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According to media reports, Mobile Phone services will remain suspended in parts of Pakistan as a security measure to avoid any untoward incident during countrywide protest called by the government against the release of anti-Islam film. Govt says terrorists activities can happen on Friday, the protest day announced by the Govt of Pakistan. On Wednesday, Pakistan government announced a public holiday to observe Yaume Ishq-e-Rasool (Day of Prophet Mohammad’s love) across the country on September 21 (Friday). Prime Minister Raja Pervaiz Ashraf has already discussed the issue with President Zardari, who has agreed to take up the issue at the UN General Assembly.

The government, it is said, is also considering convening a meeting of Muslim ambassadors stationed in Islamabad for a joint strategy of Muslim states on attacks on Islam and its followers. Sources said that the majority of the cabinet members expressed their extreme fury over the latest attempt from the West to attack Islam. The president will leave for New York on September 24 to lead the Pakistani delegation at the UN General Assembly and will address the UN General Assembly on September 26.

Indeed, following the ministers’ insistence, it was decided that all agenda items would be dropped to focus on this important issue that had hurt the followers of Islam all over the globe.

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