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T-Mobile doesn’t have the best service area but where it does have coverage its LTE is fast.
T-Mobile will even give you a $200 ASUS Router for a refundable deposit of $25 that will improve voice quality over Wifi but you can use it for Wifi around your home. Those 100 talk minutes can go quick and T-Mobile will charge you (a fair price) if you go over. Thanks for mentioning the t-mobile cellspot router, but it is definitely not available to the prepaid customer.
During the announcement, John Legere said that the T-Mobile Personal CellSpot would be available to post paid customer for a $25 however both prepaid and postpaid had the option to buy it for $99. Anyways, I find it rather hard to find detailed information about this option on either T-Mobile or Walmart sites. With its ongoing registration of interest, U Mobile has revealed more details of its offering which are one of a kind in Malaysia.
While they have yet to reveal their plan details, the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus from U Mobile claims to come with True Unlimited High-Speed data. In addition, U Mobile would also offer an easy payment scheme from a micro credit facility.
Sprint announced on Friday it’s beginning a $65 per month unlimited plan for the iPhone 6, exclusively offered through Best Buy.
The $65 per month plan, which Sprint says saves a customer $1,300 per year, offers unlimited talk, text, and data. For an additional $10 per month, customers can choose the 12 month lease option and have the ability to upgrade every year. Customers activating a new line of service before March 28 will also receive a $200 Best Buy gift card. With the $20 per month lease, that works out to be $85 per month for a new iPhone 6 and unlimited plan. Sprint coverage is pretty good with 3G, t-mobile says mid 2015 is when all edge turn into LTE. I know because we are all on AT&T and have unlimited (Grandfathered in), however, my brother somehow got knocked off and kept getting ridiculous data bills every month so last month I researched single line, true unlimited plans with all the big carriers.
Actually I’m pretty sure im the only one on sprint in my family so you sir are wrong.
I get a much better deal with sprint , I pay 45 dollars a month for unlimited everything with no data cap (used 59 gbs alone last month). When you buy the new iPhone 6s and 6s Plus models through T-Mobile’s Jump plan, you’ll be paying less for them over the course of 18 months than you’d pay if you just bought the device at full price directly from the Apple Store.
One other thing you should note about T-Mobile’s Jump plans — and all carrier early upgrade plans — is that they’re essentially lease programs.
You’ll be able to then upgrade to a newer phone at that time, of course, but if you plan on having the iPhone 6s as your long-term phone for more than 18 months, you might not be interested in any carrier’s early upgrade lease program. Share this: The iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus have arrived to U Mobile and they are pulling no stops in making sure what they offer are the best among all the local telcos.
U Mobile’s iPhone 6 plans are available for both postpaid and prepaid users, making them the first-ever telco to offer that. However, if you sign up for the i60, i90 and i130 plans from now until June 30, you will get to enjoy truly unlimited internet for a limited time period (until July 31 for i60 & i90 and September 30 for i130).
A good news for potential postpaid subscribers is that all the plans promised total freedom from being tied-up by contracts.
Besides that, do you know that you can bring home the iPhone 6 or iPhone 6 Plus for just RM98? We’ll certainly let you know what we think is the best bang for buck, but you should make decisions based on your own financial positions. For a more comprehensive analysis of every single iPhone 6 plan on the market, head over to Lifehacker’s Planhacker page and see how all your options stack up. That consists of the $55 Mobile Accelerate Plan which includes $550 worth of calls, 500MB of data over 24 months. That consists of the $35 MyPlan which includes 300 standard minutes of calls, unlimited SMS and MMS, and 500MB of data over 24 months. That consists of the $70 Red Plan which includes Infinite standard national calls and texts and international texts plus 300 international minutes, and 3GB of data over 24 months.
After a lengthy analysis, we’d have to say Vodafone and Virgin have tied for best bang for buck iPhone deals.
Let’s go middle-of-the-road for a moment and assume you want the 64GB iPhone 6, for example. Vodafone will offer it to you for an extra $2 per month on the $80 plan, taking the total cost up to $82 per month. Telstra are offering an extra 500mb of data on all new 24 month contracts, effectively making the $55 mobile accelerate a 1gb data deal. A mod that lets you marry a child in popular farming game Stardew Valley started as a joke, according to its creator, but it's now spurring a familiar debate about what it means to depict morally reprehensible behaviours virtually. After you hit the above link, you’ll be redirected to the official T-Mobile holidays sales page. This list of our favorite iPhone 6 Plus apps deliver entertainment, security and productivity thanks to a mix of free and paid apps that include many great iOS 8 features.
Many of these iPhone 6 Plus apps are ones I use daily or weekly to simplify my busy life and leverage the full capabilities of my iPhone 6 Plus and the expensive data plan I’m paying for. Most of these apps are ones that I use on my iPhone, but I also add in a few from Adam Mills, a fellow editor who can share a selection of apps users in bigger cities and who love to go to live music events can enjoy. Facebook – I only keep Facebook on my iPhone 6 Plus, because I find it too much of a distraction on my smaller iPhone 6. Instagram – While I share a lot of photos of our two dogs I also like to pretend I know how to take artistic photos and share them on Instagram, with more hashtags than I should. HDE OTP – This is a two-factor authentication app that looks nicer than the stock Google App and it supports Gmail, Dropbox and many other two factor authentication services. Slack – Slack is a work communication tool we use to organize and communicate in a central, searchable location.
Google Hangouts – This is another essential tool for real-time communication between co workers.
Day One – This is an incredible journalling app that automatically logs the location and weather when you start a note. Dropbox – Even though there are other storage apps, I keep coming back to dropbox because it always keeps my files and folders in sync between all of my devices.
Swype – Swype is a go to keyboard option that Android users are familiar with and it is a long coveted iPhone keyboard option. One-Handed Keyboard – When I know I will be on the move a lot with the iPhone 6 Plus I turn on the one-handed keyboard.

First Aid by American Read Cross – This app delivers an offline accessible encyclopedia of first aid details and information that is essential for any iPhone user to keep at hand.
Hulu Plus – For catching up on shows like The BlackList and Bones, Hulu Plus is an essential service that is worth the monthly charge.
Netflix – I keep a Netflix account for access to a wide variety of older and recent movies. Amazon Instant Video – Although much of the content is the same, there are some TV shows only on Amazon Instant Video and a growing amount of original content. YouTube – When you simply need the latest late-night clips and funny videos to stay entertained, YouTube is my go to app. Comcast Xfinity Go – Comcast subscribers can use this app to watch on demand and live TV shows. TWC TV – Watch Time Warner Cable TV live on your iPhone 6 Plus, but only in your home for most channels. Apple Store – With the Apple Store app I can make purchases in the Apple Store, check stock at local stores when you want to find an iPhone or iPad in stock. Snap – Snap by Groupon is an app that allows me to take a photo of my grocery receipts and earn credits. Dark Sky – Dark Sky offers hyper local forecasts and notifications when it will rain or snow. Waze – Waze offers cool re-routing when it detects traffic ahead will cause a slow down. Uber – Uber comes recommended from Gotta Be Mobile editors in bigger cities who rely on this service to get around.
Google Maps – Forget Apple Maps, Google Maps is the best all purpose maps app for the iPhone.
ESPN Fantasy Football – This is the app I use to play Fantasy Football in a local league. NFL Sunday Ticket – One of the main reasons I use DirecTV is to get NFL Sunday Ticket. NFL Mobile – Verizon customers can watch Sunday Night, Monday Night and Thursday Night football games on the NFL Mobile app and if you are a More Everything user you get most video options free. SoundCloud – When it comes to finding new music and listening to live shows, SoundCloud is an essential app. Anomaly 2 – This reverse tower defense game is loads of fun, and one of my favorite challenging time wasters. Monument Valley– This stunning puzzler is addicting even though I just started playing I cannot put it down.
PayPal – When I need to send money to a friend PayPal is the easiest option, and I use it at least once a week for some purchase or payment. Unlike other weather apps, Weather or Not is designed to be intuitive and aesthetically pleasing.
While it is sometimes fixed by the carrier’s willingness to let you make calls over Wifi, you will still find absolutely no coverage in many small towns in the US. Of course that may not be a dealbreaker for many, it could be a VERY expensive oversight in the instance you forgot your plan didn’t include that. A pretty good deal if you consider that Amazon sells the exact same model (without the T-Mobile QOS feature) for about 200.
U Mobile, the 4th telco to offer the iPhone 6 on contract wants you to know that all is not doom and gloom. For starters, they would be offering the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus at previous lower prices, while stocks last. Apparently this isn’t the so called unlimited usage with free throttled speeds but an actual bottomless internet with no limit for high-speed access. The reality is that this is likely the case if they convert their phone subsidy into monthly rebates where you can enjoy fully only if you stay with the throughout the period. Get ready to pay additional interest charge over monthly installments and U Mobile mentions that application would take up to 2 hours for approval. This will sound interesting to them when taking away the trouble or effect to have to sell their phone to someone to get the money back for a new model that Apple and android put out yearly. The 16GB iPhone 6s normally costs $650 but with the T-Mobile Jump plan, you’ll pay just $524 for it.
Of course there is: If you cancel your T-Mobile service before you’ve paid off the cost of the device, this promotional rate disappears and you’ll have to pay off the full cost. You don’t really own the device and at the end of an 18-month period T-Mobile expects you to return the device in working condition or to pay off the full remaining cost of it if you want to keep it.
What it means is that should you decide to end your postpaid contract early, you will be required to pay the refund for the phone subsidy price according to the number of months left in your contract with no additional penalty imposed. That means you won’t get a huge amount of storage on your phone, nor will you get generous inclusions.
Virgin will offer it to you for an extra $3 per month on its $80 plan, which includes unlimited standard national calls and texts, $150 credit for international calls and 4GB of included data. That includes Infinite standard national calls and texts and international texts plus 300 international minutes, and 4GB of data. I will be the first to admit that i love apples products and i even worked in the apple store selling the things for over 2 years. Apple Music streaming is now free as well as an upgrade to the next iPhone 6S or 7 with no money out of pocket. Originally released by Retro Studios as Donkey Kong Country Returns for Nintendo Wii in 2010, the game is being ported by Monster Games for the 3DS with 3D visuals, extra areas to explore, and a new easy mode for less seasoned players. If you haven’t upgraded your smartphone to the latest Apple flagship versions and plan to do it, today might be the best moment for a purchase. From apps that leverage the power and large screen of the iPhone 6 Plus to essentials that complete the iPhone experience on a device of any size, these are the apps you need. Many users prefer free apps, but any paid app on this list is well worth buying for the iPhone 6 Plus. It delivers support for lists, easy access to search and handles basic Twitter functions wonderfully. I still keep it handy because it is easier to see notifications for favorites and retweets. There is support for gestures, multiple accounts, optimized viewing modes for imgur and YouTube as well as an overall great look for Reddit.
This lets me secure my accounts with a long password and a constantly changing password I can only see on my iPhone. The app is free, but there is a $12 annual subscription to the service you need to use the mobile portion.

I can track the devices on my account and when I just can’t figure out what room I left an iPad in sound an alert.
There is a learning curve, but overall it is an excellent way to plan your day or week and organize multiple to do lists across many projects.
Often I’ll place an idea or start of something in Evernote to flesh out later and add to my to do list in Asana. I keep this and several keyboard options on tap and switch between them as I move between different tasks.
You can connect it to your Gmail, Twitter, Evernote and other accounts to learn your writing style.
Spend 5-15 minutes with Calm and I can change my mood enough to keep going without losing my cool.
Once again, the larger screen makes watching a full movie something that I can do when I don’t have a bigger device with me. Audible keeps progress in sync between devices and you can even keep progress between an eBook for many titles. It’s easy to find 3 to 10 cents per gallon price differences with only traveling a little further along my route. I love that I can subscribe to playlists, like all the music from a favorite TV Show and playlists from people who follow music closer than I for an ever-changing playlist. Use the iPhone 6 Plus display as your sketch board and draw the clue that the rest of the team sees on the big screen.
Move your character and the environment around to get to the end of each level as you need to think harder each time you advance. The Nest learns how I like the house, but occasionally I need to bump the heat up or down and with Nest I don’t need to leave bed to do it.
The app allows users to visualize the weather and understand what it means for their plans using an interactive 7-day hourly graph.
For those who prefer the flexibility and control of prepaid, U Mobile too will be offering subsidised iPhones as well. The full details will be revealed next week on 17th March and it is likely that U Mobile wills start offering the iPhone around the same time. I work on the 3rd Floor of a 4 Story building and the walls are thick so signal is choppy at best. There isn’t another big carrier out there that offers this for a SINGLE line at this price. Despite the fact that the phone repayment is one of the highest around, the bonus 2GB switch-over offer is compelling, and the plan cost is quite low.
Plus, if you’re switching networks, Virgin will give you 2GB bonus data as well, taking the total inclusion up to 6GB. Online IT shopping will surly spike today as the German wireless network operator announces free memory upgrades for a new iPhone bought from the T-Mobile website. This is also handy if you let a kid use your iPad, as they might leave it buried in a pile of toys. Without this app there are many days where working from home alone and dealing with frustrations would make it easy to call it a day, but thanks to Calm I can carry on.
I can tap on the three dots in edit and select Camera+ to open my photos in it and then save the changes right back to the Camera Roll.
In addition, the calendar integration allows users to import their schedule so they can receive weather updates for all of their events. What's more surprising than these cards' relative performance, though, is just how not expensive they are. The new launcher was leaked on MEGA, the new cloud-based storage site created by Kim Dotcom.
You must make a virus or plague that is strong enough to travel and take out the world, but not easy to cure. Here’s the absolute cheapest way to get yourself a new iPhone 6 on a plan in Australia. You can sell your phone and get the next Nexus in 6 months or whatever and not worry about paying extra fees. Email * T-Mobile is courting Apple fanboys hard this summer offering Apple Music and upcoming iPhone 6S or 7 (whichever the newest Apple smartphone will be dubbed) deals that are hard to beat.
The company, known for turning the mobile industry on its head with its “uncarrier” plans, announced Tuesday two additional perks for customers with iPhone T-Mobile plans. Fill in the forms, choose delivery method, provide credit card details and you’re ready.
T-Mobile T-Mobile CEO John Legree shared that Apple phone users no longer have to worry about letting apple music connect over cellular. The company is now adding Apple Music to its Music Freedom program, which means customers won’t be see any data disappearing due to streaming Apple Music on the go. Customers can stream Apple Music anytime, any amount they want and it won’t count against their monthly 4G LTE data plan.
T-Mobile Besides adding free Apple Music streaming, Legree also announced some tweaks to T-Mobile’s   JUMP! Find out what we know about the Black Ops 2 Uprising DLC so far, and see the return of The Replacers in the latest Black Ops 2 DLC trailer from Activision. Allows T-Mobile users to upgrade their phones up to three times in the course of a year for just an additional $10 a month fee.
To sweeten this deal Legree shared that the company would now be allowing customers to purchase a brand new iPhone 6 16GB for just $15 a month with trade-in. The phone would normally cost you $27 a month so you are saving a pretty penny there, but even better than that, the company is promising customers a free upgrade to the newest iPhone 6S or 7 (whichever it may be) this fall when it is released with no money spent out of pocket.This deal is pretty awesome for both current customers and new customers considering the switch. It comes as just part of the many ways T-Mobile is working to change the mobile phone service game. This summer the company has been offering numerous new deals to its customers such as expanding the simple plan coverage to include unlimited calling not only within the United States, but also to Mexico and Canada. Check out the story and a cool collection of cyber Star Trek clips to get your Monday started right.
Families can get four lines or more for just $30 each and every member gets 10GB of data – not to share but per each.To learn more about everything T-Mobile has been doing this summer to shake up the mobile service industry check out the video of Legree’s announcements below, or visit T-Mobile to see if there’s a deal that is right for you.What do you think of T-Mobile’s new Apple Phone friendly plans and service?

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