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We always love to get the best cell phone available, not only to satisfy our desire for the device, but also, to present our image among others.
If your wish is to have a compact and handy smart phone that comes with QWERTY keypad, then Pantech Crossover is the pick for you. Who Wins the Battle of Tablet Computers – iPad Mini or Google Nexus or Amazon Kindle Fire HD?
Even though full touch cell phones rule the mobile world now, there are always fans for the keypad phones. The makers promise you a stupendous experience of speed combined with an unmatchable QWERTY keypad. This user-friendly smart phone is very handy and compact to use and fits to your hands perfectly. This statement becomes true again with the featuring of HTC Status in the list of top smart phones that come with a QWERTY keypad.

These ardent keypad lovers know well that there is no substitute for the QWERTY keypad smart phones.
This smart phone so far has received many positive feedbacks from various testers across the globe. When you use this phone, you will come to know that texting is very easy and fluent with it.
Crossover, which runs on Android Froyo, has a roomy physical keypad to make your texting so easy. HTC Status is another compact and petite device and fits to your hands even though it has an awesome and big keypad that shows excellent characteristics. With all other stunning features and cutting-edge mobile technologies, this is the best cell phone with QWERTY keypad for the BlackBerry lovers! If you are one such lover of keyboard smart phone, check out this list, which tells you, which is the best cell phone that comes with a keypad.

You will surely realize the greatness of this best cell phone with keypad, the moment you put your fingers on the keypad.
What is more interesting in this smart phone is that, it comes with a front facing camera that enables you to perform video chats without much difficulty. This compact and best cell phone comes at a very affordable price and does not burn a hole in your pocket.
Thus, the Transform Ultra from Samsung gets all the credits to feature in the list of best cell phone with keypad.

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