hotel room right next to her college flame, Alan James.
When your child presses and holds the SOS button, for example, the system sends texts to all five numbers and continuously calls until someone picks up. Keep in mind that your child's main usage may be text messaging instead of calling, and most carriers offer unlimited text plans. With the device, great plan coverage and plan pricing, the Walmart Family Mobile service is a great combo savings with the bonus of having no required contract.
Also, as adults upgrade old devices for newer models, it’s easier to pass down a used phone.
Mark the end of the monthly billing cycle on a calendar to remind her how long those dwindling minutes have to last. This chance to do a Virgin Mobile Custom review gave me the opportunity to try out all the bells and whistles available on the plan. Have a higher minute plan and realize near the end of the month that you haven’t used that many minutes? If you want to give 0 data to a given phone, you can, and they won’t have access to data usage. Your child could add minutes or data or text without your permission (though on your own phone you would receive notification of the change if your phone is part of the Virgin Mobile plan with your child’s phone. And best of all, once you set your phone up, there is no activation fee like with most providers. This may be an issue I alone face, but be aware that you may need to set the app restriction specifics on the Virgin Mobile device rather than via the Virgin Mobile Custom app on your own phone if it isn’t part of the network. And if I choose to allow them only the $6.98 plan for a month for whatever reason, there is that easy option, as well. When I first started looking into getting my son his first cellphone it was overwhelming, and these are the three tips for getting your kid their first cellphone with the best wireless that I learned when shopping my son. This is the perfect price for my sons first cellphone, plus I have online account management to help get information on his plan when I need it. Simply slide it down to the desired level before your cycle closes and you are charged only that new amount. Be sure to name each restriction so that it’s easy for you to find and adjust any controls you wish to alter at a later date. If you want to be sure you have access to the 4G network, be sure to purchase a phone that can access that network. Being able to flexibly adjust the plans and at the same time put on the controls I feel comfortable having in place makes this a win for me. Note: This book was formerly published under the title The Adulterer's Unofficial Guide to Family Vacations.
You can assign a decile percentage anywhere from 0% to 100% for each device as to how much of your allowance each phone may have.
Even better, the options show how much data 20% is or how many minutes or texts 40% is so you know exactly what you’re allowing.

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