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The handset is called Genova and is a quad-band side-sliding handset with a generous keyboard for easy web navigation. Other cool features are the Dual SIM support, the Wi-Fi module, 2GB microSD card slot, Java, FM radio, dual cameras, multimedia player and so on.
To check the ling list of capabilities go at the official page of the product on Chinavasion, where you also can purchase one for only $103.55 unlocked. 3505780The New York Police Department has been quietly amassing a database of logs from stolen cell phones, often without the victim’s consent, The New York Times reported Monday. A victim’s consent is only needed if the phone records belonged to a Sprint Nextel customer.
In a world where vast quantities of data are made easily understandable with high-powered computers, those analyzing the data often view that more is better.

Cell phones contain an abundance of personal information useful to law enforcement: location data, personal messages and social networking information. As the department quietly builds its database, courts across the country are struggling reaching consensus on how to balance privacy expectations for cellphones in light of law enforcement operational demands.
The NYPD’s data collection efforts extend far beyond obtaining stolen cell phone records.
In August, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg unveiled the Domain Awareness System, a video surveillance system built in partnership with Microsoft that allows NYPD to track suspicious and criminal activity in real time. The screen measures 3.25 inches in diagonal and supports touch input, while the keyboard is an ergonomic QWERTY type. 13, 2011 file photo, Nick Sabatasso checks his cell phone while waiting for a BART train at San Francisco's Civic Center station.

That information is entered into a database called Enterprise Case Management System, where each number is hyperlinked and cross-referenced with numbers in other records in the database. NYPD is able to obtain a subpoena for records for stolen phones belonging to AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile and Metro-PCS customers without victim consent or knowledge.

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