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2014 is drawing to a conclusion, and 2015 is a week away; how are the US carriers lining up against one another for the coming twelve months? For 2015 and something that we are all interested in is how the carriers are working on their networks, because most of us are happy to pay good money for a service if that service delivers what we are paying for!
The reason hiring an attorney would have been nice is that, not only would the consumer not have to burn that twenty to thirty hours, but he would have also enjoyed the confidence that the attorney had the required expertise to win the case. With attorneys off the table, the consumer is left with a wretched choice: do you fight for what you know is right but burn all that time pursuing a case you probably don’t have the expertise or confidence to win? CellBreaker solves this problem with technology that reduces that twenty to thirty hours down to five minutes. The legal profession focuses on inputs, number of people, hours and so forth, which is important if your revenue is driven by the billable hour. By contrast, CellBreaker’s model is based on outputs—how much can we produce in a given period of time while minimizing the cost of inputs and achieving guaranteed outcomes?

A million consumers pissed-off at you for the exact same reason is a lot more powerful than just one consumer.
Of the two main US carriers, AT&T and Verizon reached their 2014 coverage targets but have and will continue spending money on improving their coverage and, critically, capacity. If you can’t even afford to fight, what does that say about your so-called rights as a consumer?
This means we can leverage a million other consumers’ claims in winning your cell phone contract case.
T-Mobile USA and Sprint are still working on catching up with AT&T and Verizon in order to reach the same LTE coverage and capacity.
We’ve seen positive noises and changes in the business and the new management are serious about playing to win the US market. It’s like a class-action but without that part about every class member getting a check for $8 and the class attorneys getting $8 million.

We’ve seen early termination credits applied to bills, tablet data for life, double data promotions and no cash down equipment plans.
There’s another complication here in that we are expecting the carriers to continue pushing and improving their VoLTE coverage. Of course, the other carriers are not going to let Sprint take the fight to them but will continue to keep up the pressure.
It’s beneficial to the carriers because LTE networks are far higher capacity than 3G and 2G networks, so fewer masts are needed to carry voice calls.

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