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When it comes to finding yourself the perfect cell phone case, first you’ve got to know your smartphone case personality type.
You have a purse that matches your shoes that matches your belt that matches the monograms on your car. You definitely need anĀ Incipio iPhone caseĀ because they come in every color – one for every outfit. Many brands make a version of the smartphone case with a holster and belt clip, including OtterBox and Body Glove.

Maybe you have notoriously bad aim when it comes to sliding your phone in your back pocket.
So protect your phone in style, without being big and bulky (unless big and bulky is in this year, of course). Check out the varied, multi-colored assortment of cases available for your nTelos Wireless phone.
There are many options for wallet-folio cases that protect your smartphone from falls but also keep your credit cards, ID and money all in one place.

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