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Jeff is an active sailor in the Navy who’s stationed in Jacksonville, Florida and has been for over 7 years. Jeff is also being dispatched overseas and wants to know where he stands with Megan in their relationship.
Jeff decided he wanted to meet Megan and went to Texas to meet her, but he was stood up by her. When Nev calls Brandy up on the phone, Brandy hangs up on him after telling him she doesn’t feel comfortable with meeting Jeff or talking about the situation. When Max meets up with Brandy, it’s clear she is not the same person that Jeff thought he was talking to. According to a Pagan forum, “ Originally ‘marriage’ was a private, binding contract between clans (families) to form an alliance, thereby increasing the clan’s chances for survival in war against rival clans. I don’t know if you have read the Bible, but these words are from Leviticus, Jesus never said them or God. Um, if you’re a guy telling me this I’m going to tell you to go have sex with a guy and you can tell me how you like it.
Whether you’re gay or straight and you have intercourse with someone of the same or opposite gender, it doesn’t make you automatically gay. Hello, and welcome to the world of flirting where rejection and self-pity hide behind every corner of the bar and where you could meet a Miss Right Now or even Miss One-Night-Stand. Here in Orlando, there are clubs such as Pulse, The Brink, Ember, The RBarr (very new) and the Parliament House.
Personally, Courtney and I only went to Revolution Nightclub on Saturday nights when it was girl or “lesbian” night. We really had a lot of funning going there, and most of the attendees were lesbian or bi, but some were straight. So, think of it this way; when flirting with a girl at a nightclub, there’s probably a 90 percent chance she’s gay and 10 percent chance she’s not or at least says she’s not. You want to first make eye contact with them like you would with anybody else and then sort of “scan” them with your eyes a little bit. On his birthday, I had given him some money (which originally was his money) to go zip lining at the Canyons Zip Line & Canopy Tours in the Ocala National Forest. My family and I have gone zip lining in Kauai, Hawaii (it was so amazing!) and at the Alligator Farm in Saint Augustine, where you literally zip line over dozens of gators, that’s what I call fast food. We were set to do a 1 ? hour tour, which is $96 each and includes nine zip lines, two rope bridges, one rappel and a nature walk.
It is a 1,600-foot flight that takes you head first in a hang-glider style harness that can go up to 50 mph. I was a little bit afraid to do it because at the end there was a stopping device that is meant to stop the person from flying through the pavilion on the opposite side where an instructor awaited them. On our way back to our meeting spot, Applebee’s, we stopped at what seemed Mike Wolfe and Frank Fritz from “American Pickers” would go digging at. Maybe it was just a beautiful junk yard on the side of the road, maybe someone’s collection or an artist’s workshop. I had just covered Fringe shows and a town hall meeting, but then I got to cover something that would change my life. I got the awesome opportunity to be surrounded by 2,500 lesbians who were playing chicken in the pool, drinking, dancing and mingling. From watching “The Real L Word,” I had always dreamed of going to Dinah Shore in California and party with my fellow lesbians. I didn’t know what to expect from covering Gay Days, which is that one time a year when Disney allows gays to take over the park. My events for Thursday, June 5 all were happening around the same time so, I was running everywhere. When I entered the lobby, the lesbians were everywhere…I say this as if I’m talking about a horror film, but really I’ve always felt uncomfortable around big groups of people let alone girls. I was placing my camera case down when I noticed two girls stopped in their tracks and turned to look at me. It was a charitable event where one-hundred percent of the proceeds from the $60 course went to the Zebra Coalition, an lgbt+ organization that helps homeless lgbt teens get back on their feet. I wasn’t allowed to consume the $60 dinner and had no place to sit till Alison Burgos, Co-owner of Pandora Events group that’s behind Girls in Wonderland, let me sit with her along with a couple. Then Dexter Foxworth, executive director of Zebra, gave a speech with a transgender woman about the hardships of family acceptance. I sat back down at the table and I started talking to the couple again, but this time I looked at them. Another reason why I didn’t recognize them at first was because Mixter had cutoff her dreads and Sada’s hair looked braided (possibly dreads). Of course I asked how they were doing and told them that my girlfriend is going to be so jealous (She really was)! I did see exposed breasts, I did see many other things and I most definitely got hit on, but what else did I expect? The stories of those who have been catfished have been told through the television show “Catfish” on MTV.
As soon as I accepted the request, I received messages from them reading that they thought I was attractive and they kept asking about my relationship with my girlfriend. After I Google searched them with my girlfriend from hours of searching through sites and images, we found a source…it led to a an amateur porn site. Originally, I had three people who I considered “friends” at the time, who may have had something to do with this. One of the guys was someone who I had trusted throughout high school till he blackmailed me. So, instead of plain out saying, “You f****** liar!” Or even asking if he did it, I took a different approach. The internet can be seen as a gateway for living a second life that you may use for sinister intentions or to even live a life you wish you had. Whether you are a 40 year old who knows Disney soundtracks verbatim or part of a religion where you think Disney World is Satan’s playground, there are some things you need to know before you call “Frozen” a gay film.
Getting back to the Mouse, the majority of Disney’s movies have heterosexual relationships: “Beauty and the Beast,” “Pocahontas,” “Hercules,” “Aladdin”, “Tarzan”, “The Little Mermaid”, “Lion King,” “Sleeping Beauty,” “Cinderella,” and “Snow White.” Need I say more?
The argument is that in “Frozen,” Elsa, the queen, is gay because she is single…just because she doesn’t have a ring on it, doesn’t mean she’s gay. The other main argument comes from Frozen’s song “Let It Go,” with music and lyrics composed by Kristen Anderson-Lopez and Robert Lopez. We don’t see anything gay related in the lyrics at all… Elsa was kept in her room (not closet) for years because she and her parent’s feared that her power, which is that she can turn anything frozen, may hurt her sister or frighten the townspeople. We hope you have gained something from this post and can sit down and watch “Frozen” without the fear that a Disney movie can turn you gay. The trailer portrays two high school girls, Karma and Amy, who are best friends striving for popularity.
We are happy that a show like this is coming on MTV or any television station for that matter. Since then, The It Gets Better Project has turned into a worldwide movement, inspiring politicians, celebrities, organizations, activists, and personalities alike to submit their own story.
It’s great that MTV is keeping up with how society is progressing towards equality and it’s not afraid to wave the rainbow flag proudly. In the first season, Kerman is living a heterosexual lifestyle till her ex drug-dealing girlfriend gets caught and Kerman turns herself in. We both were in high school together, we saw each other in the halls and around town but we never formally met or knew each other.
Courtney-  After Veronica left I asked my friend for her number and she didn’t have it in her phone she just talked to Veronica at school… Since we were seniors, and were about to graduate in a few days we didn’t have school anymore! Well, in any case, you clicked on it so, we are going to reveal to you the in & outs of lesbian sex.
When you come out there are all kinds of emotions and reactions like happy, sad, angry, successful, scared and guilt among many.

To my relief, he was very accepting and told me I could never do anything in my life that would make him not accept me or make him hate me. I grew up in Tampa, where it’s relatively open to the LGBTQ+ community, but not as much as Orlando for some reason.
My parents are my nuclear family and they aren’t extremely or weirdly religious; however, a lot of family members on my dad’s side are.
One morning after my girlfriend,Courtney, spent the night, we decided to make love that morning in my room.
She insists that everything was real except for her photos and the reason that she created the profile was that it was an escape after being in an abusive relationship.
Brandy then opens up about her feelings for Jeff and tells him about the abusive relationship that she was previously involved in. Some things have changed even though your mind may still be locked up in the good ole’ past. You don’t want to stare at them like how a trucker does, but you don’t want to look at them like they’re a cute kitten. This says, “I like what I see.” If you feel uncomfortable doing that, just look down at your drink (perhaps drink a little more for some liquid courage) and do a double take. The “canyon,” if you can call it a canyon in Florida, had blue water sitting in the bottom of it.
But before we started our zipping, my brother and father were going to do what the Canyon calls Super Zip.
Courtney and I ordered chicken tenders and mac n cheese, which turned out to be Kraft Mac n Cheese and frozen chicken tenders.
We all pitched in money to get my dad a very expensive hat made from Australia made form kangaroo. I was supposed to cover the girl’s happy hour by the pool at Doubletree, but I didn’t realize that till after.
The first girl told me she wasn’t wearing any underwear and if I wanted a picture of her you-know-what even though she said she wasn’t gay and asked if I knew any single guys. I didn’t really get to look at them before because they were very involved with one another. Maybe they didn’t want me to figure out who they were so they could have a regular dinner together. The day I would get to experience what it feels like to be in a sea of women who liked women at the first pool party. Usually, I will accept a friend request from someone I don’t know and I will quickly look at the person’s profile to see if I it rings a bell.
What was an even more dead giveaway was that they had just created that Facebook and uploaded pictures like crazy. Some things I learned about this girl: She’s straight, her name’s Samantha and she’s from the UK.
So, I just used a celebrity’s photo for my profile and messaged her and asked if she was in on it.
After he had blackmailed me and we tried to rekindle our friendship, it was never the same and it affected my relationship with Courtney. In the very beginning, Elsa was playing with her sister, Anna, and she accidentally froze her sister, but with help from trolls Anna was okay. Right is hard enough, but what’s even harder is finding a half-decent lesbian movie or show.
MTV did have a short run with the show, “It Gets Better,” having two seasons, where young adults and teens come out to their parents and sometimes friends too. 21, 2010, Dan Savage and his partner, Terry, posted a message on YouTube for LGBT teens everywhere facing harassment. From President Barack Obama to funny girl Sarah Silverman, everyone has put out their own message of hope. It doesn’t matter is you’re lesbian or not, this is one hot show that even our straight friends love!
Kerman (played by Taylor Schilling) is convicted of a decade-old crime of transporting money for her drug-dealing girlfriend, Alex Vause, who is played by the gorgeous Laura Prepon (you may remember her from “That 70s Show”).
I was a lower class man so I knew I had a better chance of being on the Ellen DeGeneres show than getting with an upper class man, which the girl was.
She came in my room and I locked the door (I wish I always would’ve remembered to look the door) and she gave me a CD. Hmm…(cough, cough) most people don’t ask us this question straight forward, they kind of walk around it.
This question usually derives from guys that hit on us or think that they’re the “chosen one.” Our response is, “How do you know if you’re straight if you haven’t had sex with a guy?” Same stupid question asked, right?
There are many lesbian sex books and videos out there that can help you by giving you tips and suggestions. For our first blog post, we wanted to share our coming out stories to kind of show you how different coming out was for us. I knew if their side of the family knew, I would hear Bible passages about homosexuality although, Jesus never said anything about homosexuality. They took away my surf magazines because they thought I was looking at girls in bikinis when I was reading the articles because I surfed. Max and Nev will have to figure out how to bring Brandy to Jeff … In order to get the most success, Max ventures off on his own to find Brandy while Nev stays with Jeff.
Marriage was contractual, considered a passing of ‘property’ between clans as a symbol of intention to honor the agreement being made. That sounds fair… According to, “On any given day, there are approximately 397,000 children in out-of-home care in the United States. I am constantly second guessing whether someone is friendly flirting or whether it actually means something. We found out from one of the instructors later that the water is 100 feet deep in that spot and was home to a 7-foot gator. I decided that I’m not going to let the loud noise scare me from experiencing something incredible. My mom took one look at the kitchen and thought it was just too Honey Boo Boo for her taste. Information such as their residence, their workplace, what school they attended, phone number if provided, and of course they gather as much information from the victim.
Drama arises not only between them, but also previous drama among the other prisoners and the guards.
So for this first blog we wanted to share our stories about coming out. I came out to my friends first because they are open-minded and most of them were bisexual. We both were naked and in the middle of it, my mom had opened my door because she was looking for the cats…well, she found a different kind of cat.
The color from her face was flushed and she had a blank stare as if her soul had vanished and all that was left was her body, her vessel. After a little digging online, Nev and Max come across a profile for someone named Brandy, thinking Brandy could actually be the real Megan. Property took many forms: cattle, land, children, whatever was considered to be of great value at the time. We had a long distance relationship, which those rarely workout, and I found out about the other girl and she found out about me.
It took him almost two hours to respond with, “Leave me alone.” That’s when I knew I caught him. In fact, I’d like to have Ellen Page run into my arms as it’s raining and share a cliche kiss with each other (is that so hard to ask for?). If we, Courtney and Veronica, are lesbians and don’t see anything gay with the film, maybe the critics are seeing something lesbians aren’t. It seems to be all fun and games, till after that kiss one of the girls’ reactions seems to appear as though she came to a realization of her sexuality; that she maybe lesbian. However bad it is now, it gets better.’ The video was just a small response to a series of bully-induced suicides by LGBT youth.

This show is hilarious, but that doesn’t mean we would ever want  to be in a prison especially with our exes. So, to my greatest surprise, one morning at school in the cafeteria, she walked over to me with Courtney following behind. When I first saw Veronica at the party, I felt an instant attraction to her upon our talking playing sports. I lived on the water so we had two small beaches to hang out at, a kid’s playground and the marina. She told me to look at the back and it said, “I love you.”  We spent the next few hours in my room kissing and listening to the CD.
What Veronica didn’t know is one of her friends called me and told me that Veronica was in love with me and didn’t know how to tell me so I took it upon myself to say it first. When they found out we were together, her parents still welcomed me the same way except at first, we weren’t allowed to keep the door shut, ha ha. It would be easier to be introduced as a friend because there is not pressure on you to impress them. She sits down with Nev and Max to delete her profile so that she can move forward with her life. In the United Kingdom, a requirement for a public announcement in a Christian parish (banns of marriage) was introduced by the Roman Catholic Church in 1215.
I recently received a message on Facebook from a guy who went to high school with me and tried to flirt with me.
The more knowledge you have, the better you will understand this world we live in and one day, hopefully, change it for the better. We are both predicting that by the end of the show their friendship with become an intimate relationship or the awkwardness may end their friendship. Dan wanted to reassure LGBT teens everywhere that life does, in fact, get better, and more often than not, life can get great. They all took it well and I got a lot of “I knew it.” What a relief it was to not pretend anymore.
I can recall my high school science teacher emphasizing the word “homogeneous” for a lesson and looking at me waiting for some sort of reaction, which I never gave her the pleasure of having. He kept looking at my mom asking what’s wrong as tears rushed down my face like the worst rain storm, where your vision is blurred and unknowing of what lies ahead. When I said I was gay he responded with, “I thought all girls want the D?” I felt like I was talking to a preschooler. I hope one day you will not judge others, you will love thy neighbor and you will not live such a hateful life.
My ex felt horrible about the whole situation and I had forgiven her after she repeatedly said how sorry she was.
Beyond freaking out and having my confidence touch the sky, my friends were all like, “Oh my God, she wants you.” So, given my friends backing me up and causing me to gain more confidence, I still wanted to bring my best friend, Cathy. Of course men have these body parts plus a little something extra, but we can always buy that something extra. People or things may help you come to the realization of your homosexuality whether you hide it or not. My main goal or ambition in life was to make everyone else happy, but that left me miserable. Courtney said, “You’re mom came in.” I was in denial, shock, awe, what have you, but I wasn’t ready to accept that.
The origin of marriage is NOT religious, nor does it have anything to do with the God of the Abrahamic religions. We all go water rafting, snow skiing, hiking, jet skiing, surfing, paddle boarding together and much more!
Courtney and Olivia were communicating in sign language so I wouldn’t hear and they wouldn’t tell me what they were saying.
My dad and I were close and I always went to him to talk because my mom is more of an uptight person. When she had died, I too, like my mother’s reaction, was just a vessel without a soul, without a sail. I don’t know if I would ever live up to my “true image” and expose my homosexuality to my parents.
It was around way before organized religion which by Christian standards means it is PAGAN.
My father is Superman to me, and he doesn’t have to go on a Super Zip line to prove it either (but he will just because it’s fun!). I messaged her via Facebook and at first she was a little offended that I even thought of her as a possible catfisher. I didn’t know this back then, but Courtney had convinced the girl to invite lower class man because. As we walked back, Olivia ahead and Courtney and I drawn back, Courtney asked if I wanted to “go out,” which means “date” in high school.
The only difference between heterosexual sex and lesbian sex is that lesbians can see the point of view from the woman because they are a woman too (duh).
People will argue with religion how it’s “unnatural” even though it occurs in nature, but that’s whole different topic that we will tackle in another post.
I prayed for God to take my life and give it to my grandmother because she was the most loving person in the world. Life is funny how the universe is against you, throwing destructive forces your way, but you got to be ready. He simply asked, “What are you going to do today?” My response was to go hang out with my friend, which was my girlfriend at the time.
Out of high school was a whole different world for me…my parents had no clue that their feminine- sometimes-tom-boyish daughter liked girls. According to the Roman Catholics, Veronica was moved with pity when she saw Jesus carrying his cross to Golgotha and gave him her veil to wipe his forehead.
My mom told him at the breakfast table that overlooked the breaking waves of our ocean view. She’d feed the homeless, hand out money to everyone, helped children all over the world, and she gave me my best moments in this cruel, harsh world.
Miraculously, an image of his face impressed on it, hence “true image.” I wasn’t being true to myself. I can’t recall what her exact words were that fell from her quivering lips, I was too focused on my father’s face.
I was stunned, my heart beating out of my chest but I shook my head, yes, very nervous of what he would say next. I jokingly said to Courtney, “What kind of lesbian isn’t good at sports?”  In high school, I had heard a rumor that Courtney was bisexual, which is false like most rumors.
He opened my bedroom door and yelled, “Get out of my house you f****** whore!” Courtney ran out of the house and my mother slammed the front door on her. My parents foolishly called the cops because I had told them that we have been together for a while and they wanted to get Courtney arrested for rape… I wish I was making this up to y’all, but it’s the cold truth. I just didn’t embrace it for more than half my life and I don’t believe anyone can make you gay or straight. Courtney sat next to me and said she was tired so, I grabbed a pillow for her and she put it on my lap and rested her head there.
I never had a girl do that before to me and it was unexpected, but that assured me that she was comfortable with me.
My father called Courtney’s parents and told them to “go pick up their whore of a daughter.” Courtney had been outside as neighbors walked by in curiosity.
All that ran through my head was that a sleepover meant games…like spin the bottle and truth or dare (which always somehow ends up sexual).

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