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It won't take more than a couple of minutes, but your opinion is very important to future users of the program and to the author of the program. General Electric made a $500 portable electrocardiogram machine that runs on batteries and only requires a patient to press a green button to check for abnormal heart rhythms. It was aimed at bringing the vital test to rural Indians who lacked access to hospitals with expensive machinery. Since the company created the simple device, which can produce 500 scans costing 10 cents each on a single battery charge, it's sold in dozens of nations a€” including developed ones.
He worked as GE's chief innovation consultant during the product's development, and helped coin the term reverse innovation to describe the process. Developing nations require health care products created with easy access, high quality and low cost in mind, he says.
Canadian-trained doctor David Goldfarb was teaching at the University of Botswana's school of medicine, when he says he noticed how troublesome diarrhoeal disease is, often caused by intestinal tract infection.
Goldfarb's flocked swab allows doctors to take a sample from a sick child immediately rather than waiting for a stool sample. Normally, when a sick child sees a doctor, they wait to collect a stool sample for testing a€” a process that can take days. Now Grand Challenges Canada, a program funded by the government of Canada to support health innovations in the developing world, is funding a study to determine if faster diagnosis thanks to the flocked swab results in fewer deaths.

The swab's impressive performance prompted the researchers to team up with the government of Nunavut. Goldfarb, who now works as a professor at the University of British Columbia, didn't anticipate it would be used so broadly. All countries can benefit from affordable, easily accessible, high quality innovations, he says.
Pistorius is working to create a cellphone contraption that uses microwaves to detect breast cancer. A product created for a developing nation may be harder to sell to Canadians, Singer explains, asking if a consumer is more likely to buy a tube of toothpaste branded from an American company or one from an African country. Pistorius is currently testing a suitcase-sized version of the microwave machine in Nigeria. A secondary goal, if he secures more funding, is to make it available to remote regions in Canada. But Pistorius is clear he's not using African countries as a testing ground for a First World product. Health care tends to be less regulated in developing nations, says Govindarajan, and companies finding it cumbersome to get approval in the States may find it easier to test their products abroad. However, reverse innovation creates a product to suit the needs of people in developing nations first.
Information you can discover includes full name and current address of the cell phone number owner.

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They're testing the swabs in five communities to determine which might benefit from the rotavirus vaccine.
He says his experience has taught him that innovation in the developing world is not a one-way street.
Companies profiting from expensive products may not welcome innovations that offer the same quality for a lower price. The more products like Goldfarb's that are encouraged into the Canadian marketplace, the more likely they'll be accepted into the mainstream market.
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Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, and they still don't have universal access, Govindarajan says. Some groups in Alberta and Toronto's Hospital for Sick Children are also using the product. Please note that comments are moderated and published according to our submission guidelines.

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