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Some helpful information to help you choose which plan and phone (Samsung pictured on left,Apple smartphone on right) are right for you. Sponsored content is written by Global News' editorial staff without any editorial influence by the sponsor.
Sponsored content is written by Global News' without any editorial influence by the sponsor.
Most larger North American cellular carriers still base their plans around voice minutes -- how quaintly 2006 of them. Lexi offers a whole lot of Amazon's voice assistant features for way less than an Echo speaker. A new Angus Reid poll finds fewer than one-in-10 Canadians believe they’re getting “a good deal” on their wireless service. What’s more, as we are so upset with our cell service, entire businesses have been set up to call customer service lines for Canadians who seek to argue better rates. This decision by the CRTC, does not require large cellphone companies to enter agreements with Mobile Virtual Network Operators (MVNOs). To retrieve your password, enter your email address below and your password will be sent to you. When looking for the best deal possible, it is important to know all about the different Canadian cell phone providers. Once known for its partnership with American carrier AT&T, Rogers Wireless is one of the biggest cell phone providers in Canada. Rogers remains one of the most popular carriers in Canada due in part to its support of GSM technology, unofficially allowing its subscribers to use imported and unlocked cell phones like those sold in Europe and Asia.
Many years ago, Telus Mobility acquired Clearnet and also adopted the latter's marketing strategy with plain white backgrounds and whimsical animal mascots. Once known for its Frank and Gordon marketing campaign, Bell Mobility is one of the largest cell phone providers in Canada. While there is certainly a lot of appeal for regular consumers, a large part of Bell's customer base is in the corporate and business markets. Newly introduced in 2009 in the Toronto and Calgary areas is Wind Mobile, the brand that Globalive uses for its cell phone network in Canada. Unlike Rogers, Telus, and Bell, Wind Mobile uses the 1700MHz AWS (Advanced Wireless Services) spectrum for its 3G wireless service. Like Wind Mobile, Mobilicity participated and won a portion of the spectrum auction, allowing it to build a wireless network with 1700MHz AWS technology. In addition to the five main Canadian cell phone providers described above, there are several sub-brands and Mobile Virtual Network Operators that use the Rogers, Bell, and Telus networks. For instance, Fido Mobile is completely owned and operated by Rogers Wireless, though it functions largely as its own brand.
Some independent prepaid cell phone providers include those sold by 7-11 Stores, the Real Canadian Superstore (PC Mobile), and more. There’s nothing more enjoyable than picking out a monthly cellphone plan in Canada—wait, what?
The website touts itself as “free and independent Canadian mobile plan comparison tool” to help you save time and money.
The providers list is extensive as it includes the Big 3 and their ‘discount brands’ along with newer entrants and regional carriers. It’s interesting how prices are lower with more data when regional competition is alive and well.
We spoke with the creators of CelAgora, Nadir Marcos and Guillaume Marcade from Montreal, who told us more about the site.
Marcos tells us his site combines plans with add-ons and other packages in as many ways as possible. I’m also getting a Bell plan for $54 which includes 3Gb of data but their site only lists 500mb included.
That 54$ Bell deal is only in Quebec… Correction are made and will be live very soon. I don’t care about having unlimited or even a lot of voice minutes or unlimited texting. Global News has taken the time to determine what they believe is the best, cheapest Canadian cellphone plan right now. We used a price comparison study conducted for the CRTC in 2012 by Wall Communications Inc. I just talk to Rogers representative to upgrade my phone after going with them for 3 years.

2 smartphones which share 6GB of data and unlimited calling Canada wide, unlimited text, caller ID etc. While there's no such thing as the perfect cell phone plan, Canadian customers have access to better and better plans as the market in this region becomes more competitive.
As you compare different plans, keep in mind that regional carriers can sometimes offer a better deal than their nationwide counterparts. Most major carriers tend to package the voice and data together as a single unified plan, but this may not be the best solution for everyone. Compared to what is available from other major carriers in Canada like Telus and Bell, the $39 Smart Plan from Fido offers one of the most aggressive values on the market.
Customers who need more minutes and data may consider the $60 Smart Plan for unlimited anytime minutes and 2GB of data. None of the major nationwide Canadian cell phone carriers provide unlimited calling for just $20 a month, but you can get it from Wind. All of Wind's base plans are generally less expensive than those from Bell, Telus and Rogers.
The $20 plan includes unlimited local calling and unlimited messaging, but data is charged at $5 per 100MB. Much like Wind Mobile, Mobilicity is centered around major metropolitan areas with limited coverage outside of major cities. If you are searching for the cheapest cell phone plan and you are an infrequent user who doesn't need a smartphone, you may want to consider a pre-paid option that is not provided through one of the major Canadian carriers. These types of low cost cell phone providers use the network infrastructure of a major carrier, but sell their own cell phones, offer their own plans, and handle their own customer service.
For areas where conventional cell phone coverage is not available, a satellite phone is often the only option for communication with the outside world. A basic Iridium phone subscription, as ordered through, is $59 per month, including zero minutes.
Realistically, the best cell phone plan in Canada may well be the one that you negotiate with the retentions department of your current carrier. We're in an era of smartphones now, and Canada's Rogers is revamping its plans to reflect a data-first reality while possibly wringing out a few dollars more. Insiders say this clause shuts down competition – in a country known to have some of the highest priced wireless plans in the world.
By educating yourself on the different carriers, their features, and the technology they use, you can make the best decision based on your particular needs. For years, it was also the only nationwide carrier to use GSM (Global System for Mobile Communications) technology for its service and it also had the exclusive Canadian availability of the Apple iPhone. While it still supports CDMA (code division multiple access) and EVDO (Evolution-Data Optimized) technology, Telus has expanded its service to include HSDPA (High-Speed Downlink Packet Access) service as well. These are meant to be easier for consumers to understand as they minimize the "hidden fees" that were once notorious among Canadian phone plans. It faced problems with the CRTC (Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission) due to foreign ownership and control issues, but that was overcome, allowing Wind to launch its service.
This is the same technology used by T-Mobile USA and it is the result of the spectrum auction prior to Wind's launch in Canada. The brand name was unveiled in early February 2010 as the official name for the wireless service to be offered by Data & Audio Visual Enterprises Wireless Inc. Some of these are directly affiliated with the other carriers, including some that are wholly owned subsidiaries, while others are independent brands. Okay, maybe it’s not really fun at all but the following comparison tool from CelAgora will make things much, much easier. All you have to do is set your province, preferred voice minutes, required data and then include the usual options such as unlimited text, call display, voicemail, unlimited evenings, etc.
CelAgora is updated at least once per week but despite the automated checking of plan updates and pricing, manual processing is still involved, specifically steps to validate the changes. These calculations take over six hours to analyze all the combinations with his quad-core i7 machine. I know they might not be as popular as videotron but I’d like to see how their prices compare. These plans are only available on two year terms, which means the only way you can use it with an iPhone is if you have your own purchased outright.
What good can you do with a phone that can’t do anything even if it costs you nothing? Told them I am unhappy that I have to pay $65 for 500MB, unlimited text only, and have to pay for every phone call.

Before choosing a plan, consider whether you use more daytime minutes or evening minutes, and whether features like text messages and wireless data are important to you. Each plan includes unlimited nights and weekends, unlimited family calling, call display voice mail, call waiting and conference calling. There is also a larger Data Flex option starting at $35 a month for up to 1GB, and going all the way to 9GB for $90, based on usage.
It provides a good amount of data and voice, among other features, at a price that undercuts many other offerings.
Heavy talkers in major Canadian cities will find that Wind has among the lowest prices in town.Their coverage area includes Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, and Toronto, among others, but the network is continuing to expand.
Aside from the $0 per month "Pay Your Way" plan where minutes, texts and data are charged on a per-use basis, the main Wind plans run $40 per month, or less. To achieve a comparable number of minutes, text and data from a major nationwide carrier would easily cost double, if not more, particularly because the major carriers typically don't provide unlimited data at all.
For example, SpeakOut Wireless and Speak Out 7 Eleven offer low-cost prepaid plans in Canada.
If you do not need access to a large number of minutes or a data plan, one of these options may be your best choice. Not surprisingly, satellite phone plans in Canada are substantially more expensive than conventional mobile phones. A rollover 30 minute bundle is $35 per month, going up to $220 per month for a rollover 240 minute bundle. A quartet of newly active Unlimited Talk and Text rates hand out the now-trivial messaging and voice time like candy: apart from a $55 entry plan that includes a still-healthy 1,000 minutes of talk, they all offer unlimited local or Canada-wide calling as well as unlimited MMS and SMS. The new entrants do not have the same coverage footprint as their older cousins, but they do introduce a new level of competition in Canada's cell phone climate. By and large, these sub-brands are meant to be more budget-friendly and are not aimed at the corporate market. I would consider Rogers if I could get a plan with my unlocked unlocked iPhone with 6GB of data for 50 dollars or less.
When we signed up for the plan Future Shop ended up giving us $150 in gift cards as part of a weekend promo. In this way, the plans from Telus that segregate voice and data needs could be among the most flexible in Canada. This plan is available to monthly subscribers or customers who have a two-year Tab24 agreement, as would be the case with several of the Android smartphones from Fido. Even the $25 starter plan includes unlimited province-wide calling and unlimited North American text messaging.
That's because the wireless provider is motivated to keep customers since it's less expensive to retain a customer than it is to sign up a new one. Fido has a $54 plan with unlimited text and 750mb of data and Bell has plans starting at $60 for 500mb of data. Once you have determined your needs, it's time to begin reviewing plans to find the best deal.
As you get close to the end of your contract, you can try negotiating with the retentions department for a better plan, telling them that you may be able to find something better elsewhere. She sends about 200 texts a month, and she’d need enough data to check email and Facebook throughout the day.
If I was able to get that plan when I started working at virgin, I would have paid out my Rogers contract.. Just be sure to arm yourself with information about alternatives from other carriers and negotiate accordingly. Rogers' strategy is no doubt meant to draw a few data-heavy Galaxy Note II and Lumia 920 buyers into more lucrative service echelons, but it's a refreshing break from pricing that still treats the basics as scarce resources. Update: It's well-known that the major Canadian carriers tend to imitate each other's cellular plans, and there's no sign they're letting up. MobileSyrup has heard that both Bell and Telus should have uncannily similar plans as of November 9th and 8th, respectively. About the only practical difference is Telus' decision to focus on the top three tiers and hike prices by $5 across the board.

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