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There are quite a few unfortunate drawbacks to using a cell phone for funeral home business. Here are several examples how this powerful new technology can help directors manage after hour calls.
A woman calls a funeral home to make prearrangements for her father who is close to passing.
This situation illustrates how MobileFH™ can protect new business opportunities for funeral homes. When a woman passes away at home, her husband calls the funeral home from their residence to report the death.
Time and time again, funeral directors experience difficulties when trying to return calls to family members.
A funeral director is enjoying a rare day off at a sporting event when his cell phone begins to ring. In order to keep her cell phone number private, an on-call funeral director blocks her phone number when dialing out.
A woman calls the funeral home from a hospital room to let the director know her mother is on life support.
Before MobileFH™ was invented, funeral professionals had very few options to control their on-call communications. A video demo of MobileFH™, a revolutionary tool for funeral directors created by ASD, the funeral home answering service . ASD - Answering Service for Directors - has been helping Funeral Homes to manage their calls and their lives since 1972.
ASD now serves more than 5000 funeral homes and is the preferred choice among Independent Funeral Homes and Funeral Home Directors. ASD is pleased to welcome our experienced and dedicated employee, Bill Davis, to our growing Client Solutions Department.
Panasonic KX-TGE245B DECT 6.0+ 5 Handsets Cordless phone, Answering System, Advanced TAD, eco mode, Silence Mode, Talking Caller ID, Up to 6 HandsetsNo more fumbling to find the right key, and no more dialing the wrong number with the streamlined handset and base keypad configurations.
Advanced TAD Functions: When a caller records a message, the base unit will beep alerting those in the house. Enhanced Noise Reduction: Let you suppress background noise around the caller while simultaneously enhancing their voice making it easier to hear them. Key Detector Compatible: Attach the up to 4 optional Key Detector to your car key ring or other easily misplaced items. All trademarks, registered trademarks, and trade names are the properties of their respective owners. Kentucky senator and insurgent Republican Rand Paul denounced Voter ID law during a Friday interview with the New York Times, instantly becoming the most prominent GOP opponent against the legislation that is popular within his party. According to the NYT, Paul did not criticize Voter ID for being bad policy, but for offending voters that Paul thinks could swing to the GOP. This is a turnaround from the views he expressed at an April 2013 speech he gave at Howard University. He is currently on a cross-country tour where he is visiting Democratic strongholds in an attempt to reach people outside of the Republican Party’s base. Like i said, the politicians are betraying us left and right and they are all on the same team.
I appreciated the stand taken by Rand against the drones but he is way off base with this issue. Only weeks ago, Rand Paul made a statement that took many of us aback suggesting he knows too little of MODERN history to be trusted as president.

In the recent Ohio primary election, I had to show my driver's license and to state my name and address.
AS MUCH AS I ADMIRE RAND PAUL, HE IS "WRONG!"  VOTER "ID" IS  A MUST IF WE WANT TO HAVE "HONEST" ELECTIONS! The director on duty returns the call from his cell phone and provides the caller with information. If the on-call director had used the funeral home phone number as his outgoing Caller ID, the woman would have spoken to an available director instead. After the funeral director leaves to pick up the body, she realizes that the address provided does not match her GPS directions.
When the family notices the blocked number, they feel a bit insulted the director doesn’t want them to have her contact information when dealing with something so personal. The employee assists the brother of the deceased with information and instructs him to call the funeral home in the event that his sister passes.
The on-call director assists her with the funeral home’s service options and writes down her information. This patent-pending feature allows funeral professionals to call any number from their cell phones and display the funeral homes’ number as the outgoing Caller ID. Your funeral home currently has access to our MobileFH™ feature through the ASD Mobile app. Our goal is to provide the same level of customer service and satisfaction that our Funeral Homes have been providing to families for generations. This event brings together funeral directors from across the country who are passionate about supporting families through progressive legislature.
Every week, ASD spotlights a Call Specialist who handles a particularly challenging call with patience and accuracy. Using any of your telephone handsets, you can activate the Key Detector's beeping alarm and quickly track down your lost keys or items.
In that speech, Paul defended voter ID laws against accusations that it discriminated against minorities.
I think that being exceptional and using honest as our best policy will win out if we never let the Marxist supporting main media lie without giving full facts against them for all Americans to see just how much a traitor they are as is this administration!
Even when not physically present in the office, most directors spend a great deal of time on call speaking with families as well as clergy, vendors, florists and countless other contacts. From the risk of a missed call to the frustration of being contacted while offduty, these problems can make it difficult for funeral professionals to separate their personal and professional lives. Two nights later, the woman’s father passes and she calls the same director back on his cell phone after checking the number from her Caller ID.
The director then calls the residence number from her cell phone, but the family does not recognize the number on the Caller ID. This increases the likelihood the call will be answered and reduces the possibility of any miscommunication occurring during a removal.
The director spoke to this caller a week ago from his cell when she needed to make prearrangements. If this call were placed using MobileFH™, the family would see the funeral home number displayed and not even think twice about it.
The following week, the funeral home owner finds out that a local competitor is handling the service and has no way of knowing how the initial pricing call was handled. The following day, he realizes that he wrote down her phone number incorrectly and has no way to get in touch with her.
MobileFH™ uses a cellular connection instead ensuring that calls are clear and free of audio issues.

Our customer service team sent you a bit more information on the feature via email yesterday. We need to make sure that citizens can vote and not those committing crime by entering illegally. His response should have been "Do you know Obamacare has the requirement that you need to show ID" They are all a bunch of traitors.
Unfortunately, that funeral director is no longer on call and is attending a family function. With so many distant relatives calling about his wife’s death, the husband is hesitant to answer a call from a number he does not know.
Now, after referencing the number from her Caller ID, the widow of the deceased is calling to make arrangements for her husband to be taken into the funeral home’s care. Instead of trying to assist the caller from a distracting environment, ASD clients can guarantee the person on call will always speak to families in need. This alternative option allows funeral professionals to maintain their privacy without leaving a family feeling slighted. This scenario illustrates why calls placed using MobileFH™ are recorded and made available toASD clients. If the call had been placed using MobileFH™, the director would have access to a recording of the entire conversation.
They come to the US thinking there is such a thing as an honorable Democrat Politician and in reality they would vote for full blown Marxism supported by the Muslim world takeover!
We could make a list a mile long as to what requires ID.  Disenfranchisement is when the full force of Government harasses your organization because you are Conservative which causes you the inability to raise funds. This innovative solution allows funeral professionals to call any number from their cell phones and display the funeral homes’ number as the outgoing Caller ID.
While struggling to hear the woman over the crowd, the director attempts to scribble down her information on the back of a napkin.
This solution also prevents directors from receiving business-related text messages while off duty. Owners and Managers can evaluate how their employees handle challenging pricing and preneed calls.
This recording would allow him to listen to the call and hear the daughter state her phone number making it easy to reconnect with her. The Drug Cartel are one supporter of this illegal trafficking of crime committing immigrants. Please give us your real position and stop flip flopping to the satisfy the current audience.
When he tries calling the woman back, he learns the family decided to call a different funeral home in the meantime. They can also use these call recordings as training tools to help staff improve communication skills.
But we do not have to look around any corners to find another of this evil administration is also committing treason; or murder; or fraud!
Oh, forgot, they are Obama's friends and can have semi-auto and automatic weapons because they are his political supporters in the US and in Mexico. As a result, the director spends his only day off stressed trying to reconnect with the family and work out details with his staff back at the funeral home.

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