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Buying phones released in 2011 is a good alternative when you need an Android phone equipped with large touch screen at cheap price. Download User Manual for LG Marquee LS855 - Learn more about the LG Marquee LS855 by downloading free user manual. Release Date – 2011, what makes the LG Marquee an older model among newer Android devices available today. Because of the large screen, the battery life may be an issue, especially if you overuse data services such as 3G Internet browsing, WiFi or GPS navigation.

Because the LG Marquee is an Android phone, you need to have or create a Gmail account in order to activate the phone (free of charge but necessary).
Since the LG Marquee is an Android smartphone, your provider may require additional data plan in order to activate this phone. Packaged in a ultra-weight design, the LG Marquee delivers easy-to-use access to applications, networks, and resources with the latest Android technology and large screen. However, in certain cases, buying refurbished phones online at fishy low prices may have downsides.

Released in 2011 and expecting successor, the LG Marquee is available today at a firm price from third party stores.
Here are some tips to help you find a refurbished phone at great value and purchase it with confidence.

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