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It appears that everyone that I know is doing away with their landline phones, even me and my family have discontinued our landline services. Its called ZACT, I’ve never heard about Zact before!Working off the Sprint cellular and data network, Zact provides customers with nationwide coverage while allowing you to pick their voice, texting, and data plans a la carte.
Until now, customers could only buy Zact online at their web site, but now they’ve partnered with Best Buy Mobile specialty stores to offer it exclusively in local stores – so now you get the benefit of seeing the products live and the guidance of the mobile specialists.
Now available exclusively at retail Best Buy Mobile, you will now be able to ask questions in person when you visit Best Buy Mobile…this is one of the benefits I like the most.
Its so nice to know that Zact is a no contract smart mobile service with nationwide coverage that lets you completely customize and save– right from your device. Zact is available in 414 stores nationwide, conveniently located in malls and shopping centers. Explore Best Buy Mobile specialty stores – these shops are found locally in malls or in your neighborhood shopping centers and are focused on mobile devices and accessories.

The staff is highly trained, yet non-commissioned, so they can help determine the right phone for you, as well as compare plans across the carriers.
With this Samsung Convoy SCH-U640 cellular phone, make a style statement with its vibrant display and clamshell design. Buy affordable and authentic Samsung Convoy U640 for Verizon Wireless, Rugged Flip Cell Phone (Gray) – No Contract at Tommycom! We have all replaced our home landlines with smartphones but that choice has left us all irritated with the high monthly bills that we receive each month. With Zact you save BIG because you pay only for what you use, and you get money back toward your next month’s bill if you don’t use all of your service. You can share the same pool of talk, text and data with your family without having to pay hefty line fees.
Shop for the latest smartphones and tablets from Verizon, AT&T, Sprint and Zact from all the top brands, along with stylish accessories to suit your lifestyle.

They can set up and activate your new phone, transfer your contacts and data and set you up with the complimentary Walk Out Working™ program. There is a new choice for those of us who have cut our landlines and for those users who are thinking about making the switch from landline to a smartphone plan. You can set allowances on the amount of talk, text and data, set curfews, set allowed or blocked contacts, and control which apps your child has access to. This Samsung mobile phone’s internal storage memory is upgradeable using microSD cards.

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