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When it comes to Apple, the choice is pretty clear as people wants to have something unique and classic enough that they would feel proud while keeping it in their hands. Those who have used Nokia smart phones for years know that there was nothing more interesting that android OS that forced them to convert their preferences to android operating smart phones instead of classical symbian handsets. Windows phone version 8.1 was announced by Microsoft in San Francisco during official build conference on 2nd April 2014 and it was well received by the participants and marketers in the conference.
So far we have discussed 3 of the top operating systems in the world and the similar thing in those OSs is that they are in operations for quite some time and people are very familiar with those operating systems but unlike that, here we are talking about Tizan which is a brand new operating system and it will soon be introduced by Samsung. The answer to that question is that Samsung has developed this OS by itself and as most of the smart phone companies using their own OS, Samsung is using android for quite some time and it’s time for this Galaxy fame manufacturer to use its own operating system. Sprint announced the Sprint Family Share Pack, a new set of shared data plans that start at 600MB and reach all the way up to 60GB. Samsung and T-Mobile offering a $150 rebate if you purchase any of last year’s flagships at T-Mobile. This entry was tagged 3GS, battle, best, Comparison, Droid, Handheld, Hot, Iphone, iphone 3gs, mobile, Motorola, Motorola Droid, o, phone, q, Satio, vs. Huawei Honor 6 Plus Vs iPhone 6 Plus, Both are amazing featured smartphones, where one will not able to justify oneself in order to choose between them a best android phone. However, both the smartphone Huawei Honor 6 Plus Vs iPhone 6 Plus has great and about same features but there is high difference between their price, the iPhone 6 Plus is very high range mobile while the Huawei Honor 6 is to launch with very comfortable budget range according to best features. Order Huawei Honor 6 Plus Vs iPhone 6 Plus online on best online shopping websites like Amazon, Flipkart & Snapdeal and get it very soon at best price cost with easy payment. This entry was posted in Comparison, Smartphone and tagged Buy Huawei Honor 6 Plus From Amazon, Buy Huawei Honor 6 Plus On Flipkart, Buy Huawei Honor 6 Plus Online, Order Huawei Honor 6 Plus On Flipkart, Order Huawei Honor 6 Plus On Snapdeal, Purchase Huawei Honor 6 Plus From Snapdeal. The software for the unlocked iPhone 5 has been updated so that the iPhone 5 can be used the T-Moblie's fastest data spectrum, LTE.T-Mobile announced its un-carrier plans with unlimited text and voice, as well non-subsidized phones. In the last 5-6 years, mobile has become the most important and regular usable gadget in our lives and even if scientists claim that people can’t live without oxygen, we say that some may also die without their mobile phones. HD screen, Camera, Apps and many other options are quite alike as compared to other mobiles but there is something that is unique with Apple iPhone and that’s the Apple operating system or what they call iOS. With iOS 8, Apple has took care of this problem as when the battery in the smart phone is about to end, it sends its location to cloud storage where the Apple saves the date for 24 hours so that if you have lost your phone, you can retrieve the information.
There are huge changes made to the camera feature in the smart phone along with many changes in the gallery, photos timelines and additionally the feature of recovering deleted photos.
Thus we are about to conclude the details and information about the features of iOS 8 but not without discussing the most important feature of all time; voice messaging. Google has made some remarkable inventions and has added number of unique and quite interesting features in every newer version of the android operating system. Thus in order to fulfill desires of all the users, Google has included new designs in the L 5.0 version. For example, with this version of OS, you experience a new type of lock screen and it’s good to know that you can unlock your home screen by talking to the phone. With new android L 5.0, the phone is equipped with many of the new software features which not only make the handset work faster but also allows the applications to consume less power thus leaving more juice in the phone to be used for more than 3-4 days.

Now you don’t need to use the android with a dissatisfaction of not having the same facility of using your smart phone from your wrist control device as Note 3 because android lollipop includes new feature of android wear. This is the latest version of windows phone operating system started with windows 8 a year back and as it was quite a hit in the market, Microsoft started developing newer version for the smart phones to make them better to use and operate with ease and thus we encountered with windows phone 8.1. Also the burst mode is made more efficient to take pictures of difficult objects like kids, animals or any type of fast moving objects and later with the list or 20 pictures, you can choose the best that you like. It automatically recommends the most appropriate apps to you when you are connected via Wi-Fi and it can also update the apps without disturbing you. You can easily choose a battery saver profile from your personal settings and it will not allow any of the unwanted or less important app to run in the background that could drain battery power. It’s not that far that we have heard about this new operating system and as soon it hit the news, many people starting asking the question that why Samsung is going to take a risk by implementing this OS in their smart phones. Thus when Samsung implements Tizan as their premium OS, their smart phones are going to price cheaper. When an operating system is open source, it means that there is no need to develop separate applications for this OS but you can also use the apps developed for other OSs i.e. This makes it a bigger success that users will like to interface with this unique and broader operating system and the applications that they already have purchased for their other operating systems can also be used for their new smart phone that operates on Tizan. We are trying to provided best possible Mobile Phone prices and detailed Specifications, but we cannot guarantee all information's are 100% correct. Sprint said that the family share plan, dubbed the Family Share Pack, doubles the amount of data subscribers get for the same or lower price as its competitors, AT&T, T-Mobile and Verizon. Sprint’s new Family Share Pack also costs $100 per month, but it offers twice the amount of data (20GB vs 10GB on other carriers). But there are little difference between their features which surely enables you to select your own budget smartphone according to your requirement on your convenient. They offers best buying methods such as Cash on delivery, Free delivery and EMI options that will surely save your valuable time & money both.
Up until now, Apple has created 7 versions of iOS over the past couple of years and each of these versions is better than the last one. This is something quite new in the smart phone especially Apple as this technology has never been tested before.
Along with the sweet names that all these versions were given like apple pie, banana bread, donut and cup cake, Google has also decided to give the newer version a sweet name but it’s not decided yet.
When you operate this OS, you experience more depth in the texture and more details in every inch of the screen. Also smart phone users experience that when they use more than one application at once, not only their battery dries out quickly but also the handset gets slower and slower making jumping in between the applications harder for them. Just like Note 3, you can easily control most of the functions of your smart phone right from your wrist device and this way you can experience much faster browsing along with doing other stuff at once. Also the apps that you buy stay in the history so that you can easily uninstall them without looking for them in the smart phone.
We have heard the news that Samsung is soon to add four new handsets to the Galaxy family which are comparatively cheaper and maybe it’s because these cheap smart phones will run on Tizan.

The latest launched Cell Phones are priced on the basis of international offerings without including shipment costs and taxes. Sprint latest Family Share Pack lets up to ten people share up to 40GB of data at a low every month cost. The guys from technobuffalo compare the browser & speed access, text entry, navigation, the application, maps, cuztomisation, etc between between iPhone 3GS vs Motorola Droid. So, you should need to read this review carefully, and Order online your selective phone without any delay.
There are some rumors that the company is going to call it L but it’s not for sure as some leaks have ensured that this version might be called lollipop.
This is the OS version that is equally applicable to all tablets, PCs and smart phones at once. Other than you or the owner, the phone presents itself as a regular unlock mode smart phone to all strangers. With android L 5.0, users will experience something quite new in the OS version as it enhances the performance of the smart phone and allows the users to switch between applications more quickly. All of the notifications and icons appear on the wear and you just need to swipe away the notification to ignore it and double tap it on it to use it. It also means that when an application is developed for Tizan, other operating systems can also use this application as well. With this feature, now you don’t need to type text message but you can just dictate the message with your voice and the phone will automatically convert your voice into text. It also includes new features for jumping in between the apps and different web pages as it’s been made easier for the users to simultaneously use the web browsing and the apps at once without slowing down the handset. This is the great news for application developers as they know that their applications will also be used by other operating systems as well as by Tizan. Let’s take a look at the key features of this biggest ever release in the history of Apple. The keyboard also has a new look in android lollipop OS and instead of separate keys, all letters are printed on a flat surface which allows better experience for the users with slightly bigger thumbs and fingers.
For T-Mobile, buying an iPhone, paying $20 a month, you will pay a total of $2,020 while on Verizon will you pay $2,600 in two-years.T-Mobile discounted the price for a 16GB is $580 vs the unlocked price of $650 from Apple. The closet match without unlimited voice is $90 a month (see chart below click to view full size).Sprint is offering a $100 discount to new customers who switch to Sprint, which is a limited time offer.
T-Mobile has the fewest markets deployed in LTE, Sprint will be launching more LTE markets soon.
If mobile hotspots are needed then you have to choose between Verizon on T-Mobile.It's always a good idea to check for coverage in your area.

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