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Sometimes it can prove extremely difficult searching for direct numbers to UK organisations. This is why we have put together the most comprehensive selection of numbers for the widest range of companies – because we know that sometimes it’s absolutely crucial that you get to speak to the organisation directly. We also understand that many telephone directory websites make a profit by providing their visitors with expensive, premium rate telephone numbers. Our mission is to provide you with free, standard rate and low rate numbers, every time.* We do not make a profit from the numbers we provide you with. The contact numbers provided on this website have been individually researched for complete accuracy and are checked by us on a regular basis to ensure the information we provide you with is current.

We believe our telephone number service is useful and convenient; however, if for any reason you are not happy with the service we provide, please contact us, and we will endeavour to resolve any queries you may have.
Homecare is a family firm established in 1972 and we employ friendly, helpful and knowledgeable sales people. We have comprehensive showrooms displaying prestigious branded products at discounted prices. Call centres are expensive to operate, so companies keep their telephone numbers hidden, preferring that you reach out to them via contact forms on their websites, email, forums, online chat and even on social media.
This is especially important as many companies can be prone to change numbers without warning.

All contact numbers provided on this website can also be found from other sources on the internet.
When you search for a company on our website we provide you with a whole host of useful information about the business you are searching for, including links to its website and different departments and information about the organisation’s products and services. Even worse, sometimes the visitors don’t even know they are being charged extra to make the call.

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