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I recently was forced to buy a new cell phone, after years of using a company phone for almost everything.
Plans like this one don’t exist, at least not on the top wireless providers that I researched.
Carriers that offer unlimited data plans (Sprint, for instance) often don’t have the best coverage.
My data usage is lower than I expected, because most of my heavy browsing and so forth is done at home on a wi-fi network.
It’s also important to understand what the penalties might be if you go over your limit.
If you want to keep your cell bill down, avoid using 4G networks unless absolutely necessary.
Virgin Mobile announced new cell phone plans, including a $20 monthly option that restricts data offer to Wi-Fi only. Searching for an inexpensive plan on iPhone offer, or perhaps you wish to use an unlocked worldwide cell phone? Sprint provides the largest line of 4G LTE network and prepaid carriers probably since they offer great deals to their MVNO partners. If you're planning to keep all your family connected under only one single bill, family cell phone plans are the best choice. Let’s answer that question with a question.  What do you mean by cheap cell phone plans?  Do you want just a cell phone, and none of the other functions that go with today’s ultra-advanced devices?  Do you want text, talk, and data with all the buzzers, bells, and whistles you can get?  Are you looking to just try out another cell phone company because you’re thinking about a change in or added service?  In this article we will look at some of the answers for particular situations.
These four major carriers all have cheap cell phone plans that allow the user to call and talk, or text messages to their contacts.  So whether the need is verbal communication or quietly sending someone a note when you’re in a meeting, the need can be met. You can say however, that the uses and apps of these mobile devices can sometimes pay for themselves in convenience, and even monetarily.  Time is a precious commodity these days. These are some of the AT&T feature phones (non-smartphones) that don't require a data plan, sort by release date.
Picking the wrong data plan can end up costing you hundreds of dollars a year in either unused services or overages, so it pays to know how much data you will be using.
What we can do is give you a rough estimate of how much data you can expect to gobble up during normal monthly usage. Below, we’ve broken down the most popular ways people consume data on their phones, and provide estimates on how much data is eaten up by each category. Email is one of the oldest and most used features on smartphones, and luckily it uses up hardly any data. For example, if you were to send or receive a total of 5,000 emails each month you would have a hard time breaking 100MB of data. Of course, every website is different and sites with a lot of multimedia features will spike data usage.
On the other hand, if you visit a lot of data-heavy sites that are not optimized for phones you could find yourself going over 1GB of data. Both social sites are optimized to go pretty easy on data, so general use shouldn’t increase your data usage rates by much. As with the other usage categories, the data number greatly depends on how much you use these services. If you wanted to listen to music all day every day at work you are looking at over 6GB of data a month.
Again, like streaming audio you should try to avoid watching video unless you are on a Wi-Fi network or have a pretty hefty data plan.
Our suggestions and estimates above should give you an idea of how much data various phone hobbies will use. Not to be used for other activities (eg using your handset as a modem, non-Orange internet based streaming services, voice or video over the internet, instant messaging, peer to peer file sharing, non-Orange internet based video).
So basically you wont be able to use services like Spotify and Facebook messaging on your iPhone with Orange, which is pretty stupid, as those are the sort of services iPhone users want.

If Orange want iPhone customers, they need to re think their data usage policy, otherwise people will just stick with O2, personally I would have switched to Orange as I am less than happy with O2.
The only thing that lets the iPhone down, is the providers that carry it, lets hope that Vodafone comes out with a better deal when they start selling the iPhone next year. Don’t forget their low-cost brands that are out to punish any competitors trying to enter our profitable market. A recent report by the New America Foundation’s Open Technology Initiative (OTI) concluded that Canada tops the entire world for the most expensive voice and data rates. OTI examined prepaid, unlimited, and postpaid plans in 11 countries in order to determine the best rates in each. If you’re looking for a discount on your cell phone plan, the clear answer is to move to India or Hong Kong.
I have a $17.50, 250 weekday minutes voice plan, and with a good data plan (that I use most of the time), I average about 100 minutes of voice calls per month. I used to have a corporate plan but I dumped it as I could do way better with just a personal account. I’ve lived in India, and the rates are so competitive because of the competition there. I just moved to the UK from Canada- about a week after I got here, I picked up a LG GT 540 optimus(cheap android phone) for 100quid- 160 cad with taxes already in. Until the Canadian Government steps in, Rogers and the others will keep charging all they want and we will have to pay it if we want a cell phone. Its hard for companies to make it cheaper because we just don’t have the population in canada compared to the countries with the lowest rates. Operating costs in Canada, with our sheer size and relatively small population may play a part. Is it any wonder that our cell phone rates are high, and why we have little to no competition here?
Guess what, Canada is a very dense country if you consider that most (%70) of the population lives in the small and dense areas of the Lower Mainland, the Calgary-Edmonton Corridor, or the Quebec-Windsor Corridor. You really think the Rogers and Bellus have to cover every square inch of Canada’s land mass? And secretly, these companies really don’t want people using unlimited data, but feel they have to offer it to make up for their other competitive deficiencies.
Because I have been monitoring my data usage, I have purposely avoided doing any data-gobbling things when out and about. Generally speaking, if you’re browsing on 4G, you may end up using more data because of the speed. So, in searching for cheap cell phone plans you have to weigh the total value of the device and the plan you choose. We’re here to help you figure out how much data various applications use every month, so that you can find the right data plan for your needs. Unfortunately, this means that we won’t be able to give exact data plan rates for the various carriers. If you are just sending regular email without any pictures, videos, or other attachments you can basically send an endless amount of email without using up much data. If you plan on sending normal amounts of email each day you won’t have to worry about how much data you are using.
If you were to send the same 5,000 emails each with an image or video attachment you could be looking at over 2GB of data used per month. Even keeping it to a couple of images a day you should use only about 100 megabytes of data. Unless you plan on uploading tons of pictures to either network than you shouldn’t breach the 100MB mark. For example, if you post 10 pictures a day to Facebook, you’ll be looking at around 400MB just on social networks.

If you download a single app, game or song every day, you’re likely to reach 100 megabytes a month in data. Streaming songs is very data intensive, and as a general rule you want to try to avoid streaming music or podcasts while using your data service. For example, watching a 30-minute television show on Netflix every day will consume almost 2GB of data monthly.
Gee, at that rate, you’re better off using a pay phone to make a call–that is if you can still find one! Just went straight to voice only, then straight to text only, then data only and added the 3 up.
We’re hardly of any interest to any company who wants to make money while offering us prices comparable to the rest of the world.
It can become tempting to open more websites, use video or check email more often because it’s nice and fast. Comparatively, users in Canada must pay US$67.50a€”making Canada the only country to top the US.
Give me a break, stop your bitching, and when you have to go to Fort Mac or wherever the hell in the middle of nowhere you are, be thankful you have coverage, because garan-freaking-teed without the rate plan costs you would never otherwise have coverage. They state they look for the most cost effective plan, but then piece one together from various bits which really don’t exist in the real world.
So while you can get a cheaper rate by taking the combo pack, it is still higher than the other countries.
So profitable in fact that other upstart companies are chomping at the bit for a piece of the action.
Simple: Because more money spent by consumers = more taxes in the federal (and provincial) coffers. Thus, most plans will have unlimited calling and texting, and then price plans based on the amount of data you want. So it might make sense to get a smaller data plan, because even if you have overages, the penalties might not be equal to the extra cost of having a bigger data bucket. Most people probably don’t, but people have started to demand wireless connections that are comparable to their Internet connections at home. Do I start by just adding features to my present phone plan then ask for the iphone at a later time?
Not only that, but we have a seemingly techno-phobic (or, perhaps more accurately, techno-ignorant) government (on both sides of the aisle, I might add).
I have, and I can tell you, they will not compete against each other on wireless because it is so damn lucrative.
If I want to use the internet, I can use wi-fi on the phone for free, it’s faster too. I wanted to buy a WP7 phone, but the only somewhat good phone (Samsung Focus) is exclusive to Rogers, and the make you buy a data plan ($50 is the cheapest).
If we support the upstarts where possible we drive the big three into submission, or at least make them start to play nice(r). This is bullcrap, we have the worst selection of phones in the world, with the highest rates. It’s like our Canucks, they suck ass, have never won the Cup, and we have the most expensive tickets in the NHL. Does anyone know if it’s possible to buy and unlocked phone online and bring it over to Bell?

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