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Hello Readers, We frequently add new circuit diagrams, so do not forget to come back often. The output is fed to the transistor, which become switch on and activate the LED and the peizo buzzer. Here is a simple engineering project circuit of handy mobile cell phone detector (sniffer). This circuit can notice the use of GSM mobile phone in mobile restricted areas such as examination hall or confidential rooms etc. The sniffer keeps monitoring the RF (Radio frequency) level in the region and gives warning if the RF level increases due to mobile phone activity. The circuit is able to detect all forms of mobile phone activity even when it is in silent mode. Since the voltage from the sensor diode is too weak, three stages of amplification are required to give warning indication through speaker.
The pre amplified signal is fed to next amplifier stage built around IC TL071, it is a low noise JFET input op amp with low input bias and offset current. Here the TL071 is designed as an inverting amplifier; the inverting input of op amp receives the pre amplified signal from the first part.
The amplified signal is then passed through a capacitor and diode; with the help of this arrangement we can introduce more stages to extend the range. The next potentiometer is used to vary the signal amplitude, then it is fed to amplifier stage built around IC LA4440, it is a two channel audio power amplifier with inbuilt dual channels for stereo and bridge amplifier applications.
When the mobile phone is activated within the range of eight meters, a loud motor sound is heard through the speaker. The RF reception and performance of the circuit is dependent on many factors such as output power from the mobile device, orientation and position of the cell phone. 1 – a simple piece of wire for the design you’re talking about, can he effectively detect the frequency of the two band GSM 900MHz and DCS 1800MHz? Hey i try to find the 1N3491 diode everywhere from last 6 months, but failed again and again.
Sir,can I proceed with this circuit for my mini project?I managed to get all the components..Could you please give me a design of this circuit?

CircuitsGallery introducing 'The NEW CG PROGRAM STORE', from where you can buy embedded program codes. Our YouTube channel provides collection of various video demonstration of Circuits, Engineering Projects, Simulations etc. Berkeley Varitronics Systems offers this Wolfhound cellphone detector, a handheld, wireless sniffer that allows security personnel to locate all nearby cell phones in either standby mode or actively using voice, text (SMS) or data transmissions. Here is a project of a very sensitive long range cell phone detector circuit using a LM358 IC.
Microcontroller4beginners is the best site for the beginners to start learn doing microcontroller projects from basics to advanced. In our previous post we have seen the LDR sensor Circuit and which was pretty easy one, now in this post we will go further with Cell Phone Detector Circuit.
The circuit can detect the incoming and outgoing calls and SMS even if the phone is in silent mode. The HUMANOID robotic ARM using pic microcontroller The purpose of the HUMANOID robotic ARM project is to implement the position control and vision control on the robotic arm. The operating voltage of the circuit is 9 to 12V DC but it can also be operated with 6 volt DC. This pocket-sized mobile communication detector or sniffer can sense the existence of a mobile device. It is a high frequency (Microwave frequency) low power transistor with huge current gain (approximately 15dB at 0.5GHz) and bandwidth.
It has good ripple rejection of 40dB, small residual noise, built in over voltage and surge voltage protection, and pin to pin protection.
It’s high speed scanning receiver utilizes a multi-band DF (Direction Finding) antenna system.
The circuit is also a good battery energy saver, it will draws only 400uA in standby condition due to which a 9V battery will last longer. The circuit can detect a cell phone from 10 to 12 meters away but it is also depends on the output signal strength of the cell phone you are using. Cell phones generate these encoded signals when you receive or do calls or send or receive SMS on you cell phone.

So it can be used to avoid the use of mobile phones in private rooms, examination halls, etc. The emitted signal will be detected by the circuit and will cause the LED to light up and the buzzer to sound. The circuit can be used for many purposes for example finding a lost cell phone, detecting cell phone in examination halls or where these are not allowed etc.
So, in this time we want to give you simple electronic circuit schematic that will help you to give you very sensitive long distance cell phone detector circuit that can detect the mobile phone signals from 30 to 40 feet away. It is also useful for detecting the use of mobile phone for spying and other related activities. An NPN transistor is connected at the output of the circuit to drive the peizo buzzer and the LED. You can use this circuit as decoration to your cellphone or use this as a detector to unauthorized use of cellphone in prohibited area. At the output of the IC a 2N4401 transistor is connected to drive the LED and a peizo buzzer. The circuit can detect incoming and outgoing calls, SMS, MMS, GPRS usage and video transmission even when the mobile phone is set aside in silent mode.
The circuit is using two 1N34 germanium diodes at the input, any similar germanium diodes will work here.
Any cellphone activities like sending or receiving SMS, sending videos or any form of data transmission can be detected by this simple circuit. The instant bug detects RF (Radio Frequency) transmission signal from a mobile phone, it produces a beep sound alarm. R5 and C7 set the duration of the buzz and ON time of the LED for 1 sec (you can modify it using the 555 timer calculator in monostable mode). If you are operating the circuit with lower voltage than 9V then change the current limiting resistor value of the LED from 470 ohms to 220 ohms in all LEDs you are using.

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