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Choosing a wireless provider can be tough, especially when it involves signing a two-year or longer service agreement. Once you select a few plans to compare, it's time to roll up your sleeves and get to the real work.
Click the image on the image above to download a printable shopping comparison list you can use as a tool to gather information about each plan option you are considering. Alltel Wireless provides coverage to states in the South and Midwest, including but not limited to the Carolinas and Dakotas, as well as a part of Texas, all of Montana and a portion of Iowa. BoostMobile plans cover primarily the Midwest and East, though there is some limited coverage in California, Nevada and Oregon. MetroPCS coverage includes California, Florida, Texas, Michigan and a few states along the northeastern border. Sprint coverage for voice, 3G and 4G services extends throughout the entire United States, as well as Hawaii, Puerto Rico and the U.S.
T Mobile offers full coverage in the United States and limited coverage in Canada and the West.
Tracfone coverage for GSM and CDMA phones covers the majority of the United States, though there is a tad more coverage for the latter option. US Cellular coverage for voice and data extends throughout the majority of the continental United States.
Verizon Wireless plans for voice, data, 4G and prepaid all cover the West, East, South and Midwest.
Chat-r Wireless offers coverage in offers coverage in British Columbia, Alberta, New Brunswick and Nova Scotia. Clearnet coverage extends from British Columbia through Newfoundland, Saskatchewan, Nova Scotia and Ontario. Fido coverage includes Alberta, British Columbia and the cities of Toronto, Buffalo, Montreal and Quebec City. Koodo Mobile plans cover British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, Newfoundland, New Brunswick, Prince Edward Island and Nova Scotia. Mobilicity provides unlimited coverage in and around Vancouver, Edmonton, Calgary, Toronto and Ottawa. Rogers Wireless provides Extensive HSPA+, GSM and EDGE coverage through all the major provinces. Sasktel Wireless coverage through Canada is very limited, with primary coverage centering around a few major parks like Atikaki Provincial Park and Woodland Caribou Provincial Park.

TELUS Mobility offers extensive 4G and 3G coverage through British Columbia, Alberta and Saskatchewan, as well as limited coverage through Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec and New Brunswick.
Browsing through these coverage maps can be quite tedious and time-consuming, but it's worth putting forth the effort.
I’ve been using VoIP here and there for a few years…mostly to chat with my high school pals back in Shanghai.
We had a family emergency in July, so I was constantly on the phone talking to relatives here in California, and also keeping everyone back home in Shanghai updated.
No, I was not ready to ditch cell phone yet, but I had to do something to make sure it doesn’t happen again!
Plus SA has a very low subscription fee, and doesn’t require 3-month or 12-month commitment. Well, I already have a OneSuite account, the SA subscription is also under the same account. When I’m home, I activate the call forwarding function on my cell phone, to port all incoming calls to my SA number. Admittedly, talking on the PC requires some getting used to, but that little change goes a long way! If you use Verizon or Sprint, there are Firefox plug-ins that show you how many minutes you have used. Make sure you enter the (*) required information where indicated.\nBasic HTML code is allowed.
Smart shopping is your best weapon for picking the best cell phone plan, so do your research thoroughly before signing on the dotted line. Keep in mind that what constitutes a great plan for you won't necessarily be an optimal plan for your best friend.
You'll need to either call each provider and grill them with pertinent questions regarding their plans or thoroughly scrutinize their websites.
Ask for statistics about dropped calls and how recently the network infrastructure was upgraded.
Use this handy fill-in chart to compare coverage for the companies that offer service in your area. Coverage for the 4G LTE network, however, is currently limited to Wisconsin, Texas, Oklahoma, Maine, North Carolina and Iowa.
Though I don't think I'll be needing it because I got prepaid mobile phone and only use it for emergency and some incoming calls.

Have been using it for couple months- working fine so far- send me couple red alerts as I got really close to my minute usage.
Simply put, comparing cell phone plans requires first determining your own needs and then figuring out which cell phone providers would best meet them.
Don't worry about annoying the salesperson if you choose the former; you have the right to make an informed decision. Some people don't mind spending hundreds of dollars each month so that they can text as much as they'd like.
That said, every potential subscriber should take some time in advance to consider a cell phone service area comparison. If you live in Newfoundland but travel frequently to British Columbia, for instance, you should ideally pursue a provider that offers significant coverage in both zones. I know OneSuite’s SuiteAdvantage features pretty well, and have tested the product multiple times. The technology exists to break this barrier, I don't understand why OneSuite is not providing support.
The key is to derive as much information as possible so that you end up making an optimal choice. There's no point in having a terrific plan and the hottest new phone if you have no service. Take the time beforehand to perform detailed research so that you don't end up having to find someone to take over your contract. So why not support it so people with windows mobile devices like pda's, cell phones can take advantage of that and free themselves from the softphone prison?
Another idea of gaining freedom from softphone prison is to use our home phone to make OneSuite VOIP calls. Just because a provider's brand isn't nationally recognized doesn't mean its services are necessarily bad. From what I see, your tech guys have a lot of opportunities to enhance the service, but last time I check, your softphone is not even supporting Mac!

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