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Here we have a reader who’s concerned about her Sprint cell service in the southwest area of Hoboken.
Last Friday morning I noticed that I couldn’t make or recieve any cell calls from my apt on 4th and Madison (I have a Sprint account). I am about to cancel my account but I’m furious that they would make me pay a $200 cancellation fee for a service they are not providing. WTF did they say?animal_lover on Parks not needed in HobokenSidewalks are the new recreation areas of the City.

I personally dislike Verizon for many reasons, and have been using T-Mobile for the past 5 years. I have been battling with Sprint for several months and called that number today and finally got all my problems rectified! I called several times and finally the last person said she would send out someone to check the towers, reception, etc. I still think Sprint SUCKS but at least I got an english speaking CS rep that made things happen.

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