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With its 7800 mAh battery capacity the Wusic portable charger can charge a device four full times before dying.
The Wusic cell phone portable charger is small, superlight weight and comes in a sleek design.
The Wusic charger comes with its own micro USB cable so you do not have to worry about purchasing any, more importantly the Wusic cellphone charger also comes with built in safety mechanism that prevents it from overcharging or having short circuit so you do not have to worry about damaging your device’s battery. The Wusic portable charger even comes with its own built in flashlight which can be used in cases of power outage or as a backup flash light!
Universal charging adapter lets you use your car to charge your devices such as digital cameras, PDAs, mobile phones, Tablet, USB accessories and more! Brand New GTMax 2 Port USB Car charger Metalic Blue with Micro USB Cable for Devices with Micro USB Charging Port!!!
Smartchip with short circuit protection never heats or overcharges battery, charging will be automatically stop when battery is full.

It is common for people to panic when they see a flashing low battery alert and there is no electrical outlet nearby!
The charger that is highly recommended is the Wusic cellphone portable battery charger which comes with two USB outlets making it suitable for charging two devices simultaneously.
The Wusic portable charger even maintains 80% of its power for up to three month of not being used and its LED powered indicator lets you know when its charge is running low. With four different colors (blue, white, green and pink) to choose from, the Wusic portable charger can fit easily in your pocket, purse or overnight bag without feeling bulky.
If you are an on the go person or has multiple devices then the Wusic portable charger is for you. If you require further details regarding the transaction data, please contact the supplier directly.
On family trips, parents rely on tablets and smartphones to entertain their children on the long journey and even though these devices are charged before they head out, the battery will often die before they have reached their destination.

The Wusic cell phone portable charger is compatible with almost any device so it doesn’t matter whether you have an iPhone, android phone, tablet or laptop the Wusic portable charger can charge it all. With the Wusic cellphone portable charger by Wusic Tech you can now stop stressing over your device battery being dead. Brand new Silver GTMax charger adapter Integrated smartchip recognizes a full charge and automatically switches to saver mode to prevent overcharging. Please make sure to provide your own corresponding charging cable in order to charge your device.

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