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Signing a service contract with a cell phone carrier is often necessary to get the cellular service and the cell phone that you want. Find out exactly how much you'll owe if you need to bail, and find out if the fine goes down over time.
No contract cell phone plans offer consumers the convenience of cell phone service without being tethered to any service term contract obligations (eg.
In the next sections, you can go over brief reviews of various types of these plans, and dig deeper through the Full Review links. For more background information on how all these work, check out the No Contract Phones & Plans main page. Users who like the freedom and flexibility of not being tethered to a 2-year phone company contract. Users who like saving a lot ($30 to $50 a month is common) on cell phone service expenses as no contract plans are a lot cheaper than regular contract plans.
Monthly no contract cell phone plans provide consumers access to cell phone services by paying for it on a monthly basis. Unlimited monthly plans are a specific type of monthly cell phone plan where there are no limits to talk time, text time or data transfer.
Family Plans are bundled packages of monthly plans, with a discount incorporated for the subscription of multiple plans within one account. Please note that when you click the links on this site and make purchases, we will receive referral commissions in a majority of cases. Want to buy Sprint phones without contract, why not get the best Sprint upgrade deals and save more money. However if you do insist on paying the retail price upfront and not having to be locked into a two-year contract then you have choice of selecting a $70 monthly smartphone plan or a $50 one for feature phones.
Whether you are testing carrier network or just don’t want to settle for one particular phone, the contract-free plan is just a temporary solution. You may be fined $360 for cancelling within the first year, for example, but that fee may get lower each month after that.Trial PeriodSome cellular carriers offer a limited trial period during which you cancel your contract without paying the penalty fee. You may find yourself charged for cell phone insurance or a music service you don't need. If you want to quickly look into more detailed comparisons of various providers and plans, check out the No Contract Plans & Providers Comparison Chart.

Each of these options can work for smartphones or regular feature phones (non-smartphones).
Since there are no contracts, they are sometimes referred to as Pay As You Go monthly plans. Data plan users should note that there is usually a limit on how much high speed data (3G, 4G LTE) can be accessed, even for unlimited plans.
They have gotten less relevant in recent years with the low cost and discounts offered by individual prepaid plans. For example the retail value for Blackberry Curve 8330 goes as high has $500 with no contract. After all, you are agreeing to pay what can be a large sum of money to this company every month for the next 24 -- or more -- months.
Find out if you carrier offers this trial, which is likely to be no longer than 30 days -- if that.If you do get a trial period, use the time wisely. For light cell phone users, especially users needing under 150 minutes of talk time or 300 text messages a month, Pay As You Go phone plans are the least expensive.
These plans are very popular as users do not need to worry about their airtime running out, or needing to top up their account with more airtime credits. And you can get free Blackberry Curve 8330 for Sprint plus free Bluetooth headset with a plan. At the end of 24 months you will realize that you already paid so much for the phone and yet you’ve been stuck with the same phone for the last 24 months.
Most companies will fine you if you decide to terminate the contract early -- and those fines can be as high as several hundred dollars. Use your phone in as many different locations as you can, such as in your home, on your usual commuter routes, and at any places you frequent, so you'll know if your service works where you need to use it. Ask up front about any of these additional services, and authorize only the ones you want to use.Overage FeesOne of the best ways to save money on a cellular plan is to only pay for as many minutes as you need.
In addition, some providers, like TracFone, allow for rollover minutes and service days, which means that airtime credits get accumulated when users don’t use them up.
There is a monthly plan to suit every level of cell phone use, from light users, to moderate to heavy phone users. For heavy phone users, it works out to be less expensive than purchasing multiple bundles of Pay As You Go airtime credits.

Or you can simply upgrade for only $49 and receive the bonus headset too plus free shipping.
If you're not a frequent caller, you may not need to opt for the unlimited calling plan. These plans are convenient to have, as users know that service is available as long as payments are made each month. But you should make sure you're paying for at least as many minutes as you plan to use each month, because going over your allotment can cost you a whole lot. Not 100% satisfied with 30 days, exchange or return the phone without pay early termination fee. You'll be charged a per-minute rate, which can be sky high, for each additional minute you use.
Not a huge saving and I wonder how much the iPhone 5 will be if it becomes available through Sprint As You Go. Bumping your plan up to the next level might be more beneficial.Data and Messaging ServicesIf you use your phone for messaging or surfing the Web, you also should purchase an adequate messaging and data plan.
And remember that you can be charged for incoming texts, sent from well-meaning friends and colleagues, if you don't have a texting plan.
Before you start dialing your friends, though, make sure you know when those nights and weekends start. But if you opt for a cheaper regional calling plan, you could get hit with a hefty roaming charge if you travel with your phone. Not all carriers offer service that is compatible with the technologies used in other countries. And even if they do, you're likely to find that any calls you make or receive overseas are very, very pricey.

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