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Finding the best cell phone plan at just one cell phone company can be challenging, but trying to compare cell phone plans at all four major carriers -- with an estimated 10,000.000 rate plan combinations -- it's practically impossible. Thankfully, Billshrink makes it simple to compare cell phone plans based on how long you talk and the other features, like text and data that each line uses.
This easy-to-follow image compares the costs of Verizon Wireless, AT&T, Sprint and T-Mobile at 450 minutes, 900 minutes and the unlimited plans as well as how much each plan costs with texting and data charges.
For a personalized recommendation, you can use the BillShrink Cell Phone Adviser tool to find the best cell phone plan.
From there, BillShrink will look at Verizon, Sprint, AT&T and T-Mobile to figure out which plans on which carriers offer the best deals for your usage. Updated: prepaid phone plans data users, Prepaid mobile plans are a great way to save money on voice and sms and that's true for data too. Copyright © 2012 Autos Post, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.
I've got nothing against Qualcomm, but a big reason most Android phones feel slow is because they're running on slow hardware. Our industry would be doomed if it weren't for a third rule, though: transistors get smaller every 12 - 24 months. Rule three doesn't happen magically -- it takes a lot of very smart people and a great deal of work. The 528MHz figure refers to the clock speed of the general purpose CPU core in these phones.
To scale, we have a rough estimate of the size of an ARM11 core (just the die, not the packaging) vs. Like any other microprocessor company, ARM has to keep innovating, but since it doesn't make the chips, it takes a while for the design to go from ARM to incorporation in some manufacturer's SoC design, then to production, and then finally to actually being used in a smartphone. Move to 45nm transistors and now the Cortex A8 ends up being around the same (manufacturing) cost as a 65nm ARM11.

In either case, we find ourselves in a sea of 528MHz ARM11-based Android phones because Android is still in its infancy and keeping costs low forces us into the open arms (pun) of a slower microprocessor.
If the rumors hold up, we'll see support for TI's OMAP SoCs in this next generation of Android phones. To help bring the magnitude of cell phone plan shopping down to a fathomable level, BillShrink has shared the Ultimate Cell Phone Plans Comparison infographic with WalletPop. It even lets you see what the charges look like on a family plan, when nights and weekends start and more.
The tool can connect directly to your current cell phone account and pull in your actual usage, or you can manually estimate your use.
You can sort by price, signal strength and "ShrinkScore" -- the amount your cell phone bill will shrink if you switch plans.
With over a decade of experience poring over the latest in chip developments, he's here to explain how things work and why our tech is the way it is.
It's interesting for a number of reasons, but I want to highlight that all present day Android phones use virtually the same Qualcomm application processor, all based on a sluggish 528MHz ARM11 core. There are two basic rules to know -- first, as chip size goes up, so does cost; and second, as chip performance goes up, so does size. There's much more to the Qualcomm SoC, but that's beyond the scope of this article, and it's really that 528Mhz ARM11 core that makes launching applications or interacting with your phone slow. Most PC buyers don't understand microprocessor architecture, they just buy into clock speed. To make a long story short, while Cortex A8 debuted in 2005, it wasn't until 2009 that Apple used it in the iPhone 3GS and Palm used it in the Pre.
Of course, ARM is also expecting manufacturers to make 45nm ARM11 cores, which will be even cheaper and thus enable even lower cost handsets (or higher profit margins), so we won't totally escape ARM11 anytime soon. Samsung is also going to be making an appearance, obviously -- it'll be interesting to see if the Moment has a Cortex A8-based chip or just uses the higher-clocked ARM11 SoC that Samsung already produces.

If you connect BillShrink to your account, the Bill at-a-glance feature gives you an easy-to-understand summary of your cell phone use for all lines tied to your account. Until recently, running Android on other SoCs required a bit of legwork, but Android 1.6 adds in native support for non-Qualcomm processors. Instead, it licenses out the design to companies like TI, Samsung and Qualcomm, who in turn make SoCs based on the architecture either at their own fabs or at foundries like TSMC. But the Cortex A8 is built using 65nm transistors, which makes it roughly twice the size (and thus twice the cost to manufacture) of an ARM11 core.
We're also seeing Qualcomm's Snapdragon chips arrive in Android phones, like Acer's Liquid and the rumored HTC Dragon. Even if you aren't searching for a new plan you should check this out as it blows the reporting from my carrier out of the water in terms of ease of use. The Samsung Moment on Sprint uses an undetermined Samsung SoC, while the Motorola Sholes is expected to use a TI OMAP SoC.
Wait two years and then you can use smaller transistors to build faster chips at the same cost (size) as before. ARM11 clock speeds are easily as high as Cortex A8 speeds are, so why bother with something faster that's not going to sell more handsets? TI's ARM based SoCs are branded OMAP, while Qualcomm's custom Cortex A8-based SoC sounds slightly more tangible with its Snapdragon name. At the same time we'll see Cortex A8 SoCs moving to 45nm over the next 12 months and getting cheaper.

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