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The August lock runs on AA batteries and can be fitted to existing door locks in 10 minutes. August works with any Bluetooth-enabled smartphone, although the apps will only launch on iOS and Android to being with. The encrypted locking technology issues registered devices, or invited devices, with unique codes that can't be copied.
To grant keyless access to friends the homeowner must send them an invite using Facebook contacts or their phone's address book. August was created by technology entrepreneur Jason Johnson and industrial designer Yves Behar. The designers claim that the August lock package includes deadbolt adapters and faceplates that work with around 90 per cent of locks on the market in the US - where it will go on sale.Once on sale, customers will be able to check if they're lock is compatible during the checkout process. The August lock is made of anodized aluminum and will cost A?130 ($199) when it goes on sale later this year. To grant keyless access to friends and family an invitation must be sent using either the owner's Facebook contacts, or their phone's address book. Homeowners can also use their key if they forget their phone or they want to save batteries, although August will email reminders to warn homeowners when their batteries are getting low on power and remind them to replace them.A To grant keyless access to friends, family and other visitors the homeowner must send them an invite.

When a homeowner or visitor approaches the August lock they must enable Bluetooth on their device and click the relevant address entry on the app. The lock can also be used to let people into a party, for example, without having to open the door each time. When a visitor enters or leaves the house using the August lock, a message is sent to the homeowner detailing who had entered the house.
The views expressed in the contents above are those of our users and do not necessarily reflect the views of MailOnline. Currently, Swype keyboard is considered as the best Android keyboard app for Android phones, but another top Android keyboard app has recently updated to bring a more intelligent prediction algorithm, enabling a user to type much faster and without any mistakes. According to the developer’s website, the Swiftkey X also analyzes the way you press a button on the keyboard, so that it can dynamically adapt the touch-sensitive area of its keys, maximizing your efficiency at writing.
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When a registered device gets near to the lock the homeowner or visitor can open the door by pressing the relevant address entry on the August app.
The lock sits on the inside of the door, which means homeowners can still use regular keys if they forget their phone, for example.

The August lock is made of durable anodized aluminum and is fitted to the existing door look in about 10 minutes. This can be done using existing contacts from the homeowner's phone's address book, or using Facebook contacts, but the other person must have the app to receive the unique access code. A Guestbook function additionally lets visitors leave comments and photos, or thank you notes, for their guests or hosts.Invitations can also be sent with time limits of one hour up to 'always' and homeowners can revoke access at any time. The app predicts your next word by studying your writing pattern from previous text messages, emails and other sources. It runs on two AA batteries and a reminder is sent to the owner when the battery levels get low.
This means homeowners can keep track of how long cleaners or builders spend in the house and every visitor's details and visit information is stored on a Log.

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