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While people are constantly being reminded to put away their smartphones when driving, there are very few warnings when it comes to being engrossed in them whilst walking.
While distracted cell phone walking may not appear dangerous, a 2010 study performed by researchers at Ohio State University revealed that it had resulted in over 1,500 severe injuries - ranging from people falling off walkways or bridges to walking into oncoming traffic!
With many college students living on their own for the first time, some start drinking socially, and before you know it, they are alcoholics. Well, I am addicted too and so is everybody in college, with the never-ending Samsung vs Apple conflict being the subject of discussions.
I do like to keep my phone around in case something urgent happens or someone wants to contact me , but without using it. People have become more addicted and wanna use the phone for no reason or just stare at the screen. I also confess when i had iphone i used to check it for no reason, but blackberry taught me that devices are to be used to get the job done not enslave urself with irrelevant interactions. Most of the time i spent working at office or doodling in my desk or making presentations with flash. I'm not generally scared of being deprived of my mobile devices but the lost of the ability to be contacted when needed kinda makes me uneasy. I'm 49, so i fit into your demographic of those that refuse to accept mobile technology, so it pisses you off that those of us who still wont become enveloped in the smartphone is god mentality does it?, why does it even matter to you that some people still prefer to do things for themselves, that some people prefer to not be engrossed, at the expense of proper human interaction, in a piece of plastic that you can control by touching the screen, surely its a choice thing, i personally value my privacy and value my quality time away from people, i certainly don't want to have a phone going off every 2 minutes to alert me that frankie is in tesco's having a nervous breakdown cause he doesn't know whether to get bagels or muffins, i also don't want my time wasted by having to hold conversations by typing on a keyboard to someone who is in the same room as me, oh by the way, you are aware that speaking is actually quicker than texting and it doesn't put you in the category of those ridiculous morons who believe that what they have to say is so important that they must say it while walking and all others should be aware of just how important what they have to say is , so must move out of their way so that the moron texting doesn't have to look where they are going, frankly Metalpoet , while the mobile industry is busy brainwashing the brain dead, ill stick to using a land line and do what i want to do on the net using my desk top computer. An industry trade group in the city-state of Singapore is behind a new mobile phone app that will curl the toes of digital advertising companies. In an effort to get smartphone users to stop staring at their devices and start talking to one another, the Singapore Computer Society awarded $24,000 to three students who developed an app that immobilizes handsets when two or more smartphones are placed together. The app is called Apple Tree because an image of a tree begins sprouting on the mobile screen if the phones remain untouched.

The app will be available as a free download to celebrate Singapore's 50th birthday next year. Apple Tree, however, may be poison to companies trying to make a digital advertising footprint in the region.
Singapore has invested $23 million to develop digital advertising, and Internet advertising is forecast to grow there, according to PWC, which predicts digital ads will account for $264 million by 2018. Some students even admit that they become agitated when they don't see their handset in sight. I miss the retina display , design and i miss an ios device that i can put into my pocket . I check for messages every 15min and updating myself through phonearena, gsmarena, Nokia conversations and all the other sites.
You have to have some kind of phone in order to do various things like get a job so you can make money so you can buy food and shelter so do you dont starve or freeze to death or die from heat exhaustion. Apples grow on the tree and can be harvested and exchanged for rewards like discounts at local shops. Scientists are saying that this is becoming an addiction, and an unhealthy and uncontrolled habit.
According to the National Geographic, most people were too busy with their cell phones to notice the temporary pavement demarcation.
Sweet!9954 commentsBoo Mania Sweeps Over America (And The World)!3669 commentsVideo Of The Week - If Frozen Was A Horror Movie . Nowadays you can do all of the phone functions from your computer and the games are much better. One in four people check their phones every thirty minutes, while one in five check every ten.

The researcher behind the study notes that the excessive use of smartphones is leading to a downward spiral in academics. For example, based on the study, the use of Instagram and Pinterest are seen with those who say that they are addicted to their phones.According to researcher James Roberts, cellphones could be used to help students cheat, or help them escape the pressures of the classroom.
And experts say it is becoming more difficult for many people to curb their longing to hug it more tightly than most of their personal relationships. The number one activity that college students use their phones for is texting, at an average of 94.6 minutes a day. Roberts says that the device is a paradox in that it is freeing and enslaving at the same time. The University of Maryland, shows the growing reliance that the younger generation has on technology and how it has become central to their lives. People reported mental and physical symptoms of distress and “employed the rhetoric of addiction, dependency and depression,” when reporting their experiences of trying to go unplugged for a full day. The research also suggested 15 per cent of children had more expensive handsets than their parents.
I'm also the only one there with a classic flip phone, but they can't see it because it is in it's pouch.

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