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The Twittersphere was fascinated with the fact that as all the drama she caused unfolded, Sacco was blissfully unaware of any it up in the air.
Tallahassee, FL – Attached is a PDF file containing all bookings at the Leon County Jail from December 18, 2013.
On December 18, 2013, Leon County Sheriff’s Correctional Officer Kenneth Lane was attacked by an inmate inside the Leon County Jail. TALLAHASSEE – Florida Department of Law Enforcement Commissioner Gerald Bailey announced the arrest of six suspects in connection with the inmate escape scheme investigation. Nydeed Nashaddai, 48, Suwannee Correctional Institution, 2 counts conspiracy to commit escape, 2 counts principal to escape. Jeffrey Forbes, 30, Florida State Prison, 1 count escape, forgery, uttering a forgery and conspiracy to commit escape.
Joseph Jenkins, 34, Union Correctional Institution, escape, principle to escape, 2 counts conspiracy to commit escape, 6 counts forgery, 6 counts uttering a forgery. Willie Slater Jr., 36, Orange County Jail, 2 counts principal to escape, 2 counts conspiracy to commit escape, 4 counts uttering a forgery, 1 count tampering. Terrance Goodman, 37, Panama City, Fla., 1 count harboring a fugitive, 2 counts conspiracy to commit escape. The investigation shows Nashaddai taught and assisted Jenkins and Forbes in their escape attempts and Jenkins’ subsequent escape in Sept. Former inmate Slater helped on the outside ensuring the forged documents were delivered to the Orange County Clerk’s Office. Goodman, a friend of Jenkins, drove Jenkins and Walker to Panama City and rented them a motel room.
Six people have been arrested in connection with the inmate escape scheme at the Franklin Correctional Institution. The agency has been investigating who helped Joseph Jenkins and Charles Walker escape from a Franklin County prison and who later helped them hide from authorities when the mistaken release was discovered.
Less than a month after two killers were fraudulently released from a prison in the Panhandle, lawmakers are now demanding answers.

A month ago Floridians were on high alert after two convicted killers were mistakenly released from a prison in the Panhandle because of forged release forms. Monday afternoon officials with the Florida Department of Law Enforcement, Clerk of Courts and Department of Corrections were meeting with lawmakers. The DOC has 40 people across Florida looking to make sure are not any other fraudulent escape cases. Lawmakers say after the meetings they will be able to gauge what all needs to be enacted to prevent a similar situation. The Clerk of Courts is also reviewing their processes and FDLE is still investigating the wrongful release from October. The post had been retweeted over 3,000 times and was picked up by media outlets around the world, however Sacco remained completely unaware of it all because she was in the air.
The blonde publicist was pictured arriving in Cape Town looking shocked and talking on her phone.
Flying into the storm: This photo, snapped by Twitter user Zac_R, was taken as Justine Sacco got off a 12 hour flight at Cape Town airport after arriving from London.
Sacco landed in Africa on British Airways Flight 43 about 11.30pm Friday and one can only imagine the number of angry responses she would have recieved once turning her cell phone on. One man, Zac R, Tweeted that he went to the airport specifically to see her and took photos of her arrival. The Cape Town local also claimed to have spoken to Sacco’s father, who is South African. Huffington Post stated that there is a possibility that the young PR executive’s account may have been hacked.
New Orleans also suffered tremendously after Hurricane Katrina decimated homes, took several lives, and wrecked the local economy. One Twitter user took it so far as to create a fake profile for Sacco named LOL Justine Sacco.
The Mail Online tried contacting IAC’s media relations department, and since the contact listed on their website was Sacco herself, no one was available for comment.

The reason Sacco is traveling to Africa is still unknown, but chances are that Sacco won’t get the warmest Christmas welcome. According to dosomething.org out of the 34 million people in the world who have HIV, 69 percent live in sub-Saharan Africa. AIDS (Acquired immune deficiency syndrome or acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is caused by the Virus HIV ( Human immunodeficiency syndrome).
Any indication of an arrest does not mean the individual identified has been convicted of a crime. When Lane told Simpson “No,” the inmate attacked him striking him in the face and head several times.
The other inmate immediately responded to assist Lane and was able to pull Simpson off of Lane as additional Correctional Officers were arriving to secure him. The suspects, all current and former Department of Corrections inmates, are charged with a combined 37 individual crimes. Both escaped from Franklin Correctional Institution after the Department of Corrections received fraudulent release documents from the Orange County Clerk of Court.
Corrections Secretary Michael Crews says they are working to make sure this doesn’t happen again. After the release the DOC enacted a new rules to make sure felons do not wrongfully walk away from state prisons. Lawmakers say they’re going to keep asking the tough questions because at the end of the day they say the escape was a public safety issue.
However that is unlikely as her twitter profile has a number of other tweets that may also be deemed offensive.

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