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Here’s something you didn’t know, Canada has it’s own prestigious amusement park right in your back yard called Canada’s Wonderland (you can check out this park by going to their site HERE) and it’s everything you’d expect it to be.
I was invited to come to the park to witness the awesome spectacle that is the amazing stride in dietary restrictions, and for my purposes and in my case that is having Celiac Disease and needing to be 100% gluten free, that Canada’s Wonderland has made. The park has been around since 1981, only a year younger than me, and I actually haven’t visited the park in close to twelve years and I can tell you, a lot of stuff has changed.
When you visit Canada’a Wonderland you’re already hit in the face with the sounds of children playing and adults laughing.
A chef will personally make your food in the back and bring it out to you when you ask for gluten free. Sure they still don’t have gluten free funnel cake, but I know they’re working on it (I’m so on the inside yo).
At the Backlot Cafe you can get gluten free hamburgers on GF buns, wraps, pizza (which is a pesto pizza and comes served to you in a special cardboard box that makes you feel so safe by way of cross contamination that it’s awesome) and muffins.
At The Marketplace, the international buffet, they serve regular pizza and since you paid for a buffet ticket, you can request a gluten free pizza. An average of 20,000 people come to Canada’s Wonderland daily over the course of the summer, and if you can figure out how many of those people have Celiac Disease, the number is still low and humble compared to 20,000, and it’s epic for a large amusement park to cater to those people, no matter the low number.
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Get our unique spin on the wellness industry, including business insights and future trends, straight to your inbox. A 33-year-old Kitchener man is dead after being trapped for nearly two hours following a partial roof collapse at a Mississauga construction site Monday morning.
Emergency crews used airbags to slowly lift the structure off the man, however he was pronounced dead upon being freed. According to a spokesperson for PCL, the man was an employee of Vixman Steel, which had been subcontracted to do work on the site. Roller coasters, 4D interactive rides, carnival like games with barkers and big assed stuffed animals and of course food. It’s a beautiful view of Wonder Mountain as you enter the park, but when you get further in and realize that all the french fries are gluten free. When the food is being made in the front with the other park attendants, the food is made and served by one employee; start to finish, who changes their gloves and uses a separate surface on top of the the regular cutting board or wrap making shelf.

The emphasis on the gluten free food at Wonderland isn’t just an alternative food source, it’s to have everyone feel happy. Yes there are the fad dieters and the NCGS peeps, and their numbers outrank the diagnosed Celiacs, but our specific group is targeted to have a good time at Canada’s Wonderland, and I couldn’t be more enthusiastic about that.
In order to post comments, please make sure JavaScript and Cookies are enabled, and reload the page. The lead times for printing abroad can be several months,” admits Colette Whitehouse, Head of Marketing & Publicity at Pavilion Books. And it was, by far, Pavilion’s bestseller in a genre that almost all publishing houses have now embraced, despite the logistical complications. At the same time, Amazon UK’s top 10 bestseller chart contained 4 colouring books and for retailers, the sudden explosion of a new category of books also posed complications.
When I first met Shane he told me, that if you even call up that park and explain that you need to eat gluten free, the park will in fact pass that info around to all the restaurants and food carts around the park, and if you can send a picture of yourself the better.
Any establishment that serves french fries has it’s own fryer and therefore makes a mean gluten free french fry. I would frequently just keep talking while eating, professional courtesy was not being given when those chicken fingers were in front of me.
I witnessed them make a gluten free wrap for a young woman when I entered the Backlot Cafe and these practices, the practices of eliminated cross contamination, go well above what you’d expect of an amusement park.
I can’t give the park’s commitment to gluten free food and emphasis on cross contamination more thumbs up that I have.
Just because a person diagnosed with Celiac can’t eat something that the guy next door can don’t mean that he (read me) can’t have a great day at Canada’s Wonderland, and Chef Shane and Jill Aitchison (digital community and events specialist for the park) made it perfectly clear in our afternoon together that the main goal is to make each park-goer happy and feel wanted. A buffet where the soup is gluten free and the brownies come wrapped with a certified Canadian Celiac Association sticker right on the cover. The attention paid to Celiacs is truly a blessing and a welcome treat from every one at Canada’s Wonderland.

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