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My wife and I had Verizon cell phones and a need to know how to block incoming calls from a former friend we’d kicked to the curb. Bottom line, Call Blocking ability does not come with the basic Verizon wireless (cell phone) package.
Finally, you don’t have to call anybody at Verizon or even mess with the phones themselves to get the unwanted calls blocked completely. If your account shows that, you’re already paying for the privilege and could have been blocking calls from the beginning.
Next, click on Blocked Contacts, which will bring up a page that lets you enter the number(s) from which you want to block incoming calls. This entry was posted in How To and tagged block incoming calls, how to, verizon cell phone by Ghost32. Growing up, spam callers were a problem that seemed to have no solution no matter how many do not call lists you signed up for. While caller id is a part of every cell phone, spam text messages and phone calls are still somewhat of a problem.

Spam Calls like the one above, and text messages, can be blocked by completing the steps below.
Once there, enter your username and password into the sign in box at the top right of the screen.
Enter the phone number that is spam calling or texting your phone inside one of the fields in the yellow box highlighted above. Setting up these blocked numbers is extremely handy for spam messages, or for people who may have gotten your number that you wish to avoid.
The process is pretty straightforward, though, and eventually you end up with a page looking something like the photo above. And with the home phone being the main point of contact, it was more important to answer than it is today with our cellphones. If you would like that number to apply to all the numbers on your account, select the check box above the Submit button. Be aware that these blocks go away after 90 days, so if you wish to keep blocking that number after the time period, just log back in and enter them in again.

Since we have two phones, one for me and one for my wife, our new monthly bill would be $9.98 higher, ongoing. Or you can cut to the chase and block all text messages sent from the web or block all text messages sent from email.
For most users this is plenty, but for those who need more blocks on their account Verizon is able to do that for an extra charge. By changing settings in your Verizon account you can block these numbers from calling or sending spam messages to your phone.

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