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Entering the last three digits of your phone number in the way described will indeed reveal a name. In fact, entering a three digit number formatted in the way described, does indeed display a name.
The number entered does not have to be only three digits, and in fact most Facebook ID's will be considerably longer.
These short (three digit) profile numbers suggest that they belong to some of Facebook's earliest users.

According to this email, which claims to be from the 'Support Department' at 'Information Technology Services', your internet capacity is 70% full and you therefore need to contact support to avoid problems. Message being distributed across Facebook claims that users can receive free coupons from American retailer Kroger just by sharing a message and visiting a third party website to claim their prize. Hoax-Slayer debunks email and social media hoaxes, thwarts Internet scammers, combats spam, and educates web users about email, social media, and Internet security issues. However, the name revealed is not the name of your cell phone as claimed in the message, but rather the name of a particular Facebook user.

Entering the number and code in the way described in the message displays the name of the Facebook user with that identification number.

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