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Take control of who you speak to with the BT 8500 Digital Cordless Telephone with the new "Call Guardian" feature and block 100% of those Nuisance Calls whilst still having a stylish and sexy looking phone in the home!
Call Guardian BT's new call blocking feature on the BT8500 will block up to 100% of nuisance calls.
View DetailsThis system can be applied to various areas, such as Surveillance for Shops, Factories, Warehouses, HOME - Monitoring Children, Elders, Visitors etc.

Everyone who owns nice mobile phone, tablet or laptop, do not have privilege to have loud speakers on those devices.
Becouse of that, they are forced to buy some other speakers, and if you need them too, you are on the right place. I will help you to choose one of 5 best selling Bluetooth speakers from Amazon, and you can get speakers for really nice price. Call Guardian will not only let you block certain numbers but this will also screen all unknown incoming calls by asking the caller to state their name, then your hear the phone ring and beable to hear whos calling and decide to accept, block or send to the answer machine, giving you full control over who you talk to.

Sometimes you need that bit of peace and quiet and really don't want to hear the phone ringing then you can use the Do Not Disturb mode which allows you to turn off the ringer and illuminations, however if you still want those all important numbers such as family members to get through then just add their numbers to the VIP list and then the phone will ring if they call. The handset has been designed to give you the ultimate in comfort and usability, the sound is now clearer so you don't miss a word while in a call, buttons will still work like they were new even after the 1000th press, a nice large 1.8inch color display that is easy to read and a backlit keypad making it easy to see and dial keys anytime of the day and night.

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