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Prepaid phones are becoming more and more popular, and tons of people can see the benefits of switching now that some companies are offering prepaid services that are on par with the big players. What if I Miss Out on the Deal?If you don't switch before February is over, or if the $100,000 promotion runs out first, there are a few ways you can reduce or get around your ETF if you still want to ditch your current provider.Call your carrier—If you complain about the service, or tell your phone company you're moving out of the coverage area, sometimes they'll waive your ETF. It's Now Against the Law to Unlock Your Mobile Phone—Here's How to Help Make It Legal Again! For a lot of folks, the only thing keeping them from switching is the huge early termination fees that service providers charge to break a contract early.If you've been thinking about switching, but don't want to fork over a few hundred bucks to get out of your contract, Ting has just the thing for you. Tell them your phone drops calls constantly, or that you're moving to some remote area that you know they don't cover.
For the month of February, the company has set aside $100,000 to help buy people out of their existing contracts.

Always read the fine print—If your carrier changes the terms of your contract after you sign, you may be able to get out of paying the ETF. When you sign, you agree to the terms in the contract, so if they change, you have the right to walk away with no penalty. Companies have a history of responding in customers' favor when they make a big stink in a public place because they don't want others to see that you're unhappy with them.
Just ask Dave Schneider—Delta broke his vintage guitar on a flight and only offered him 10% of its value, so he posted a photo on Facebook and gave an interview to Yahoo News, and suddenly Delta wanted to make things right. You can check out their FAQs Page for more details on how it works.Want to find out if it would be worth it for you? Gibson also contacted Dave to let him know they would replace his guitar for free, even though they did nothing wrong.

This calculator will tell you how much your ETF would be, and Ting has a savings calculator so you can find out how the price of your current service compares to theirs. Companies will do almost anything for good PR, so social media can be a powerful tool for this these situations.

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