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Telkom’s new SmartPhone plans are the cheapest voice, SMS, and data contracts in South Africa to-date. Telkom recently launched a new set of low-priced contract packages aimed at smartphone users. Called SmartPhone Plans, Telkom said the idea is that subscribers will never need to go out of bundle. It also offers a selection of voice calling bundles which provide all-network minutes, mobile on-network minutes, and Telkom fixed-line minutes, complementing its usual SMS and data bundles. Telkom’s new plans compete with smartphone packages from Cell C, MTN, and Vodacom, offering competitive rates compared to the postpaid deals available from the other operators. The table below provides a summary of how the new Telkom SmartPhone plans fare against other SIM-only packages from competitor networks.
Telkom SmartPhone contracts include Telkom mobile on-network minutes and minutes to Telkom fixed-lines equal to the amount of all-network minutes bundled with the plan. To get a complete picture of how the contracts compare, we looked at the cost of their various bolt-on bundles. Recent comparisons show that Cell C is the cheapest for data bundles of 100MB and less, while Telkom is generally the cheapest for bundles 250MB and up.
Since MTN and Telkom both offer voice minute bolt-on bundles, it is also useful to compare the two sets of offerings. Here are the worst movies which have made their way to screens in 2016 so far, according to Metacritic.
The debate about online privacy versus the battle against crime was given new life this week with an attempt in Brazil to ban WhatsApp.
The latest MyBroadband survey results reveal which broadband service in South Africa has the most loyal customers.
The Communication Workers Union has agreed to suspend its two-day strike action against the South African Post Office. There are literally thousands of great cell phone specials ranging from iPhone and Samsung to Blackberry and Nokia. Filter phone contracts by Minutes, Data, Price, Manufacturer, SMS or price plans (straight plan or top up plan). Earlier today, after much anticipation, Apple's new flagship devices, the Apple iPhone 5 and the Apple iPad 4 went on sale. Useful information Get more from your BlackBerry TopUp contracts Your first bill Bundles RICA Handy numbers Call limits Legal stuff  Sitemap Your order How we work Scared to shop online?
Samsung GT-S3600 GSM Unlocked Flip Cell Phone (pink) [S3600 Pink] - $117.04 : Unlocked Cell Phones, GSM, CDMA, No-Contracts! With its cleanly laid-out keypad and easy to use buttons, the phone is a compact way to make an entrance.
For music on the go there is a handy FM radio through which you can pump your favorite stations. Sony Ericsson C905 C905 Unlocked GSM Cell Phone [c905a] - $126.63 : Unlocked Cell Phones, GSM, CDMA, No-Contracts!

This nicely compact slider phone hides its alpha-numeric keypad until you need it, and the lens on the back of the phone is also protected by an active lens cover. The Sony Ericsson Cybershot C905a has a unique 2.4-inch display (240 x 320 pixels, 262K color depth) made of mineral glass--the same material used in watch crystals--which offers excellent scratch resistance and is great for showcasing your photos and videos.
The C905a has a 160 MB internal memory, which can be expanded via optional Memory Stick Micro (M2) cards up to 8 GB in size.
Sliding open the camera lens cover automatically engages the camera application on the phone. An image stabilizer compensates for those small movements, reducing the chance that your photo comes out blurred. In addition to still photos, the phone can also capture video clips, with videos for messaging capped at approximately 20 seconds and those meant for saving to your PC running for as long as you have available space. The phone also ships with a built-in email client with support for POP3 and IMAP4 protocols, while the included Access NetFront Web Browser allows you to surf full HTML web sites. Phonefinder compares every cell phone deal in South Africa; listing all South African Smartphone and Cellphone Deals and upgrades which are on offer from Vodacom, MTN, CellC, Virgin Mobile, Nashua Mobile and Autopage Cellular. Phonefinder is updated every month so that you always get the latest deals at affordable prices so that you can start saving money. The ideal contract for you may be at the Vodacom store, then again it may be at the Cell C store.
Cellphone contract deals, laptops deals and 3G modem contracts.Specials on Vodacom, MTN and Cell C.
While this phone can’t compete with its high-end phones such as the Samsung Pixon M880 and Innov8, this is the perfect solution for someone looking to get a phone in the low-end category without sacrificing good looks or technology. Its stainless steel appearance gives off a very stylized look without being overbearing and although the look is mostly austere, it augments the fact that this phone was built for work.
This is great for snapping photos at the last minute when you don’t have your digital camera. Additionally, with AT&T's 3G network, you can listen to a conference call on a headset while sending and receiving e-mail attachments, picture messages or Web pages at the same time.
The 2.4-inch scratch-resistant glass screen provides a brightly colorful way to review your photos, and you can easily print directly from the phone via PictBridge and Bluetooth functionality.
It sits above a square navigation area that features icons around the toggle that are illuminated when the C905a is held horizontally in camera mode--so you know it's ready to take pictures even in low-light conditions. The still camera can capture images up to 8.1 megapixels (with your choice of four resolution options and two quality settings), and it also features a 16x digital zoom, Xenon flash, and auto rotate. The Smart Contrast function automatically compensates for shadows or unnaturally bright light in a shot. The camera waits until your subject beams that broad grin--then it automatically snaps the picture.
It can record as a maximum resolution of 320 x 240 pixels (QVGA) at 30 frames per second (fps).
This phone also provides Bluetooth wireless connectivity (version 2.0), and includes profiles for communication headset, handsfree car kits, and file transfer.

It also supports RSS feeds, allowing you to use your phone to view up-to-the-minute news and other content from selected Web sites and blogs. Plus there are services such as repairs, games, insurance options, the ability to sell your old device and so much more. This GPS-enabled phone can access the AT&T Navigator service for turn-by-turn directions as well as its Video Share service, which enables you to send video of yourself to another compatible phone while making a voice call. The Face Detection and Auto Focus capability enables the camera to detect and focus on the face of your subject rather than the background, so that you can take sharp and high quality pictures of your friends.
Finally, take advantage of your C905a's GPS location-based service capabilities by geo-tagging your photos with precise information about where they were taken. With the A2DP Bluetooth profile, you can stream your music to a pair of compatible Bluetooth stereo headphones. With the TrackID service, you can identify any song that you can hear by just recording a snippet of sound using the microphone.
Phonefinder lists all 5000 deals on one website, all the MTN packages all the Vodacom specials all the Telkom phones - on one website!
Dionysus Cellular and Dionysus Play have partnered with Phonefinder in order to offer you the great customer services you have come to expect from Dionysus plus the complete mobile shopping experience offered by Phonefinder. To dial a number, just slide the handset's face upwards to reveal the alpha-numeric keypad. The phone also incorporates the latest in lighting technology--Photo Flash--giving you better quality pictures even in low-light conditions.
As well as your shot, the phone takes four images as you press the button, and another four afterwards.
You can connect your laptop (either via Bluetooth or wired USB) and enjoy dial-up networking--surf the Internet, send email, and access files from a server (additional charges or subscription applicable). After sending the file for recognition, you'll have the name, artist and album sent to your phone. Support is built in for sending and receiving text, video, graphics and sound via messages. It also includes a built-in FM radio with RDS, which displays the name of the currently playing song (when tuned to compatible radio stations). T9 text entry, a technology that makes it easier for people to enter words and text on handsets, is built into the unit--a plus for mobile email and text messaging users.
In a one-click operation, brightness, light and contrast are adjusted to give you the best possible picture.

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