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Ottawa has put in place new federal rules that will affect some of the communities in Calgary regarding the placement of cell phone towers. Up until now, these telecommunication giants didn't have to let communities know about a new tower being built unless it was 15 m high or taller. Some Calgarians have become frustrated with the number of new towers that have been put up in their communities.
Companies that supply wireless networks will not only have to let communities know about any upcoming tower placements but will also have to do a better job when it comes to informing residents about consultations.
Last year, some of the Canyon Meadows residents were fighting with Rogers Communications about placing a new tower on the Woodgreen Presbyterian church grounds. With more than 500 cellular towers already in place in Calgary and about 400 in the planning stages, these new federal government regulations will come as a welcome relief to many.

In order to join this group, I need some information from you, however, I have discovered that if you put that info here, everyone will be able to see that information. Now, telecommunication companies have to talk to community members before any cell phone towers can be erected. The smaller towers have been placed in municipalities across the city and homeowners, until now, have had no say in the matter and no warning about them at all.
As well, the towers that are proposed and approved for placement, will have to be constructed within 3 years according to the new federal rules.
Some of the community residents wanted the towers to be put up in industrial or public thoroughfare areas instead. While it's understandable for a homeowner to be quite concerned about a new tower that is constructed close to his home, there is a lot of demand for wireless services in Calgary.

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