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Most people cannot imagine making calls without the area code system, and in fact, the area code can be the first clue about a number's origin and actually makes it possible to trace a phone number. FREE Reverse Phone Lookup Service Lookup any number with our Reverse Phone Lookup tool powered by eVerify! Area codes are very interesting and carry unique information that links them to a specific geographical region.

However, once upon a time, area codes were not as mandatory or as numerous as they are now. The phone system has undergone some major changes since the days of Alexander Graham Bell, mostly prompted by increasing population and technology that demand more phone numbers to keep up with the changes.
The majority of the search engines have all instantly grow to be affiliate website link sites, they usually tend not to give just what we want.

Currently, there are hundreds of area codes in North America, and every year more are created to accommodate the growing number of wireless phone carriers.

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