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Local Area Code Numbers (also called Geographic Numbers, UK Town Numbers and STD Codes) all begin with the digits 01 or 02 and relate to a specific area of the UK. BT Business conducted Research in July 2007 which suggested that 66% of consumers prefer to buy goods and services locally and 77% prefer to call a business within their local area code. As such where a national presence isn't the preferred image a local area code number should be used in directories such as the Yellow Pages, or the Thomson Directory, or when advertising in local publications.

It is possible to create a virtual presence within the UK by use of a virtual local number. X-on can incorporate 0207 London Numbers as part of its PhonePresence Virtual PBX offering. The 0207 number can be terminated to any phone number located anywhere in the world making it extremely flexible.

The virtual number is directed to your existing landline in a similar manner to non-geographic numbers.

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