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Let me repeat that: nobody asked Aaron for his true identity, but he was indicted for wirefraud for concealing his true identity.
It's around this time that people bring up how Aaron used MAC spoofing to get around blocks put in place by MIT. So, anyway, at the bottom of this post is the magic incantation you need to cast over your MacBook in order to randomize your MAC address. People think I am parinoid because I have seven email addresses and use certain ones that are completely anonymous for many things online. Many commenters are saying that Aaron used this techique to get around blocks imposed by MIT. Could someone please tell me what the evidence was that he downloaded the documents *in order to later "commit a crime"*? I'm just curious why what he did would involve ANY jail time considering that the HSBC murderers and thieves just had to defer their bonuses for a few months?
The linked script creates addresses with fixed byte (0) in the first position, but the DHCP client database shows an entry with LAA bit set.
Without habeas corpus, we can all be arrested for whatever they want to arrest us for, and now they don't even have to tell us why or much of anything else. If you lookup the first three bytes, you'll find that it's not an HTC device but an Apple device. As Arthur C Clarke puts it, "Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic". I recommend against you using it, though, because this may cause a bunch of villagers to come after you with torches and pitchforks.
This uses a Python script to make things a little bit more robust than just running ifconfig, and it has a complete explanation on how to create the script.
Changing your MAC to something random runs the risk that your address will collide with one is being used by something that other network users care about (e.g.
Already supported in most major operating systems, it’s designed to hide your MAC address. For comparison the odds of winning Powerball are 1 in 175,223,510 according to their website. The downside is when I go to the grocery store and do not remember the phone number I gave them for the discount card. Thus, every time I start it, it adds yet another entry in the DHCP table, appearing as another computer.
My intent wasn't to defraud them -- I already know how to get GoGo Inflight for free using several techniques, such as spoofing the MAC address of another passenger.
Only, you don't know it belongs to me because I didn't give my real name or my primary (well known) email address. I mean, all this has perfectly rational explanations in terms of cybersecurity, privacy, and anti-spam.

These are actually the same access-point which is spoofing MAC addresses in order to appear as multiple networks ("MIT" and "MIT GUEST"). Here is my corollary: "Any sufficiently technical expert is indistinguishable from a witch". Creating random mac addresses happens all the time with no detriment to the world at large. Along with a bunch of other things, like, oh, deliberately trying to download tons of documents with the intent to re-distribute that he had no right to. DEC equipment using DECNet protocols did it 25 years ago and it was normal operation for the software to override the hardware MAC with one formulated specifically for the local network operations. I have a bunch of email addresses, but I can never keep straight which is for which, so I keep de-anonymizing myself. Furthermore I can't be arrested because I bought the knife with the intent to stab someone. When an officer asks you what your doing you can try to explain it simply or you can start arguing about having the right to be here and doing what your doing and not having to explain yourself..
Because I'm an honest law abiding citizen, I paid for the WiFi -- I just did so while remaining anonymous. This is done specifically to prevent the situation where multiple devices on the same network have the same MAC address, to ensure that the network remains usable for OTHER PEOPLE. Conversely, if randomizing it does hide something identifiable, then perhaps it is an identity of sorts -- or can directly lead to one.
There are 281,474,976,710,656 possible MAC addresses so the odds of grabbing the same one as another computer are infinitesimally slim. In and of itself, forms of technical (or any other) anonymity are not going to get you arrested any more than having multiple email addresses, Facebook accounts, Twitter handles, or anything else will. I can only be arrested if I take that legally acquired knife and attempt to act on my thoughts and actually try to stab someone, and you can't charge me with buying the knife legally. Not only that, he intentionally worked around their efforts to stop him.Seems like intent to me! Anything outside of your subnet wont matter since it will be handled by IP.So essentially a non-issue.
I also have a separate email account that I solely use for e-commerce, with a name unrelated to my real name, that I use for Amazon, PayPal, and so forth. JSTOR allowed anybody from the MIT network to access their documents, and MIT allowed anybody to access their network without requiring identity. When somebody blocks your MAC address, it doesn't send the message "you are unauthorized", it's not clear precisely what message it sends. Prove me wrong by pointing to any arrest--let alone conviction--for the simple act of being anonymous. It is not used beyond that level at all, but is replaced by the (also reusable in most cases) IP address.

HSBC on the other hand purported one of the most heinous acts in recent memory and they get NO penalty?
Read on its face, pretty much anything, even deleting a post on Facebook, could be said to be a violation of the CFAA. It's like saying if somebody blocks your phone number, then it's wirefraud calling from a different phone. The non-technical think they understand MAC addresses and address blocking, but they don't. I don't see it as any different than a DHCP server assigned a different IP address if it sees the same MAC address twice, ever. If we don't then the officer will investigate the situation (with or without my help) until he finds an explanation or a reason. I have a human right to privacy, and guarding that right should not be cause for prosecution. Thus, Aaron's indictment might seem a fair interpretation of the law, but it's a wholly unfair interpretation of technology. Due to the changing nature of IP addresses and the non-static nature of MAC addresses they aren't really any different. I have a human right to privacy, and guarding that right should not be cause for prosecution."Seriously, why would one spoof a MAC address? The issue is whether he should have been forced to plead guilty to a felony and serve jail time for what really never ought to have been brought to Federal attention in the first place. Without my help he will eventually find a reason that I shouldn't be there, with my help he could quickly accept why I am there, see no issue and move on.
As an address, they are an identity to something, just like a mailing address identifies something. You can change MAC addresses and spoof packets as much as you want, as long as you don't do it with criminal intent.
Since a MAC address is assigned to a device (like my Mac), I can see why spoofing it would increase my privacy. Would the world have been a better and safer place had the government bullied them into being felons?
Heck, you can even walk out of shops without paying for stuff as long as you can honestly say you simply forgot.
Swartz had criminal intent and he knew it, which is partly why the case against him was so strong. And please, do not try to argue that he did not know it -- I mean, come on, hiding his face from security cameras while trespassing?

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