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Our Fuss Free Returns policy means you have an extended period of up to 30 days to notify us of your intention to send something back. The BT 4500 has been designed for elderly users, and as such incorporates a simple design, large backlit screen, and bigger buttons to allow for easier use. The integrated answering machine can record up to 60 minutes of messages, which can be played back using the controls on the base or from the cordless handsets. Ther's a 3.5mm socket on the side of the handsets for a corded headset, or you could go for a GAP compatible wireless headset.
This phone features call blocking- you can block withheld numbers, international numbers and create your own list of blocked calls. The BT 4500 does have an intercom function so can be used to place internal calls if you have more than one handset.
Looking for a telephone with volume for incoming calls, I see the 4500 has a coupler for hearing aids, but need some volume too. Please also note that on this phone the answering machine though it's present, can be switched off completely. By scheduling Skype for Business Online meetings with your BT MeetMe details, you can hold a conference call with people who use Skype for Business Online as well as those who don't.
You can use it to work with colleagues in other areas of your company, or people away from their computers. You can schedule your conference through Outlook using BT MeetMe with Skype for Business Online. As the chairperson, when using a phone to join, you must use the chairperson passcode provided in your welcome email. If you want the conference to call you on your regular or mobile phone, you can select an existing number for yourself or add a new one. Select if you only want to watch the web conference or online meeting, or if you've already dialled in manually. In the Skype for Business Online window, the conference can begin when the chairperson's name shows under 'Presenters'. If a participant dials directly into the conference using one of the BT MeetMe dial-in numbers, that person's phone number will display under 'Attendees'. It's best practice to include your BT MeetMe details in your invitation since you don't always know how participants will join.
During your conference, you can dial out to participants to make it easier for them to join. If you don't have complete information, you may have to enter their phone number - including the country code.
You can easily access the meeting dial-in numbers and participant passcode from the Skype for Business Online meeting window through the 'More Options' icon in the bottom right corner and selecting "Meeting Entry Info". Participants who have joined through Skype for Business Online have the red 'in a meeting' status icon.
Participants who have joined online, but are not Skype for Business Online contacts, will have a person icon and 'Guest'. You can eject someone from your conference by selecting that contact, right-clicking and choosing 'Remove' from the menu.
You can change an individual's role by right-clicking on a participant, and selecting 'Make a Presenter' or 'Make an Attendee'.
NOTE: You can only change roles for those who have joined through Skype for Business Online. Anyone who dials in using a BT MeetMe number will automatically have their line open (unmute).

To view the 'Participant Actions', click on the people icon to access the panel, then click on 'ACTIONS'. Use this feature if you need to take presenter rights away from everyone except yourself, the chairperson. You can change your security settings through the Skype Meeting Options panel by clicking on the 'More Options' icon in the bottom right corner. Lobby is a virtual meeting room where participants can wait until the chairperson has started the conference. The lobby puts callers on hold until the chairperson or organiser joins the audio conference.
NOTE: If you are planning on having participants join via BT MeetMe then at least one person needs to connect to Skype for Business Online in a presenter role (using VoIP). You can set who can browse your presentation without affecting what everyone else is seeing. Learn the habits and methods of effective conference leaders for the most successful conference calls.
Make sure your participants have all the meeting materials they need before they join the conference. Introduce yourself, outline the agenda and provide the ground rules for your conference i.e. While on a BT MeetMe call as a chairperson, get better sound quality by muting your participants' lines.
This creates a condition called 'cross-talk' that degrades the quality of all connected conference calls. Anyone experiencing technical difficulties or sound quality issues should press *0 for assistance and a conferencing coordinator will address their issues without interrupting your call.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. This year the licensing authority has banned P15 OFF, PR15 SON, PU15 SSY, SH15 TTY, UP15 BUM and WA15 TED - but allowed PEN15 and ORG45M. Its proprietary steering group - which meets twice a year - has also forbidden a man whose surname is Islam from getting an 15LAM plate because it was deemed "inappropriate". The man, who did not want to give his first name, told the Guardian newspaper: "I made an inquiry to the DVLA about the possibility of obtaining '15LAM', only to be told that this was an inappropriate licence plate. In the last financial year the DVLA raised more than ?105 million for the Treasury through the sale and auction of personalised registrations. The most ever forked out for a registration from DVLA was for '25 O', which alone raised over ?518,000. Potentially offensive number plates became a serious issue for the DVLA after the release of H8 GAY in 2006 was met with protest because it was deemed offensive to gay people. Top Gear presenter Jeremy Clarkson was chased out of Argentina after driving a Porsche across the country with the number plate H982 FKL, which was seen as a reference to the Falklands War. A DVLA spokesman said: "Registration numbers are withheld in instances where if displayed on a number plate they are likely to cause general offence or embarrassment. New laws to ensure all dogs are microchipped will improve animal welfare and may help cut the number of strays, supporters say. The Department for Environment Food and Rural Affairs (Defra) estimates that 83% of owners have had their dogs implanted with a microchip and the details placed on a national database.
The ?10 to ?30 procedure should help make it easier for more than 102,000 stray or stolen dogs who are picked up on the streets each year to be reunited with their owners, according to Defra. Local authorities and charities, which would otherwise have to look after dogs, could also make ?33 million in annual savings were these dogs microchipped and returned to owners.

Dogs Trust, which handled 47,596 unclaimed and unwanted dogs who were left in council kennels across the UK in 2015, described microchipping as "small but essential pieces of technology". The dog welfare charity is currently looking after 1,546 stray, unwanted and abandoned dogs who need a home. Paula Boyden, Dogs Trust veterinary director, welcomed the new laws, saying: "Losing a dog is an extremely upsetting time for both dog and dog owner. Many charities and animal shelters have been offering to carry out the procedure free since the new law was announced in 2013.
The phones also feature BT’s nuisance call blocking (which allows users who are pestered by unwanted cold calls to blocking incoming calls from international and withheld numbers) and an integrated digital answering machine. Names and numbers are displayed in extra large black font on the clear amber backlit screen, and the buttons have been spaced apart and are larger than normal phones to enable more accurate dialling and operation. Users can also make disturbances from nuisance calls a thing of the past with the call blocking feature, which when activated will prevent the handsets from ringing when the incoming call is from an international or withheld number (which account for most cold calls). The 4500 also benefits from an integrated loudspeaker for continuing calls conveniently in hands-free. Get an answer from someone who actually owns the product.We'll publish your question and the answer here to help other shoppers.
You'll see that your BT MeetMe audio details are automatically inserted into your calendar invite.
This will prevent anyone dialling in with BT MeetMe from joining your Skype for Business Online conference. If your phone does not have a mute button, press *6 to mute your line and *6 again to unmute. I had a landline with them for about a year and a half, and kept getting billed for long distance calls a house 5 miles down the road was making, along with all of the collect calls they were accepting from the county jail.Every damn month I'd have to call them up, spend an hour on hold and remind them that the number the calls originated from was not mine. I have a coworker who refuses to believe that there used to be such a thing as 'party line'. I have a coworker who refuses to believe that there used to be such a thing as 'party line'.My museum has an old switchboard on display. Terrible trouble we had last winter when the snow came, two weeks when we couldnt get to the nearest village, totally cut off' etc etcHonestly, the most guileless thing you've ever seen. Dog owners whose animals are not microchipped could face a fine of up to ?500 after April 6.
A reliable and easy option for those seeking to keep in touch with loved ones via landline. Another useful function of the answer machine is call screening, which allows users to listen to a message as its being recorded and still accept the call.
If you join a conference call from a mobile phone, please mute your phone to eliminate distracting noise and static. They eventually sent a tech out who mumbled something about crossed lines and needing to have engineering sort it out.I waited about another 2 months and still no fix, so I called the utilities board.
I got a massive refund even though they'd reversed most of the charges, and a promise to fix it ASAP, but I still cancelled service.Now my internet is with Comcast, and although they suck for other reasons, at least I'm not getting billed for other people's service.

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