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A plug in wall lamp can be built at home by using a few white LEDs and by powering it through a cell phone charger. A discarded, spare cell phone charger and a few inexpensive LEDs are all that you want you make a simple yet powerful LED tube light. A nice little wall mounted cool LED tube lamp circuit  can be built using a few number of white LEDs and s discarded AC mobile charger adapter.
Cell phone chargers are not new to us and nowadays we all seem to have a couple of in spare with us. These spare cell phone chargers often lie idle and at some point of time we tend to dispose them off or simply discard them from our house.
We all have seen a cell phone charger working or rather being used for charging cell phones. That’s correct, these are actually a form of AC to DC adapters, however they are incredibly efficient as compared to an ordinary adapter which may employ a transformer for the required conversions. This prompted me to think of using a spare cell phone charger to be used as a plug-in type wall lamp.
At no loads, a cell phone charger may provide outputs up to 10 volts, which can easily power a couple of LEDs in series. Constructing this LED wall lamp is not difficult as it only requires the LEDs to be fixed in rows and columns correctly as shown in the diagram. For example if you want to make a porch light for illuminating your house veranda, then probably you would need to assemble not more than 6 LEDs. For making a cool bedroom room lamp a single LED would suffice, instead of sitting in complete darkness, this light may be used or switched ON while watching TVs or videos.
For making a table lamp for reading purposes, a group of 10 LEDs would provide enough light for the purpose. And as discussed above, a descent LED tube light can also be built by assembling some 30 + LEDs in conjunction with a cell phone charger power supply. For all the above applications, the basic mode of soldering and fixing the LEDs remains the same.
The assembly now needs to be housed appropriately inside a suitable plastic enclosure as per individual specification and liking. Hi Sir, this kind of LED and resistor arrangement can it be apply to your joule thief circuit as power supply? The following circuit of a cell phone controlled remote bell can be used for ringing bells or alarm devices using your personal cell phone.
The explained circuit can be used in schools for ringing bells using a cell phone from anywhere irrespective of the distance.

The peon would be able to do his other scheduled work and ring the bell from any position inside the school premise or even from outside, in fact from any corner of the world. Looking at the circuit diagram, we see a pretty straightforward configuration using only transistors. A suitably selected ringtone starts playing on the cell phone when called from the users personal cell phone.
The preamplifier consisting of T1 and T2 amplifies the signal to reasonable levels and feeds it to the T3 via C2 for further amplification.
The modem cell phone can be of any type, however it must have the feature of assigning unique ringtones to each specific contact names as per the users preferences. There are a lot of websites out there that are designed to fight tower sites, most of which focus on three topics; aesthetics, property values, and RF exposure. Aesthetics: Today most jurisdictions have adopted regulations to control the design of towers to be more aesthetically pleasing, especially sites located near residential areas. RF Exposure: Yes there are radio frequencies (“RF”) coming from a tower site, but there is also RF coming from your cordless landline phone, your wireless computer mouse, the remote that controls your television, and your cell phone. In addition to telephony, modern mobile phones also support a wide variety of other services such as text messaging, MMS, email, Internet access, short-range wireless communications (infrared, Bluetooth), business applications, gaming and photography. The application includes some important types like a LED tube light circuit, LED wall lamp circuit, LED porch light, LED table lamp etc. The cell phone charger can also be used for making a porch light, a bed room wall light or a table lamp. The use of a cell phone charger makes the entire unit very compact and perfectly mountable on wall sockets. This may be mainly due to the reason that whenever a new cell phone is procured a charger comes free within the package with the handset.
For a lay man these units may be a piece of junk, but a technical individual might make a complete gem out of it. Therefore we definitely know that it’s something to do with the supplying of some sort of power output. Mind you one charger can provide enough power to support at least 30 odd numbers of high power high-efficiency white LEDs.
The series will consume a minimum of 20 mA, however since the charger can supply a good 500 ma plus current we can add 15 more such series in parallel, making the total accommodation close to 30 or more LEDs. You may use the power from the cell phone to light any number if LEDs depending upon the requirement. Fix and solder a series of two LEDs with a series current limiting resister and now go on repeating this series as many times as you want, depending upon the type of lamp you are trying to build.

Thus the use of this type of cell phone controlled remote bell can eliminate the need of running for the bell switch on every class period intervals. As can be seen the input signal needs to be derived from a modem cell phone's head phone socket.
The resistor should be rated at 3 watts.If you want a power saving circuit then you may try the same 555 circuit otherwise you can directly connect the LED to the battery with a 7 to 3 Ohms 3 watt series resistor. Industry standards require a 30-50 year lease term which equals revenue between $750,000 to over $1,000,000 as the property owner. Towers today are camouflaged to look like flagpoles, pine trees, palm trees, church steeples, water tanks, cactuses, and even rocks.
Individuals are now selecting locations for home and work based solely on their cell phone coverage which is directly related to the proximity to the closest tower site. Baby monitors that people place next to their infant’s beds, have been found to be powerful enough to cause interference with cell tower operation.
Mobile phones that offer these and more general computing capabilities are referred to as smartphones.. This units are so long-lasting and rugged that most of the time chargers last more than the cell phones. Especially a person who may be an electronic hobbyist will very well know how valuable a cell phone charger can be even when it’s not being used for its actual intended purpose. It simply means that the lights can be used as a compact LED tube light which can comfortably replace a common CFL light and generate light quite as good.
Once you finish assembling this layout, you may go joining all the free ends of the resistors which becomes one of the supply terminals, similarly join all the remaining free ends of the LEDs, which becomes the other supply terminal of the unit. With the growing demand on wireless coverage and capacity and the use of camouflaged towers, property values near tower sites is actually increasing. Individuals are exposed to more RF by holding a phone next to their head than they will ever receive from a cell tower, the same power levels that leave a tower are required to reach a tower from your phone.
Studies have shown that by having a tower closer to you actually decreases the amount of RF exposure do to the fact the both tower and phone uses less power to connect.

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