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If for any reason you feel that an item we sell deserves a negative response, please message us BEFORE you leave response. We return messages the same business day and we will do what it takes to resolve your problem and earn a POSITIVE response. Designed to be used by a single user in a car, the Wilson Sleek 4G helps users reduce dropped calls and increases 4G data rates in weak signal areas by amplifying your cell phone's power up to 20 times more than the phone alone. The Sleek 4G all-in-one cradle features a signal booster, built-in antenna, built-in USB charger port, and is ideal for hands-free operation when used with a headset or Bluetooth device. The Sleek 4G features simple installation that can be completed in a matter of minutes, and can be easily moved from vehicle to vehicle.

These antennas come in at an impressive 13 inches tall, while our competitors are at 9 inches or less!2.
Also, the Sleek 4G is a great solution for data devices such as a Mi-Fi or any other 4G data device.
No cables to attach it to your Cell Phone and all Cell Phones in the vicinity of the Antenna will benefit4.No Batteries Or Power Source Is Needed! The interior box with two prongs will pick up the signal from your Cell Phone and then transmit it to the exterior 13" Antenna where the signal strength is stronger. After years of selling this item, it is our experience that it helps 95% of customers and the other 5% will need to seek a different solution. Due to so many unique variables for each customer, We cannot guess who will be in this 5% category.

Performance depends on the placement of this antenna, the location of your cellular provider's towers, location and elevation of the home, the overall signal strength in the area and the type of Cell Phone that you own. The 5% of customers that are beyond help from this low cost solution will need to take the next step which is a POWERED antenna. As you can tell by the number of sales, THIS IS THE ANTENNA OF CHOICE for customers BEFORE they take the path to a powered antenna!Once the Antenna is installed, results should be measured by overall call quality, a decrease in dropped calls and lastly, the number of bars on the Cell Phone display (Some phone displays will move up in bars while others will not budge at all). Signal Bar increases completely depend on how sensitive your Cell Phone signal display is and therefore we place it as the last performance measurement since it is not accurate.**NEW TIPS sent in from Customers:ALL antennas can take some fine tuning to locate the sweet spot of service!

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