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Verizon Wireless unveiled four cell phones that will be available for the 2007 holiday season: the Verizon Wireless Juke by Samsung, the BlackBerry Pearl 8130 smartphone, the Venus by LG and the Voyager by LG. I think that these cell phones are cool & amazing cause i LOVE the i-phone i have one and its amazing and i had it for at least a month and its in great hands. Mascot Costume Lion in Halco.Ariana Style has unisex costumes, easy costumes, character costumes, gender-neutral costumes.
The Juke is exclusive to Verizon Wireless and will be available in blue, red and teal at launch.The Venus by LGThe Venus will be the must-have accessory this fall when it makes its debut in both black and pink.

It has two dual front screens, the lower of which also has touch input with vibration feedback, which make accessing the phone’s features a breeze.
This innovative, music-centric slim, stylish slider also offers a microSD™ memory port that accommodates up to 8 GB of expandable memory.
Tinted silver, a color exclusive to Verizon Wireless, the BlackBerry Pearl 8130 offers voice and data in a style that goes from day to evening in one slim package. These capabilities, coupled with high-speed wireless broadband access, make downloading music on-the-go quick and easy.

With all these features, for customers who purchase The Voyager by LG who want to download music, take pictures and do so much more than talk with this stylish device, there is a removable microSD memory slot that holds up to 8 GB of memory.

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