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Sprint unveils a cheaper unlimited talk, text and data plan to lure customers away from other carriers. There is an olden expression when elephants fight it's the grass that suffers but this morning some corporate behemoths are doing battle and us little guys we're the grass in this analogy are benefiting.
Supreme Court rules that authorities will need a warrant to conduct searches on cell phone data.
Global News has taken the time to determine what they believe is the best, cheapest Canadian cellphone plan right now. We used a price comparison study conducted for the CRTC in 2012 by Wall Communications Inc. I just talk to Rogers representative to upgrade my phone after going with them for 3 years.
2 smartphones which share 6GB of data and unlimited calling Canada wide, unlimited text, caller ID etc. Our annual awards choose the standouts in stocks, funds, credit cards, travel, tech, apps and cars.
The no-annual-fee Chase Freedom card sweetens its 1% reward on all purchases with an additional 4% rebate for every dollar, up to $1,500, that is spent on certain categories (such as charity and dining), which change quarterly.
With Citi's no-fee card you receive five points per dollar spent at drugstores, supermarkets and gas stations, and one point on everything else, for the first year.
Not only does this Visa Gold card come with a 7.25% variable interest rate, but it has no annual fee and does not charge a foreign currency transaction fee if you use it abroad.

The most important part is how to select the best prepaid cell phone plans available today. These plans are only available on two year terms, which means the only way you can use it with an iPhone is if you have your own purchased outright. What good can you do with a phone that can’t do anything even if it costs you nothing? Told them I am unhappy that I have to pay $65 for 500MB, unlimited text only, and have to pay for every phone call. We picked the brains of our staff experts to find out which products and resources they swear by.
Also, you’ll earn five points for every dollar spent on airline purchases and one point on everything else. When we signed up for the plan Future Shop ended up giving us $150 in gift cards as part of a weekend promo. You must join the Pentagon Federal Credit Union, but a $20 donation to the National Military Family Association gets you in. If I was able to get that plan when I started working at virgin, I would have paid out my Rogers contract..
Reporter: Sprint ditching the so-called family plan and now in place of that talking hamster. That’s quite expensive compared to a $40 postpaid plan that offers unlimited nights and weekends.

However, if you purchase more minutes at once you will get some discount – this general rule applies to most of the Go Phone carriers.
You will find cheap Metro PCS cell phone plan that starts at just $40 that offers you unlimited local and nationwide calling days and nights.
That's 20 bucks cheaper than the same plan at T-Mobile plus this extra sweetener from sprint, dump the competition and get up to $350 back. No matter which MetroPCS plan you are choosing you rest assured that all fees are already covered by the plan price, including tax and Federal communication fees. But now that they offer more phone selection I can’t help but thinking to take advantage of the great plan price they current offer. You're sending messages and checking Facebook and streaming video and that eats up a lot of data so people are trying to find the best data plan and the best value.
Reporter: The best news about this battle for your business, the winner may actually be you.
If you live in an area with a good connection from sprint or T-Mobile, go with whatever is cheaper and you're going to win out.

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