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Wal-Mart will unveil their family plan in the next few days and it promises to be better than most pre-paid phone plans in terms of coverage and expenses. T-Mobile will be the network in which these cell phone plans will operate and it is expected that this unveiling will force other carriers to reduce their prices to remain competitive.Monthly payments like any other cell phone plan with any other carrier. For those who only need basic communication with unlimited talk and text to stay in touch with their teenagers, the family cost of this plan is hard to resist.

Continuing to use AT&T as a frame of reference, their data charges do not roll over like their unused phone minutes.
This is a cost and benefit analysis that needs to be looked at carefully by the individual consumer based on their current and expected future usage. The phones will be locked to Wal-Mart, so the expense of the Smart phone could be a waste of money if deciding to switch carriers with the intent of using the same phone elsewhere.

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