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In February 2012, the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals issued an opinion allowing the warrantless search of a cell phone for the telephone number of the cell phone after an arrest. In the opinion the Court reviewed issues involving a further search of a cell phone that will probably be the basis of further restrictions on the warrantless search of a cell phone. This is knowledge every police officer who makes an arrest should know, when a cell phone is seized incident to the arrest.
David Riley, a man out of San Diego, was stopped by police for having expired registration tags. Under the Fourth Amendment, police generally need a warrant before they can conduct a search. Subscribe and get breaking news, commentary, and opinions on law firms, lawyers, law schools, lawsuits, judges, and more. For some time now I have been personally appalled at the incredibly short time period that some firms allow for any incoming firm leader to properly orientate themselves to the magnitude of their new role. Faced with increasing pressure from company management, corporate law departments are becoming more efficient by using a variety of cost-cutting methods.
As technology makes geography less relevant, it makes less sense to pay associates more or less in bonus money based on where they happen to sit.
The police officer asks for your cell phone along with your drivers license and insurance card.

The police had suspected him of being a gang member who was involved in a shooting, but they had no evidence to tie him to the shooting.
You are driving to the grocery store, make a right turn improperly, get pulled over, and next thing you know the police officers are going through your private photographs on your cell phone. The catchphrase “do as I say, not as I do,” seems appropriate to some for how the European Union approaches government surveillance of personal data in the U.S.
Smith, who teaches criminal law and criminal procedure at Notre Dame Law School, stands accused of a serious crime.
In some firms, it is as though we met on Saturday to discuss the ongoing management of our firm (perhaps as part of an annual partner retreat), voted for a new leader and then informed that fortunate individual that they should expect to start in their new role on Monday! To measure the outcome of these efficiency efforts, many law departments use metrics to objectively quantify, analyze, and report on their improvements in performance over time. When they saw David Riley driving a car that had expired registration, the police pulled him over. According to the South Bend Tribune, Professor Smith faces one count of domestic battery, a class D felony….
Measuring the right metrics can provide in-house counsel with compelling evidence that law departments add demonstrable value to their companies.
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Our editor emeritus Kashmir Hill was fortunate enough to hear oral arguments at the Supreme Court in person, alongside top legal reporters such as Jeffrey Toobin and Adam Liptak. They looked through the cell phones and found that there were photographs on the cell phone. But lower federal and state courts have differed over whether that decision, predating the digital age, should apply to increasingly sophisticated cellphones, including even more advanced smartphones.
After opening the photos the police found photographs that linked Riley to the gang shooting. If the Supreme Court rules the police can search your cell phone for a simple traffic stop, watch out America. At trial, his lawyer argued that the search of the cell phones was illegal and that the prosecution should not be able to use the evidence found on illegal search at trial against Riley. Can the police search your cell phone anytime you’re given a citation or arrested, without a warrant?

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