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In the cell phone world, one of the greatest debates is not around the phones themselves, but rather the carriers they are on.  Each person has a preference, and the opinions and arguments fly like arrows. I'm notoriously bad at predicting the future (I once dismissed Bluetooth as a niche technology that would never serve any useful purpose), but I feel like we've reached a tipping point. The same holds true if you're in the market for a brand-new phone, because now you can buy an unlocked, carrier-agnostic model for a couple of hundred bucks -- not $600 to $700 like in the days of old.
When devices that do not have cellular capabilities, such as the iPad and iPod touch, or when a device with cellular capabilities is out of service area, it is possible to send an email to a phone number and have it appear in the form of a text message. To send an email as a text message it is necessary to enter the cellular service provider for the recipient of the message.
Due to the Federal Communication Commissiona€™s a€?local number portabilitya€? rules, it is possible to switch telephone service providers and keep the existing phone number. When selecting a cell carrier from the contact details or when sending an email to a phone number, the Cell Carrier list is displayed.
If the cellular carrier is not in the list, pressing the Edit button will provide a way to enter new cellular carriers, modify existing carriers or remove carriers from the list. To add a carrier, select Add Carrier from the list, enter the title and email in the corresponding text boxes.

To remove a carrier from the list, press the remove icon in the left of the list and then press the Delete button. No, I don't mean that all future fundraising efforts will involve getting doused with a bucket of something, though that's a pretty solid bet.I'm talking about the two-year phone contract, which appears to be on the brink of collapse.
There are two reasons for this.First, smartphones have gotten so good, we can stop chasing the upgrade cycle.
That leaves out the likes of Republic Wireless and Virgin Mobile -- affordable no-contract carriers, both, but they lock you into select phones that can't be used on other networks.I think the OnePlus One is a great example of where the smartphone industry is headed. Once you have a fast processor, great screen, and solid camera, what more do you really need?Second, and this brings us to today's topic of conversation, once your current phone is out of contract, you're no longer beholden to your Big Four carrier.
Now you can take it to just about any GSM carrier and sign up for whatever service plan best fits your needs. Depending on whether it's a CDMA model (from Sprint or Verizon) or GSM (AT&T or T-Mobile), you can potentially make a move to a less-expensive, no-contract carrier offering more or less the same service.The OnePlus One is an amazing smartphone that sells for $299 -- unlocked! If you try, say, Straight Talk for a couple months and decide you don't like it, or you find a better deal elsewhere, just make a switch. No penalties, no early-termination fees.So what's the downside?All this begs the question: What am I giving up?

Do you really get the same service from a Cricket or Ting that you get from an AT&T or Sprint?That's the sticky wicket. The answer can vary widely depending on which carrier you choose, and to a lesser extent, which phone you bring to it. And some MVNOs have limitations when it comes to roaming, though this seems to be less of an issue now than it was a few years ago.The other key question is whether you really stand to save that much switching to an MVNO now that the Big Four are engaged in a price war (all four have lowered their rates in 2014, some more than once). If a family of four can pay, say, $40 per month per device for AT&T service, where's the incentive to go Straight Talk at $45 per month?
I, for one, will never sign up for another two-year contract, even if it means paying a bigger chunk of change up front for the phone I want (cough, iPhone 6, cough). The math still works in favor of going the no-contract route, especially for those who keep their phones for at least two years. And I'm hooked on the flexibility of switching carriers whenever I want.But over to you: Have you tried any no-contract carrier(s) yourself?

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