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The basic purpose of creating Email customer care number is to create a helpline center for the users who experience endless problems related to Email.
We have a leading portfolio of EMAIL Com support services and provides you with multiple services like e mails access, spam mails check, deleting junk mails, password recover, account unlock and many more . Customercarenumber is here to provide you pleasing services with our technical skilled executive. The customer care number displayed on website is available for all time and we try our level best to solve all your problems as early as possible. BT Legal Hearings is our easy-to-use audio conferencing service to help conduct telephone hearings. This service has been developed to help you conform with the audio conferencing requirements of the Access to Justice Act of 1999, which now stipulates that audio conferencing MUST be used for certain types of legal case hearings. It's simple to book your telephone hearing online via My Meeting Manager, use this free online portal as a convenient way to book, view, amend or cancel your bookings, alternatively you can book by telephone.
We advise that if you are a Litigant in Person and wish to arrange a telephone hearing then you must have an existing account or set up a new account to use this service. BT Conferencing has been selected by the Her Majesty's Court Services (HMCS) as an approved supplier for the legal community to facilitate the arrangement of telephone hearings which can also help you eliminate the hassle and costs associated with travelling to a court hearing. In April 2007, Practice Direction 23, which supplements Part 23 of the Civil Procedure Rules was updated to widen the use of telephone hearings.
More than four parties wish to make representations at the hearing (for this purpose where two or more parties are represented by the same person they are treated as one party). The hearing could result in the final determination of the whole or part of the proceedings. It must be made at least 7 days before the hearing or such shorter time as the court may permit. Such applications will be determined by the court without the need of the parties to attend court for a hearing. The telephone hearing scheme is a nation-wide rollout encompassing all HRMC (Her Majesty's Courts Service) county courts and law firms in England and Wales to convert face-to-face court hearings into telephone based hearings.
The HRMC telephone hearing scheme has been introduced as a result of the change in law, allowing for certain court hearings to take place as a telephone hearing.
Previously the legal community were only allowed to use the format of 'telephone hearings' if the legal parties applied to the courts for approval first. The Department of Constitutional Affairs (DCA) had run a consultation and pilot programme to investigate if it would be beneficial to the legal community for telephone hearings to be used more widely for certain types of court hearings, removing the need to apply to use audio conferencing to conduct a court hearing. The research also showed that audio conferencing has been universally welcomed by law firms for court hearings, meetings and presentations which resulted in a change to The Access to Justice Act.
Therefore from 1st April 2006, the Access to Justice Act 1999 was updated and now stipulates that audio conferencing (also referred to as telephone hearings) MUST be used for certain types of legal case hearings, instead of a face-to-face meeting at court.
BT Legal Hearings is an easy to use secure audio conferencing service that only requires access to a phone to conduct a telephone hearing.

You can set up your telephone hearing by booking online, alternatively you can book by telephone.
At the agreed time, the BT Conferencing Co-ordinator will dial out to participants (legal parties), according to the Practice Direction, and bring them into the hearing call. The conferencing co-ordinator will announce every new participant as they join the conference and will bring the Judge in as the final person, when the conference is ready to begin.
Our co-ordinator will then monitor the conference call to ensure everything is running smoothly and will be on hand to offer help to any participant during the conference. The call will be recorded digitally and will be available for the courts if required upon request. BT Legal Hearings helps to cut your practice costs by getting people together without the need to travel, whether they're in the office or working from home.
Dial-out service, participants and judges will be called directly and placed into the conference call by a conference co-ordinator. All calls are regarded as confidential and a conferencing co-ordinator will respond to you if called upon by pressing * then 0 on your telephone key pad. Fixed charge option is based on a maximum of 5 participants and maximum conference duration of 40 minutes. For more information about pricing please call the BT Conferencing sales team at 0800 77 88 77 or + 44 (0)20 7402 0303 and a member of the sales team will be able to answer any questions regarding the pricing of our services. For Legal Hearings, in addition to the fixed price tariff, with over 5 participants or that continue for more than 40 minutes, BT reserves the right to charge additional minutes at the standard price per minute rate per participant.
The BT Legal Hearings service is only available to customers with a BT Conferencing account and all attendees must be located in the UK.
Be compliant with the law - Comply with requirements of the Access for Justice Act of 1999 and be prepared for audio court hearings. Benefit from travel and time savings - No travelling to or waiting around in court, convert waiting and travel time into billable working hours and save money on travel expenses.
Enhance your client services - Improve relationships by providing a faster and more effective service and flexible meeting arrangements to suit your client's needs. Speed up the litigation process - Arrange hearings securely and at short notice, gaining access to information when you need it.
Be able to create billing efficiencies - By being able to view your conferencing bill online, you will be able to more easily cross-reference telephone hearing charges back to your clients. Have improved access to justice - As it will allow court access for people unable to attend in person without the need to travel, which will also result in a more efficient use of courtrooms as cases will be heard more quickly. Value for money - BT Conferencing has been selected by the HMCS to be a conferencing supplier to the legal community based on being able to provide value for money as part of the selection process. Security and peace of mind - BT Conferencing has over 20 years of experience in global conferencing. BT Legal Hearings is designed to help you make the most of your busy schedules by offering you the options to either book a telephone hearing call online or by phone.

Note: We advise that if you are a Litigant in Person and wish to arrange a telephone hearing then you must have an existing account or set up a new account to use this service. If you already have a conferencing legal account but do not remember your account details call 0800 028 4194. It basically includes networked it, internet services, email services, broadband services etc. It is the one source destination for numerous customer and its main purpose is to solve their issues related to EMAIL. We provide email password help, Email email  help,  Email password recover help and many other. Our main concern is only to solve your problems easily and rapidly in the best possible way. The basic motive of our companies is to solve your  problems by a simple telephonic conversation. If you are participating in a telephone hearing that is arranged by you or by another party then please familiarise yourself with the telephone hearing procedure so that the hearing can run smoothly. Enter details for your Legal Hearing, read and accept the Terms and Conditions and then click next.
The fact lies that with variety of services provided by EMAIL to its customer there arises variety of problems connected to it which gives hindrance to daily work.
Not only this but it also provides Email support services like password recovery, e mail support, update new number, file attachment, mail account set up and so on for the users of EMAIL Com Mail service. Our customer can rely on us and enjoy the wide range of facilities, they can have their numerous problem solved through us. There are different executives for solving your different problems and they are trained accordingly. The assistance provided to you may include solutions of any of your problem like password recover, email services, updation, support service etc. This countless customers with email makes it a popular communication network in this today’s world. We are here to provide help to our customer at each point, the services provided to you are safe, affordable and easy.
We know that it is worse to wait for solutions of the problem so we ensure that priorities are given to customer and executive answer the call immediately without any delay. If you are facing any problem just call our EMAIL helpline number 0800 078 6044 and speak to our executive. Also it is of no sense to speak to an executive with no knowledge of the problem you are talking about so customer care number has many skilled executives that are trained differently for solving your different problems.

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