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Comcast digital phone service offers subscribers many features, including the ability to block their number from detection from caller identification. You can not complete an anonymous call if the person you are trying to contact has anonymous call rejection set up on their phone line. To block the caller ID on outbound calls on a per call basis press *67 before dialing a number. If you would like caller ID to be displayed again before making the next call, press *68 or simply hang up and dial. The Caller ID per Call Block Code is a four-digit code that users can dial before they make a call.
One of the ways these guys never got caught pranking radio stations was using caller id spoofing.
SpoofCard offers you the ability to change or spoof what someone sees on their caller ID display when they receive a phone call.
If you have ever wanted to disguise your real phone number Caller ID spoofing masks when are placing a call.
Call blocker service replaces the number displayed on caller ID and marks your outgoing calls as either private or anonymous.

Users dial the caller ID Per Call Block Code before making any call on which they do not want their number display on the called-party phone.
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