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You can also get a bit of phone usage analysis and better accuracy on cell plan comparison when you upload your phone bill to Billshrink.
Choose the type of phone you want to use and get even more specific comparison for plans that support the phone. Billshrink can work fairly well if you’re not satisfied with your cell phone plan or not earning the proper rewards from your credit card spending.
BillShrink does not include most of the firms that offer the best deals in prepaid cell phones, such as Boost Mobile and MetroPCS, among others.
Finding the best cell phone plan at just one cell phone company can be challenging, but trying to compare cell phone plans at all four major carriers -- with an estimated 10,000.000 rate plan combinations -- it's practically impossible.
Thankfully, Billshrink makes it simple to compare cell phone plans based on how long you talk and the other features, like text and data that each line uses.
This easy-to-follow image compares the costs of Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile at 450 minutes, 900 minutes and the unlimited plans as well as how much each plan costs with texting and data charges. For a personalized recommendation, you can use the BillShrink Cell Phone Adviser tool to find the best cell phone plan. From there, BillShrink will look at Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile to figure out which plans on which carriers offer the best deals for your usage. If you’re still on the fence, hop into a store, pick a few of these up, and see how they feel in hand. In the last few months, the pixel counts in high-end smartphones shot into the stratosphere.
Much like screen size, the iPhone and BlackBerry are the only throwbacks to the days of dual core processing. The Galaxy S 4 has two processors listed, because that will vary depending on where you live. Do you keep full-length HD movies, thousands of photos, and console-quality games on your phone?
Also remember that the phones with microSD slots let you store much more than their internal memory suggests. The best way to make up your mind here is to take some shots yourself, and look at them on a high-res display. Several of them also have removable batteries: the Galaxy S 4, Optimus G Pro, BlackBerry Z10, and Galaxy Note II. The best questions to ask: “does the phone I want have LTE radios?” and “Does my area have LTE coverage?” Failing that, “is HSPA+ available?” If the answer to all of these questions is no, then you’ll be stuck with 3G (or worse) speeds. But you can often make a pretty solid guess just by looking at the older version’s release date. The Galaxy S 4, HTC One, and Optimus G Pro are still hot off the press, so it’s a safe bet we won’t see their follow-ups for quite a while.
The HTC One probably won't come close to outselling the Galaxy S 4, but that doesn’t mean it’s an inferior phone. The bottom line is that there will never be one single phone that’s the be-all-end-all for everyone.
So find a phone that you love, and enjoy your two years (or however long) you spend with it. Choose the service that you want to compare (wireless or credit cards), input your calling or spending pattern and Billshrink will spit out a list of possible alternatives.

The site didn’t work too well for me as I already have a low price, discounted T-Mobile plan through Freelancer Union. If I had to re-read some details a few times just to understand how the calcuation works, then others that are less financially geeky may not be willing to take the time to understand the differences. If BillShrink can continue to provide fast, easy, and objective recommendations, then it has the potential to establish itself as the place to go for service recommendations. To help bring the magnitude of cell phone plan shopping down to a fathomable level, BillShrink has shared the Ultimate Cell Phone Plans Comparison infographic with WalletPop. It even lets you see what the charges look like on a family plan, when nights and weekends start and more.
The tool can connect directly to your current cell phone account and pull in your actual usage, or you can manually estimate your use. You can sort by price, signal strength and "ShrinkScore" -- the amount your cell phone bill will shrink if you switch plans. Even after you’ve chosen a wireless carrier, there are so many phones – many of which look almost the same – that you might not know where to begin. The biggest omission is Nokia and Windows Phone, but stay tuned for separate comparisons that give Lumia phones some love.
We organize our comparison by the measurable, but we also try to put our fingers on those harder-to-define intangibles.
You could argue that half of these phones are phablets, but the Galaxy Note II and Optimus G Pro are the only two that are no-question, through-and-through phablets. And don’t be afraid to refer back to Gizmag when the wide-eyed salesperson tries to push you in a commission-friendly direction.
The only caveat is that your eyes probably won’t notice a huge difference between 330 pixels per inch (PPI) and 430 PPI.
Here too the iPhone is the smallest, and the two phablets the biggest – they each sport an enormous 5.5 inches of real estate.
Again, though, there isn’t much to worry about with it – the Apple integration between phone and software makes performance zippy and smooth. Remember you can store lots of apps and data in the cloud, so it isn’t likely you’ll need to have everything stored on your phone all the time. When you’re making an easy-to-digest visual about camera specs, megapixel count is the best metric to use.
Sensors, pixel sizes, lenses, and lots of other factors also play into actual image quality.
Failing that, look at some full-resolution sample shots in reviews from Gizmag or another reputable tech site. Do you want iOS, Android, Windows Phone (not included in this edition of our guide) or BlackBerry? If a phone gets upgraded once a year, the safe money is on its follow-up arriving at around the same time. But this is something to keep in mind, especially since newer models usually ring up for the same prices that their predecessors sold for. Some of them might be gimmicky, but you don’t have to use any of them – so no harm done, right? Some have knocked Samsung for sticking with a plastic design and relatively minor updates for the Galaxy S 4.

Apple’s recent “troubles” have been blown out of proportion, but I think that stems from a general impression that its product line is growing stale. If we do another one six months from now, there will probably be an entirely new line of high-end phones competing for your dollars. Even if it looks like there is, something else will come along a month or two later to push it out of the spotlight.
Hopefully this guide makes it a little easier to find one worthy of that long-term relationship.
If you connect BillShrink to your account, the Bill at-a-glance feature gives you an easy-to-understand summary of your cell phone use for all lines tied to your account. The choice is made even more difficult by the constantly shifting sands of the smartphone marketplace and this year has already seen a number of major new players enter the fray. Yep, it’s the phones with plastic bodies: a nice bonus that aluminum and glass phones don’t provide. If it’s available in your area, though, the Nexus 4’s HSPA+ is a pretty fast 4G network in its own right. Samsung has TouchWiz, HTC has Sense, LG has its own Optimus flavor, and Nexus devices run “pure Google” (stock) Android.
If customers know that a new iPhone is coming in September, they’re less likely to buy the old model in July.
Some of the more notable S4 features are Smart Scroll (scroll emails and web pages with facial recognition), Smart Pause (automatically pause a video when you look away), and S Translator (translate foreign tongues in real time). Many of those same people are cheering HTC for the One’s bold new design, amazing screen, and terrific user experience.
The iPhone – once the revolutionary groundbreaker in the field – has become the solid, reliable, “you know what to expect” candidate. If you want cutting-edge specs and a stylus, you might want to wait for the inevitable Galaxy Note 3. Apart from the company’s reputation for business use and security, it offers some cool gesture controls. If you have a regular consumer cell phone plan, you should definitely see better saving results. Even if you aren't searching for a new plan you should check this out as it blows the reporting from my carrier out of the water in terms of ease of use. Since you might be gripping this phone in your hand for the next two years, it’s an important consideration.
Google Play has a leg up with customization-oriented apps and tweaks that Apple wouldn’t allow in its store. We think it and the GS4 are in a league of their own, battling for Smartphone of the Year honors.

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