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Or, free $100 gift card when you buy or lease and activate Galaxy Note5 32GB with Sprint Lease or monthly installment plan for Verizon Wireless, AT&T or Sprint. Featuring optical image stabilization on both the front and back cameras for clear images and 24-bit HTC BoomSound for a premium audio experience.
Jolt Mobile that operates on AT&T and T-Mobile networks has changed is prepaid service plan offerings. Jolt Mobile has recently started offering service on T-Mobile network along with being an AT&T MVNO for years.
Boost Mobile offers extremely competitive prices and daily usage plans, but the inability to bring your own phone means switching to them will always cost you at least a little extra up front. Boost Mobile is a prepaid cell phone provider with cheap plans and a huge variety of phones.
Boost's Data Boost monthly plan comes in three variants, with prices that vary with the amount of high-speed data you want.
Contract-based phone providers will always have the advantage over prepaid providers when it comes to phone selection. Keep in mind that whatever phone you buy, you'll have to pay its full, up-front retail cost. Boost Mobile's online offerings are fantastic, and you can complete all of your shopping without ever stepping into a store.
Boost Mobile offers some of the cheapest prepaid cell phone plans on the market and has a large list of available devices, including brand-new ones like the Samsung Galaxy S5. T-Mobile that recently introduced free compressed video streaming Binge On for its postpaid and prepaid customers, at the same time announced increase of 4G LTE data on its Simple Choice plans. T-Mobile MVNO Ultra Mobile has announced that VoLTE (Voice over LTE) has arrived to its prepaid offerings. T-Mobile MVNO Ultra Mobile has been powering Univision Mobile service since the beginning of this month, February 2016.
T-Mobile MVNO Ultra Mobile has introduced a number of changes to its prepaid offerings today. Ultra Mobile Adds Unlimited Calling To Mexico Mobiles On $19 Plan; unlimited calls to French landlines and mobiles until Dec. T-Mobile MVNO Ultra Mobile has recently introduced lower international calling rates for 14 countries.
T-Mobile MVNO Ultra Mobile has added two new plans to its prepaid service that come with more high speed data.
On March 16, 2015, T-Mobile MVNO Ultra Mobile has added unlimited international calling to Mexico mobiles on its $29, $39, $49 and $59 monthly service plans. T-Mobile MVNO Ultra Mobile that focuses on international calling services has added more high speed data to the $29 and the $39 monthly plans. Update: MetroPCS today announced the MetroPCS Mexico Unlimited add-on, just as it leaked few days ago. AT&T owned Cricket Wireless announced yesterday that they will add four additional countries to its international calling add-ons. T-Mobile US’ prepaid brand MetroPCS today increased the number of countries included to its $10 World Calling plan. T-Mobile MVNO Simple Mobile has lowered the cost of two of its high-priced 10GB plans, the $60 Unlimited Plan and the $70 Unlimited International Plan. America Movil’s US subsidiary TracFone Wireless has improved its international prepaid offering by adding a new $10 Global card. AT&T MVNO Pure TalkUSA has announced that their products and services can now be found in Sears and Kmart stores. Pure TalkUSA that operates on AT&T network has launched new plans for current and former members of military community. AT&T MVNO Pure TalkUSA has recently improved its prepaid offerings by adding a new plan and improving data and minutes value on some other plans. Jolt Mobile changed unlimited plans which now start at $25 per month instead of $30 and rates for its PayGo plans. The change took place quietly and affected only lower-priced plans, Pay As You Go and newly introduced Flex monthly plans.

However, Boost Mobile offers some excellent flagship phones, including the last-generation Apple iPhone and Samsung' Galaxy S5. Unlike contract carriers, Boost doesn't subsidize the cost of phones, which means the Galaxy S5 costs almost $600, rather than the $200 it would if you bought it on contract from a carrier. Should you prefer to talk with someone in person, however, the company's website has a store locator.
At the first moment, it wasn’t clear if these data increases were applying to prepaid Simple Choice plans as well. With this new addition, Ultra Mobile customers are able to make phone calls over LTE network instead of traditional way, over cellular voice network. Univision Mobile was a joint venture between T-Mobile US and Univision Communications, Spanish language TV network. Ultra Mobile adds new $39 plan and improves $34 plan by adding unlimited calling to Mexico mobile numbers. In addition to increasing rates for calling Bangladesh, Ultra Mobile adds unlimited calling to San Marino landline numbers. These plans, including $19 plan, already include unlimited calls to Mexico landline numbers. The $29 plan now includes 1 GB of 4G LTE data instead of previous 500 MB while the $39 plan now comes with 750 MB of 4G LTE data instead of 500 MB.
The feature allows using MetroPCS phone and plan, the $40 and up, in Mexico as those would be used in the US.
Starting June 25, 2015, Cricket customers will be able to call Cuba, Brazil, Singapore and Nigeria but in separate add-ons. The carrier has added Cuba to the international add-on so customers can now call landline and mobile numbers in Cuba for 20 minutes and send unlimited texts at no additional cost. Cricket includes unlimited calling and messaging to Canada on its $50 Smart and $60 Pro unlimited monthly plans. The $60 plan that includes unlimited talk, text, international texting and data with first 10 GB at high speeds now costs $55 per month. Their dealers were recently informed about this change but their website doesn’t reflect it yet.
What used to be a $10 Simple 250 plan with 250 minutes of talk or text is now a $10 Simple 300 plan with 300 minutes of talk or text, 50 MB of data and 50 MMS. The carrier has stopped offering the $5 Simple 80 Plan, which was the lowest priced of three available Simple plans. Customers who purchase one of these two iPhones from this carrier will be receiving discounted service plans for 12 months. Pure TalkUSA switch promotion gives $100 in Shop Your Way points to those who switch from their current provider plus a 5% back in points each month while they stay with Pure TalkUSA. Customers will be able to purchase new feature phones, plans or SIM cards if they already have a compatible phone. Pure TalkUSA Serve and Save plans are in fact regular carrier’s plans but at discounted prices.
Pure TalkUSA adds 4G LTE to all plans without changing their cost, which means that everything remains the same except for customers automatically getting access to fast LTE speeds.
The price reduce includes Simple 500 and Simple 1000 plans, all three Unlimited plans plus two plans for seniors, AddVantage 500 and AddVantage 1000 plan, which are the same as the Simple plans but earn bonus minutes over time. Pure TalkUSA new plan includes unlimited talk, text and MMS and 2 GB of data for $49.95 per month. That promotion has since been discontinued, and so Boost is no longer the industry leader it once was. If you don't browse the web and rarely stream music or movies, 1GB should see you through the month without issue. You won't find any modern HTC phones or the latest Google Nexus device, but there are plenty of older smartphones available. And since you can't bring your own phone, you'll have to spend at least something up front for a new device. Either way, before you buy a phone you can browse the website's FAQs section, and customer service agents are available by email or over the phone.

Were you able to bring your own device, we'd rate it higher in our comparisons; as it is, Boost is a worthy prepaid provider that's well worth consideration, especially if you already have the cash to buy a new phone up front. Luckily, T-Mobile doubles 4G LTE data on Simple Choice prepaid plans and increases the cost of most of the plans too but not reciprocally.
Ultra and Univision have teamed up to offer unlimited international calling and global text to Univision customers. Previously, this plan has included unlimited talk to Mexico landlines plus 50 free minutes for calling Mexico mobiles as a part of its $1.25 Call Anywhere Credit. Data on the $29 plan are hard capped while the $39 plan has unlimited data that are throttled to 128Kbps after high speed data allotment is used up.
The Unlimited Mexico is available for $5 per month but if customers sign in to new option between today and August 31, 2015, the feature will be available for free through the end of the year. Brazil, Singapore and Nigeria are added to the Cricket’s $5 International monthly add-on and to the $15 International Extra monthly add-on.
The $70 unlimited international plan that comes with unlimited talk, text, international texting and data with first 10 GB at high speeds (LTE data) plus unlimited calls to 10 unique numbers per month to landlines in 47 countries and to mobiles in China and India is now available for $65 per month. In order to make international calls, Selectel offers International Calling Cards for $10 and $20 per month.
Pure TalkUSA expands its presence in more than 1,600 Sears and Kmart stores all over the country. To gain access to them, current and former military members need to verify their identity through ID.ME.
There are no indications at this point of LTE data speeds being limited like LTE on AT&T’s prepaid brand Cricket Wireless that reaches up to 8 Mbps.
Each month for five months of service, customers aged 55 and over get 10% more minutes than the plan initially offers. So now, after using your first 250MB of data, you will need to call their customer service in order to get the rest of data. It remains, however, a powerful contender that is well worth consideration if you get good Sprint coverage. If, however, you're a heavy downloader who loves listening to Spotify or Pandora and watching Netflix movies on the go, expect to spring for the $45 plan. Additional minutes for calling Mexico mobile phones were previously charged 2.5 cents per minute. Having eleven countries instead of previous 10 is also an improvement as Ultra has added free calls to Hong Kong to all its plans. They will also get 50 free minutes for calling Mexico mobiles included with their $1.25 INTL credit. Cricket’s also been offering unlimited calls to Mexico for over two months now, also on these two monthly unlimited plans. Simple Mobile has also recently added unlimited mobile-to-mobile calls to Mexico, also unlimited only for up to 10 unique numbers. Now that this plan is no longer available, Pure TalkUSA customers can still choose from $10 Simple 250 plan with 250 minutes of talk or text and $15 Simple 600 plan with 600 minutes of talk or text, 100 MMS messages and 100MB of data. For example, $5 AddVantage 80 plan offer first month 80 minutes, second month 88, third month 96, fourth month 104, fifth month 112 minutes and after six months when customers get 120, minute increase stops but customers get to keep earned bonus minutes for as long as they stay on that plan.
Prior to this change, only the $29, $39, $49 and $59 International Plans have included unlimited calls to this country. Rates per country on the pricier $20 card are lower and vice versa, on the $10 card international rates per country are more expensive.
Also, for some countries only landline calls are available while for others landline and mobile calls can be made.
When high speed data allotments are used up, data speeds are reduced to up to 128 Kbps as with all Ultra’s plans.

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