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September 24, 2013 by Becca 28 Comments If your child is getting their first cell phone or smart phone, you might want a cell phone contract to help lead your discussion about rules and expectations. We had an extra iPhone when Steve upgraded–if Michael was going to keep his regular cell phone, he would need a new one since it was falling apart. Michael is going to get a smartphone within the next few years, like all of the other high schoolers he knows. But sometimes it’s nice to do fun things for your kids when they show responsibility, right? If he’s been responsible thus far and the phone would just be sitting there anyway, why the heck not?! We have him update the contract when he breaks one of the rules – kind of like a reminder for him and a look to see if anything needs to be adjusted.
LG 420g pre-paid cell phone for Tracfone is compact flip phone with some very useful features that a user can relay on. The phone features VGA camera with resolution 640 x 480 for taking rather descent pictures.
You can also download images and extra ringtones from Tracfone and pay with your airtime minutes or some ringtones can be downloaded for free. Hi, You adjust the call volume during a call by pressing the up and down buttons on the side. I have a Lg420g that service expired in 2011 but still shows 90 minutes left but cannot be accessed.

You can find my printable smartphone contract below, or click here for your tween’s first cell phone contract. That means he was managing two expensive pieces of technology (his cell phone and his iPod), which we didn’t think was a great idea for a kid.
Because his current allowance wouldn’t cover the price increase, we added on more chores to his weekly schedule. Michael came up with the ideas for this (he had to come up with this in order to get the smartphone) and I have edited it for the web. I’m trying to figure out how to instate that now that my kids have had smart phones for a while.
With so much to be concerned about in today’s world it is a relief and a privilege to be able to gain useful, reasonable, and useable suggestions!
Reliability comes not just from the handset itself, even if handsets are the highest quality phones and features coming from only the leading manufacturers, but because of Tracfone being America’s #1 prepaid wireless company. It has LCD color display of 1.7a€? with apparently sharper colors and more brightness than Samsung T301g. First, keep in mind that everything that this pre-paid cell phone offers, you can get for as little as $19.99. Unless you want to leave them on your phone, which by the way can be around 100 photos on this resolution, you can actually send them via picture message if you dona€™t mind spending additional airtime. Even is free incoming text is not part of this phone offer, still some users have found the way to receive free incoming text.

Also control your costs with TracFone Airtime Balance Display that shows you how much airtime you’ve used and how much is left.
As I am deaf in one ear and hard of hearing in the other I have trouble hearing people when they call. We have rules but not like that and I do not pay for chores so I’d have to come up with something. Its weight of 2.87 ounces shows that this phone is rather light, so its compact size, solid feel and light weight make this phone fits perfectly in the pocket.
If he violates any of our contract (see below), the phone is ours until we feel he has earned it back.
Typing with this phone is accurate due to the large buttons so text and picture messaging is easy with the LG 420g.
Also double minutes for life are something that TracFone is known about, as well as no contract requirement, no cancellation fees, no credit check.

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