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This mutual agreement sets the rules for acceptable behavior during cell phone conversations.
Please provide your email address if you would like to learn more about a cell phone contract for teens. The province is addressing Nova Scotians' concerns about cellphone contracts with changes announced today, Feb. Many Nova Scotians told us they felt trapped by their cellphone contracts, which is why we took action and passed this legislation. Cellphone companies must provide more information about minimum monthly costs and include it in advertising. Providers will not be able to change major parts of a contract, including services, costs, fees or locations where the phone can be used, without consumers' permission.
Nova Scotians who are unhappy with their service and decide to change providers could pay as little as $50 to cancel contracts.
The amendments only apply to consumer contracts signed after the regulations come into effect May 1.

Service Nova Scotia and Municipal Relations Minister John MacDonell says people now have to be told in clear, plain language what is included in contracts and the act addresses contract changes. Jonathan Williams, executive director of Students Nova Scotia says this is positive legislation, especially for students. The Attorney General’s Consumer Protection Division receives hundreds of calls and consumer complaints every year.
In the past, this activity was limited to the home where parents could monitor the frequency and length of calls. Privileges and consequences are clearly written so teenagers know what their parents expect.
We're making sure Nova Scotians have access to clear and fair cellphone contracts that they can cancel at any time without huge penalties. They depend on cellphones as their primary means to stay connected with family, friends and employers.
MacDonell says the legislation is about consumers, and having it effective May 1 gives them time to learn what it means.

Today, a large number of teenagers have cell phones, which offers more mobility than talking to friends in their bedroom. The Consumer Protection Act regulates cellphone contracts and protects consumers who enter into, or renew, contracts beginning May 1. These changes will definitely help protect university and college students from unclear and unfair contracts. With a cell phone contract for teens, parents can continue to monitor behavior and give teens some privacy at the same time.

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