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If you are a cellphone user then you might have knowledge about internal and external memory storage for a cell phone.
Never use your cell phone to capture new pictures and videos that might overwrite the data you want to recover. Do not use your cell phone web browser because they used to write cache data on memory card.
It is strongly recommended, not to use any of application on your cell phone they might write application data on your SD card. Before recovery, never writes any new data on your SD card, it may overwrite the data you want to recover.
Cell Phone SD card recovery is no more a big issue to handle, after an unfortunate data loss from SD card. Step-1: Download demo version of Cell Phone Data Recovery software and install it to perform Cell Phone SD card recovery. Step-2: Select your SD Card from the list of drives present to recover Cell Phone SD card and click on "Next" tab as shown in Figure B. Step-3: After completion Cell Phone SD card recovery, preview all the restored files in "File Type View" or "Data View" as shown in Figure C.

You can change your settings so that which storage will be considered while storing any data. Cell Phone Data Recovery tool is an effective and powerful recovery tool which is perfectly able to restore lost data from cell phone SD card and comes with a very easy and simple user interface. Run the software and choose "Recover Photos" option from the main screen as shown in Figure A. External memory is expandable memory cards that you can plug into card slot present inside your device to extend your cell phones storage capacity.
If you are choosing your SD card, in that case captured pictures or videos, recorded audio files and application data will be stored on the SD card of your cell phone instead of internal memory. Follow the below steps and know how to recover cell phone SD card files using Cell Phone Data Recovery Tool. You can find different varieties of External memory in market like SD card, XD card, CF card, MMC etc. Cell phone Data Recovery software can restore cell phone SD card in all of the above mentioned data loss scenarios.
It is possible to restore files from cell phone SD card, if after data loss the SD card is not being used to write any new data into it.

As SD cards available in the market come with different storage capacity, therefore you have options to select SD card from a wide range of storage size and storage class. In case the SD card is used to store new files, cell phone SD card file recovery may or may not be possible. To ensure safe and complete cell phone SD card recovery, first ensure SD card is not being used. Connect the SD card either using cell phone or by using SD card adapter with the PC to recover cell phone SD card files.
Android version of this software can also recover data from Android Internal memory and external memory like SD cards.

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